Wind Runner and the Dragon Senshi

Title: Wind Runner and the Dragon Senshi
Author: kazeko
Show: Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Alternate Reality
Series: no, alternate reality
Multipart: yes
Rating: R
Couples: Usagi/Mamoru, Haruka/Michiru, Makoto/Nephlyte, Ami/Zoicite, Rei/Jadeite, Minako/Kunzite, Setsuna/Ailan(I love this pair!)
Time: The time of horses, knights, kings, and palaces. Alternate reality, though, so it really doesn't matter. Haruka&Michiru are 25ish, Setsuna&Ailan are 40's, Hotaru is 7, Chibiusa is almost 3, Minako/Ami/Makoto are 21, Rei&Usagi are 20, Mamoru is 23, the generals are 25, Seiya/Taiki/Yaten are 23
Disclaimer: The characters belong to Takeuchi Naoko, as does the senshi concept.
Disclaimer 2: As with so many of my other fics, I own the world and non-Takeuchi characters. Please ask before use.

Chapter 1: The Newcomer

They sat on the silent bluff, the blonde leader cleaning his sword, emerald eyes scanning the valley below. "I said no," he growled.

His second, a woman with aqua-blue hair she usually kept hidden under dark scarves during missions, glared at the newcomer. Her sapphire eyes sparked fiercely, and the older members rolled their eyes as the man's stupidity. No one dared to anger the leader or his lover. The newcomer, though, must have been stupid. His darker blue eyes shone in the light as he pointed at the castle in the distance, short black hair swaying in the wind. "Why not? When I brought my men into your organization, you promised to help me. I have only ever asked for one thing, that princess."

The leader growled and pointed his sword at the palace. "No! The Wind Runners do not attack the palace! That's suicide! If you want that princess, you'll have to take your men and get her yourself."

"It's not that easy! I know that the elusive Dragon Senshi joined your organization, and only a Dragon could ever break through those defenses. I need your help."

The leader stood, towering over his followers, though he wasn't taller than the newcomer. "Look. I respect your wish to retrieve your woman and get her away or marry her or whatever, but the Dragons are not expendable. I will not waste them."

The black-haired man stood, eyes softer. "I understand, Ten'ou-san, but she's not just any princess. She can help you, too. I think she might have the power of the Dragon Senshi herself. She can be a great help to your organization." He moved closer and cast a glance at the aqua-haired woman sitting on the ground, watching them from under lowered lashes. "What would you do for the woman you love? What would you give? What would you dare? Please, Ten'ou-san, help me get Usako back."

He sighed, turning back to the encampment. "We have survived thus far because we live out here and correct injustices on the edge of these cities. If we, even once, go into the heart of the capital, the palace itself, the Royal Guard will come after us. I don't have enough men and women to survive that."

"Then we'll go away, or we'll fight. I know you think I'm just some spoiled prince who knows nothing of real life, but don't worry. I have a plan. Ten'ou-san, can't we enlist the aid of the people? They know the regent has no real power and does not deserve to rule, though her niece is old enough to take her rightful place. When the old queen vanished, the people expected my Usako to rule. When her aunt made the marriage law and the princess's guards vanished so mysteriously, the people out here wanted to break away. They will follow you, Ten'ou-san. They've been waiting for a hero. All I want is to get my girlfriend back. You take the glory and the power and the prestige. I'll take Usako."

The leader walked to the edge of the cliff and sheathed his sword, staring at the flickering torches of the people living on the edge of the city. "I'll have to ask the Dragon Senshi, Mamoru-kun. But I think they will agree."

Mamoru smiled, bowing to the Leader of the Wind Runners. "Thank you, Ten'ou-san. Usako and I both thank you."

The leader offered a rare smile as he turned around and also bowed. "Call me Haruka." His lover smiled as she returned to making a new scarf. The newcomer wasn't all that stupid, after all.