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What if Craig hadn't moved out of his dad's...or told anyone of the pain he lived through every day...

Craig slowly peeled the freshly dried scab off his lower lip, drawing blood forth once again. He looked down at the fleck of newly formed flesh in his hand, his crimson tipped fingers. He could taste copper, and he ran his tongue over the split in his pouty lip. He dazedly scanned his room. The door was shut and locked, from the outside. Signs of a struggle were evident in the strewn about papers and clothes on the floor. But seeing as he was 15, most people would just assume it was from teenage laziness.

A quick pounding from downstairs brought him whipping his head to the door, his muscles tensed and stood taut over his bare torso. His ropey muscles bulging out , running the length of his lanky body. After a few minutes of breathless silence, he let loose his caught up breath, along with a small sob. His body began to shake, and his teeth echoed with their chattering. He roughly wiped away a traitor tear and took a couple deep breaths.

This was his fault. He had been the one to stay out too late. He had broken curfew. He deserved to be punished. He deserved the heated areas of swollen flesh on his body. They were there to tell him that he had screwed up. He had done wrong.

He roaved over his bare torso with his gray eyes, noticing each new bruise with a sick fascination. He slowly and gently rolled his waistline down a couple inches to reveal the most painful bruise. It wrapped neatly around his pelvic bone in a boomerang shape and shone a deep purple. His fingers grazed the poofy area and he quickly hissed in a breath.

He turned from his mistakes and looked at the clock, it was already two in the morning. He decided that sleep would be the only medicene to take the pain away. At least a good temporary relief, and slowly backed onto his bed. He kicked around with the royal blue comfortor for awhile, and punched the pillow a few times, before finally clicking off his bedside lamp, and closing his eyes.


The teen twitched and turned his face deeper into his pillow, breathing in deeply. Reluctantly he rolled away from the comfort of his blankets, and set his bare feet on the floor. His head drooping and eyes still closed, he stood and stumbled to the door.

"I'm coming!" He shouted through the door. His eyes opened slowly, trying to rid them of morning crust with one hand, he attempted to open the door with the other. It clicked open smoothly. He sighed, and turned back to his room.

Quickly he retrieved a grey shirt from his mess, and pulled it over his chilled skin. He slipped his worn black chucks on swiftly, and grabbed his side bag and camera bag. Then hurried out his room, accidently slamming the door behind him.

He traveled down the hall and stairs swiftly, reaching the bottom floor right as his dad walked out of the kitchen.

He was shot with a look of annoyance.

"Why did you slam the door?"

Craig stood with his mouth slightly open and a vulnerable look on his face.

"I..I didn't mean to...it was a-an accident." He clung tightly to the stair banister, his palms sweating.

His dad looked at him angrily for a second, then abrubtly his face fell. He rubbed his hair back with a shaking hand.

"Whatever, go get in the car, you're going to be late for school."

The boy stumbled past his father, breathing quickly, and went to the car out front.

His dad stood still for a moment, ashamed of the fear he saw on his son's face whenever he asked him something. He took a deep breath and decided not to blame himself. He was a very stressed man, an ER surgeon, with a lot on his mind. He straightened his tie and turned to the front door.

"Damn kid."

"So we still on for tonight?" The dirty blonde labeled as Craig's best friend asked.

Craig looked up from his paper, he shook his head a little, unsure of what to say.

"I-I don't know man...I mean, I got busted last night for being out t-too late. I think my dad would k-kill me if I got caught again." He reluctantly looked back down at his worksheet. Sean sighed angrily.

"Dude, we've been planning this for two weeks! My bro already got us the booze, this party is for you, do you understand? I'm not gonna let you ruin it by not showing up."

"Mr. Bannon, Mr. Manning, do you two have something you want to share with the rest of us?" Ms. Kwan gazed at them with evil eyes. Both boys shook their heads and mumbled apologies.

Sean looked back at Craig, who wouldn't let his eyes leave his page. His dark curls were getting long, and slightly obscured his face. Sean sighed again, but decided to wait til later to bring up their plans again.

Craig fumbled with his bag, trying to put his camera back before the object of his dreams realized what he was doing.

Too late. "Hey Craig, what're you doing?" Ashley's black lockes stopped right above her finely shaped eyebrows, putting more focus on the ocean-blue of her eyes.

Craig smiled stupidly, finally slipping his camera away. He swung the little bag back on his shoulder and tried his best to look charming.

"Oh hey Ash, I was just...you know, getting ready to g-go home."

She smiled back at him, setting his heart aflutter. Flirtasiously she slid one of her hands from his shoulder down to grasp onto his hand. She tilted her head closer to him, for more privacy, the halls of Degrassi were full of wicked little ears that just loved to shout out what was said between two individuals.

"So am I invited to the party tonight? I heard Sean talking about it...sounds like it's gonna be fun."

Craig choked on his words, coughing and forcing Ashley to pull away. She frowned, her eyebrows creasing her lovely face.

"Are you ok?" She placed a slender hand on the back of his neck, forcing his eyes to meet hers. He froze, his mouth ajar. He couldnt' believe how beautiful she was...and her touch heated his body. He nodded.

"Yeah, I'm fine...I-I was gonna go tonight..but..:

"Isn't it your party?" she interrupted.

Craig couldn't resist her smooth face and pale complexion backed brilliantly with black.

"Of course, it's my party. yeah. I'll be there, and I'll save a spot for you." He winked, thinking he was the hottest thing in the world at the moment, why else would a girl so magnificent be talking to him.

Ashley laughed a little at his change in mood. Then shouldered her bag.

"Great, I'll see you at Sean's tonight then." Before leaving she leaned in and kissed his cheek. It was so fast that no one passing by would have noticed. But for Craig it was an eternity of tingling. His frozen form stayed for another five minutes by his locker, his backpack forgotten by his feet. Slowly he reached down for his bag and turned to look the way Ashley had gone. A grin split his face in two, his cheeks burned with emotion. All his doubts about the party were gone, taken away on the lips of the most beautiful girl in the world.

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