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It wasn't hard for Craig to keep his mind empty. The pounding in his skull left no room for wayword thoughts. So when he bumped into Ashley during lunch a gasp escaped him, for guilt had washed over his numb mood.

"A-Ash...hey.." His eyes searched her face quickly for anger, sadness, happiness, anything. She didn't show anything. Her pearl-white skin remained smooth. She seemed to look down on him.


He needed no more, he knew it was time to leave. She didnt' want him. Not anymore. He swallowed hard, trying to ingest the knot in his throat. He gave a few short nods and quickly turned away from the only person who stirred any good emotions in him anymore.

He lurched towards the exit door, trying desperately to keep his tears locked up until he was out of sight. He reached the glass door, leading to the back of the school, his escape. As his hand touched the cold, uninviting steel of the door handle, he was stopped. A gentle pressure on his right shoulder froze him, and he held his breath, wishing he wasn't interrupted because the tears were screaming to be released, making his already red eyes, more colored.

He twitched slightly, and turned around to confront whoever had stopped him.

His eyes met Ashley's. Her ocean blue seemed to wash away the oil gray of his, sweeping him off his feet. There was no anger in her expression, only pain, and concern. He quickly regained his composure and looked down to the side, awaiting an onslaught of accusations. But there was only silence. He looked back up to the girl's eyes, her tears wouldn't listen so well, and had already escaped to run down her face and drop in a weirdly, yet wonderfully artful splash of death.

"Ash, I'm-" Her soft fingers stopped his apology, she shook her head.

"Let's go outside, we need to talk."

Without a second thought, Craig opened the exit door, and followed her out.

The slightly chilled air outside felt good on Craig's burning face. He hoped Ashley couldn't see how red he was. She led them out to the front of the school where there were benches conviently placed.

They both sat down, very aware of how close they now were. Craig figured he needed to start their conversation by apologizing, or at least attempting to again.

"Ash, I want you to know that the other night was-"

"Shut up for a second Craig."

The boy's open mouth hung open, gaping like a fish out of water. But he stopped talking, and watched her take a deep breath while staring at the ground. She readied herself, then looked him square in the eye.

"I don't appreciate what you did the other night. Not at all. I don't open myself up to many people anymore, and what you did really hurt me." she took another deep breath and continued ", but I wanted you to know that I wasn't drunk, or high or anything like that, and I really wanted with you. But if you were under the influence, which I know you were, but what I mean is..." she sighed heavily "If you were only acting the way you were because you were drunk, I need to know, so I can move on."

Her eyes pinned him to the spot. He felt like screaming out in agony from her stare, it cornered him, in his mind as well as on that bench in front of the school. Made him feel like a bug, like dirt. He tried to look away, taking a couple deep breaths, he finally managed it. He couldn't look her in the eye while he explained himself, he was too ashamed.

"Ashley...I w-was drunk that night, and that may have affected the way I was acting in some way" his hands crawled all over each other, fidgeting in his embarrassment ", but I want you to know that I d-do have feelings for're the only person that can actually make me feel anything other than..." he stopped, his eyes widening. He had almost let her in on his secret. Had almost opened the door to a world of pain andhorrors to her, a door he wanted to keep locked from her eyes forever. He looked up at her with fear in his eyes, then quickly blinked it away.

"Ashley, I l-like you, and I'm sorry I was a jerk at the party. Please forgive me."

They sat in awkward silence for a few moments, until her sweet voice pierced his ear.

"I forgive you."

Both teenagers smiled stupidly at one another. Craig tried to fend off the sweat of nervousness that was approaching him as he asked

"So would you like to go out on a date with me?"

The girl continued to grin and daintily planted a small kiss on the corner of his mouth.

"What a silly question to ask. Of course I would." With that she stood up and walked nimbly away, leaving Craig to soak up the wonderful feeling of actually being wanted.

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