A Rurouni Kenshin Fanfiction

By the Dragon's Daughter

Summary: In the smoky streets of London, a battle is brewing. Kenshin is a former business man who has just discovered life in all its varied forms. Kaoru, a vampire, is running for her life when a certain red-head stumbles into it. Modern-Day AU.

Disclaimer: I don't own Rurouni Kenshin. I am making no profit by writing this fan fiction. It is intended for recreation purposes only.

Rating: R for language and violence

Pairing: Kenshin/Kaoru, Aoshi/Misao, and Sano/Meg


Kaoru sat in the middle of Kenshin's living room surrounded by wrapped boxes, tubes of gaily patterned wrapping paper, and gifts that still need to be tended to. Misao was at the kitchen counter sorting through an impressive stack of greeting cards.

She divided them into two piles as she went: Christmas cards and Wedding RSVPs.

"Hey, Saitou actually sent you a Christmas Card this year! His wife must have copied the address off the Wedding Invitation!" Misao called over her shoulder. She held up the plain white envelope, clearly labeled in Tokio's flowing script.

"Ten to one the RSVP is in her handwriting too." Kaoru chuckled as she wrestled around a flimsy clothing box holding Yahiko's Christmas clothes into a bright green gift bag and stuffed it with tissue paper to keep the gift inside safe from prying eyes. As she worked, the light flashed on the blue stone on her left hand.

She paused to look at it fondly, making Misao roll her eyes.

"You've had that thing for a month. One would think you'd be used to it by now." She sighed.

"I'll never get used to it." Kaoru corrected Misao, "nor will you when Aoshi finally finds a ring to suit his standards."

Misao glared at her Sire. "For the last time, he is not going to propose! We aren't even dating!"

"No, you're shacked up with him." Kaoru allowed. "You kind of skipped the dating period, but I can see why he'd worry. Yes, he is going to propose the moment he and Hanya decide whether you deserve Diamonds or garnets."

"They are not." Misao said through gritted teeth although she was trying to convince herself more than anyone. Just then, her pocket began to play a tune. With a sigh Misao dug out her cell phone and turned it on. "Hello, Aoshi…"

Kaoru snickered, but quailed under the glare Misao leveled on her.

"Yeah, I'm still at Kaoru's. I'm sorting through her RSVPS for her while she wraps stuff…no, I'll be home before sun rise, you don't have to come get me…. I said I'm fine! Oh, have it your way. See you then… bye. Yeah, me too." she hung up the phone and favored her Sire with another glare. "Not a word." She warned.

"Who, me?" Kaoru blinked at her innocently. "How is Yahiko adjusting to living at Tae's place?" she asked, directing them to a safer topic.

"He's cool with it, as he says. It's closer to his school anyway and I'm happy because Tsubame knows when he plans to skip before he even decides to do it. Load off my mind!" Misao laughed. "Hey, is that Ice-bitch still trying to sue Kenshin for damages because of that stupid wedding contract?"

Kaoru shook her head. "No. It was the strangest thing. Kenshin told me that a long lost relative of hers turned up dead. They made a killing off his insurance policy. Although why they kept up the premium is beyond me. She let the matter go after that."

"Bitch," Misao muttered, "trying to take advantage of Himura like that."

"Oh don't be cruel, she has some honor. She even gave Kenshin his ring back." Kaoru felt odd defending Tomoe, but it was the truth.

"Is that it?" The leery look Misao gave the ring on Kaoru's hand made her laugh.

"Oh no, not that gaudy rock! I gave it to her and told her to sell it. I certainly never want to see it again. It was essentially as many diamonds as one could fit onto a ring without it becoming a bracelet!" She favored her ring with a fond glance. It was a elegant little number done in silver and sapphire. It wasn't nearly as costly or as pretentious as Tomoe's, but on the inside Kenshin had inscribed 'aishiteru' in his own handwriting. In her book, this ring meant far more.

Misao shook her head as Kaoru got that foolish 'woman-in-love' look on her face again. When she showed no signs of coming out of it, Misao turned back to the stacks of cards.

It was funny, but a month earlier the most they'd had to look forward to was some peace and quiet before the same old mess started over again. Misao's hands still among the stack of paper as she gently touched her bare ring finger and contemplated Kaoru's words.

A lot had changed. A lot was going to change.

Somehow that was finally okay. With a smile, Misao returned to sorting letters. Maybe Aoshi was planning to propose. Maybe.

She didn't have to make it easy for him though.