Thank you to all my reviewers who enjoyed this story. And now – the Epilogue…Sirius is romping around happily in heaven…what is everyone else doing? Here's the answer.


Five months after Sirius's death in the Department of Mysteries, Harry Potter stood in front of the teacher's desk in the DADA classroom at Hogwarts. Auror Jack Bartleby, who had taken over from Cassius as guest professor of DADA, stood behind it.

"It's nice to meet you, Auror Bartleby." Harry said, extending his hand for a handshake. Jack had just taught his first class to the 6th years. He would be teaching until Professor Domran returned, the date of which was unknown at this point.

"It's nice to meet you too, Mr. Potter." Jack replied formally, clasping Harry's hand in his.

"You were engaged to Sirius." Harry said calmly. Jack knew Remus must have told Harry about his relationship with Sirius since he and Sirius had never had the chance.

"Yes, we dated for about seven months. We were going to tell you when the summer holidays started." Jack was slightly pleased to notice the pain was no longer gut-wrenching when he thought about Sirius, it was just a dull ache.

"So, you would have been my godfather too, when you and Sirius got married."

"Yes, I suppose that's true." Jack swallowed around the lump that was growing in his throat.

"I don't have a godfather now…it's something you should have, don't you think? Would you want to be my godfather?"

"I…I'd be honored, Harry." Jack said hoarsely.

Harry glanced around the classroom then turned back, fixing his green gaze on Jack. "Papa says Sirius wants us to be happy. You should get a boyfriend."

"I should?" Jack laughed suddenly, taken aback at the comment. Harry's bluntness strongly reminded him of Cassius.

"Yeah," Harry paused, "You seem lonely. And sometimes people are happier when they have a special someone to love and to love them."

"Do you have a special someone?" Jack asked curiously. Harry seemed to be speaking from experience.

"I have two: Papa and Dad." Harry answered proudly, happily.

"Ah." Jack nodded.

"I'll get a girlfriend later…when I've defeated Voldemort." Harry said firmly.

"Good plan." Jack nodded again.

"So, is there anyone you like?" Harry shifted his book bag to his other shoulder.

"I don't know that I'm ready." Jack said, shuffling the papers on the desk.

"But is there someone you would like if you were ready?"

"Well…uh…There is someone I liked…I've known him for a while…since school…he's an auror, too."

"Is he single?"


"Well, when you're ready, you should ask him out then."

"All right." Jack smiled. "You're very like Cassius."

"I am?" Jack nodded and Harry beamed at the compliment. "I better get to lunch. I'll see you."

"See you tomorrow, Harry."

It'd been over four months since his first conversation with Harry. Jack had taught at Hogwarts a full month before Audra Domran returned. Since returning to London, almost every owl he got from Harry asked him if he'd asked Corbin out yet. Jack was touched that Harry wanted him to be happy. And now…Voldemort had been defeated - killed, along with all his Death Eaters. Bellatrix LeStrange was dead. Jack went home to his empty flat. He looked at the picture of him and Sirius that was on his dresser. Sirius was smiling at him.

"Remus says you want us all to be happy." Jack said softly. Sirius just smiled and then kissed the photo-Jack on the cheek.

The next day, before leaving the office at the end of the day, Jack took a deep breath and walked over to Corbin's cubicle.


"What?" Corbin Hill looked up from his desk where he'd been transcribing Cassius's notes of the show-down with Voldemort. Cassius was on leave at Windy Corner with Harry and Remus.

"Would you want to have dinner tonight?"

"Why?" Corbin asked guardedly. "We had lunch together today already."

"With Liam, too. I thought it'd be nice to have dinner, just the two of us." Jack swallowed, feeling like a nervous teenager. "Like a date."

"Like a date?" Corbin repeated slowly, his blue eyes staring up at Jack with an unreadable expression.

"Um. Yeah." Jack broke the eye contact and stared at the floor. Corbin had always been able to unnerve him. He was actually very similar to Cassius – very cool to most people except those he considered his inner circle.

"All right."

"I knew you wouldn't – Really?"

"Yes. I'd like to go on a date with you." Corbin's mouth quirked into a smile that lit up his face. "Have for years, to be honest. Only…I don't put out on the first date."

Jack smiled back.

"All right. No sex on the first date. Anything else I need to know?"