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A fluffy Remus/Cassius fix of two little scenes that take place between Chapter 3 and Chapter 4 in Finding Love.

November Full Moon

(takes place a little over a month after the end of Chapter 3)

"Why don't you make your bed bigger?" Cassius shifted gingerly on the twin bed in Remus's room.

"Because normally it's just me."

"Normally it's just you? I'm hurt! We've been dating a year now."

"Eight months that I've known about. And we hardly ever stay over here."

"Well…this is the fourth full moon I've come over so I think you need to make your bed bigger. It's an easy charm."

"Is it? Why don't you do it then?" Remus asked teasingly.

"Because I can't do easy charms, Remus." Cassius explained, sounding very put upon.

"We always sleep this close in your bed even though it's bigger, I don't see what the difference is." Remus said from the circle of Cassius's arms, one of Cassius's legs was hooked around both of his.

"The difference is that in my bed, I'm not in constant danger of falling off if I move an inch away from you."

"You can't still be on about last month." Remus smiled against Cassius's neck.

"You pushed me out of the bed!"

"I didn't mean it, I was sleeping!"

"Well, so was I until I woke up in pain on the floor."

"I'm sorry." Remus kissed Cassius's collarbone. "And I did say I was sorry then."

"Mm." Cassius shifted again. "My arm's asleep. Sit up a bit." Remus struggled to sit up. Even though his gashes and bruises were gone, his body was very tired. Cassius moved closer to the center of the bed and laid down on his back. Remus immediately climbed on top of Cassius, his legs nestling between Cassius's.

"I have to go soon." Cassius's hand smoothed up and down Remus's back, pausing occasionally to trace over a scar. Cassius had just started his third year of Auror Training.

"You're not going to stay for breakfast?"

"I was going to stop at the cafeteria at work." Cassius answered casually.

"I have food here." Remus tried not to sound too defensive.

"I wish you'd told me you needed money instead of selling the sofa." Cassius said softly.

"I don't need charity." Remus struggled to sit up but Cassius's strong arms were too much for him to challenge this morning.

"Damn it, it's not charity. I love you. Where will you sit now? There's no furniture left in the sitting room."

"I'll have to rename it then, won't I." Remus scowled. "And anyway there's still the floor, it's perfectly fine for sitting."

"What will you sell next?"

"I don't know." He thought probably his bed, but he didn't want to say that out loud. Everything else was too dear to Remus. It had almost killed him when he'd sold the clock that had hung in the hallway…but his was the only hand that moved on it anymore.

"Remus, the next time you need money, will you tell me?" Remus didn't answer, just snuggled closer, trying to pull all the warmth he could from Cassius knowing that he'd be leaving soon. "Please let me help. I want to help, I want to make sure you're all right. And that means having food and wood for the fires and everything."

Remus couldn't answer. He hated that he couldn't find work because of his lycanthropy. He hated that Cassius often had to bring wood over for the fires because he'd had none. He hated that usually the only food he had was bread and butter. He'd known Cassius for a year but he hadn't been able to bring himself to ask Cassius for money…because he knew he'd never be able to pay back the loan. Cassius sighed.

"I'll still eat at work, you're tired." He slipped out from under Remus and stood. Remus turned on his side and watched Cassius get dressed, slowly covering his pale skin with black clothes. "You're not lying about the food, are you?"

Remus shook his head. "No, I have food. The sofa was worth quite a bit."

Cassius knelt down by the bed. "I love you. And I'm warning you now, if you let your pride starve you to death, I'll kill myself so I can follow you and yell at you for your stupidity for the rest of eternity." The green eyes flashed black for a moment. "Got it?"

"Got it." Remus whispered.

"Will you come over for dinner tonight? It's Tabby's birthday and Stevens is coming over as well." Remus nodded, a lump growing in his throat. "Good. All right." Cassius stood back up. He walked over and put another log on the fire, noting the large pile of wood Remus had been able to buy the day before. "You're warm enough?" Remus nodded. "You've got food. I told you I loved you. And I have my wand. I'm off then."

"No! Wait!" Remus grabbed at Cassius's coat. "You didn't kiss me. You have to kiss me."

"So I have to kiss you and tell you I love you before I leave?"

"Yes." In a flash, Remus was gathered against Cassius and being kissed so that his body temperature went up a couple degrees. "Oh." He sighed as Cassius kissed his forehead after breaking the kiss. "Ok…you can go now."

"Thanks." Cassius grinned wryly. "Now I'll have to have a wank when I get to the Ministry."

The Birds and the Bees

(This scene takes place soon after Remus's 25th birthday, three months before Chapter 4)

"You know all that white sticky stuff that shoots out of me after we fool around?" Cassius asked slowly.

"Yes." Remus smiled bashfully as he crawled into Cassius's bed, Cassius crawled in on the other side.

"Well…here's something you might not know, since you aren't a Ravenclaw, that's a sign that I've enjoyed myself."

"I know that." Remus murmured quietly.

"Well, I hope you would since it happens to you too. So I'm wonder why you're asking me if I'm satisfied with our sex life."

Cassius had been gone on a training assignment for almost a week and Remus had had plenty of time to think about their relationship and its lack of actual sexual intercourse. He was worried Cassius would get too frustrated and leave him but he still didn't feel ready to mate.

"I just thought you might like it more if you you knowed with someone." Remus said softly.

"Remus! Stop going on about me having sex with someone else because it's never going to happen. I'm happy with you, I'm happy with the way things are and when you're ready, we'll have sex and we'll both be even happier. Don't argue me now. And, would you just say it? Honestly! Say fuck."


"No…actually don't say it."

"Why not?"

"It makes me hard to hear you say fuck. I only just realized it since it's the first time you've ever said it."

"Really?" Feeling emboldened, Remus skimmed a hand down to touch Cassius underneath his pajama pants.

"Stop that."

"What? This?" Remus tightened his fingers and pulled.

"Yes." Cassius sucked in a sharp breath. "You. I missed you. Oh."

"So you don't want anyone else." Remus kissed Cassius softly, swallowing the choked sounds Cassius was making. "And you're happy with me….Just…Would you like it more? If you were inside me?" Remus asked softly and abruptly his hand was covered in white sticky stuff. He had his answer. Cassius was breathing hard and Remus felt an energy wave wash over him. "Your eyes have turned black…are you mad?"

Cassius shook his head once, trying to slow his breathing. "All the training…my magic…it's all…" He shook his head.

The air in the room started to vibrate. Cassius tackled him, kissing him until Remus forgot to breath and grinding against him until Remus found release and Cassius found release again.

"I think I might die when we actually have sex." Cassius murmured after his breathing was finally back under control.

"I hope not, it'd be a shame to wait 25 years for sex just to kill my first partner." Remus said lightly, still tingling from the passionate assault.

"And only."


"You're first and only partner." Cassius turned and gazed at Remus. "I'll be your first and only partner. I will be."

Remus swallowed hard at the intensity in Cassius's bright green eyes. He opened his mouth automatically to remind Cassius that he was a werewolf when Cassius spoke.

"Don't worry, Remus. I remember you're a werewolf." His arms reached out and pulled Remus tightly against him. "Go to sleep."

Remus laid awake in Cassius's arms for a long time. He knew Cassius wasn't asleep either.

"I love you." He said quietly.

"I love you too, Remus."

Remus was sorry for bringing up sex. They'd both brought it up more often the past few months. Remus had always said they couldn't, saying he was a werewolf and they weren't ready or they weren't old enough for the mating bond…Cassius didn't seem to agree but they'd never really argued about it. Remus wondered if they'd ever have sex, if he'd ever feel ready.

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