Because I noticed that it was a full moon tonight (or at least very close to a full moon), and because I've been getting WONDERFUL reviews for Finding Love that have led me back to my favorite OTP, I felt inspired to post a little something about Remus, my favorite werewolf.

"I can flirt." Cassius muttered petulantly, stirring sugar into his tea cup with more violence than was necessary.

"No, you can't." Stevens said calmly, reaching for a buttered scone.

"I can." The spoon clattered onto the table.

"You can't." Stevens declared, around the mouthful of delicious baked goods.

"Remus, I can flirt, can't I?"

"Flirt with whom?" Remus had just walked into the kitchen, it was a full moon night so he was moving rather slowly.

"Just flirt, in general."

"Umm." Remus looked at Cassius thoughtfully.

"And that would be a no, he's just too nice to say so." Stevens said, raising his hands triumphantly.

"I flirted with you."

"You didn't actually." Remus shook his head.

"I did!"

"If you did, how was it that I was surprised to find out you wanted to date me?"

"Because you didn't pick up on my flirtations. S'not my fault you're thick."


"Because I can flirt." Cassius stirred in another spoonful of sugar with a vicious twirl.

"Of course, you can." Remus answered soothingly as he sank down on the bench next to Cassius.

"See." Cassius turned on Stevens accusingly as he pulled Remus on to his lap.

"He's only agreeing with you because he loves you. You can't."

"I can!" Cassius growled.

"Why are you two arguing about this?" Remus asked, resting his forehead against Cassius's cheek.

"Because...why are we arguing about it?"

"I was flirting with some bird at the pub last night but I didn't get her number. Cassie said he could have done better...well...had it been a bloke and I said he couldn't."

"And I could have." Cassius said vehemently. Remus looked at him, one eyebrow quirking upwards. "If I weren't mated to you, that is." Cassius added quickly.

"You don't flirt." Stevens sounded exasperated. Remus wondered just how long the argument had been going on. "Propositioning someone is not the same as flirting. Flirting is subtle."

"I am subtle." Cassius insisted.

"Only if subtle has suddenly and completely changed its meaning."

"Remus, tell him I'm subtle."

"I'm subtle." Remus echoed obediently, winking at Stevens who immediately grinned.

"That's not-"

"I know what you meant. Sweetheart, you are many things, but you're really not subtle." Remus said, trying to break the news gently.

Cassius stared at him incredulously.

"Which isn't a horrible thing." Remus continued quickly. "Not everyone is good at flirting."