This is my very first fan fic you guys, so please go easy on me. I'll love it if you tell me what you think of this story. Enjoy! ---------------------------------------
Cold-hearted Metal

Chapter 1

A frosty wind blew throughout the city of Station Square. It was quite sunny for a winter day, but snow can't stop our heroes from having fun. It's been seven months since the Sonic Heroes had faced the 'Metal Overlord's' threat to conquer the world, and ever since that battle, they have been enjoying their freedom.

Near the Capital City, we find two friends sliding down the road.

"Alriiiiiiiight!!! This is way past cool!!"

As Sonic reached the end of the hill he was snowboarding on, he turned around to see his friend Tails coming down too.

"Way to go, Tails!!" Sonic yells.

Tails was sliding down the hill on a tube. When he reached the bottom, Tails caught up with Sonic.

"Wanna go again?" Sonic asked.

"But Sonic, we've been at it 15 times straight."

"So now what?" Tails puts his index finger on his chin.

"Well, I do have to finish assembling materials for my new invention." Sonic then had a small upset face on and looked like he was going to pout. Then his face lit up again.

"That's okay, Tails. I'll catch you later."

With that, Tails then leaves while Sonic waves goodbye.

'Great, now I'm what?' Sonic thought. Then his stomach growls. "Aww man, I gotta have a dog!"

Sonic ran across town to look something he could eat fast. He was running so fast that that winter jacket (santa suit-like) he was wearing almost flew off. Then he saw a chilidog stand near the Station Square train station. Sonic rushed to the stand and said to the server, "Five chilidogs to go, please!"

While Sonic was waiting for his food, he spots a familiar pink hedgehog across the street. Amy was walking down the street in a nice winter coat( like Sonic's but longer). She had a few shopping bags in her hand. Amy rested her things on a nearby bench and sat down.

'Wonder what Amy's doing with all of that stuff,' Sonic thought as he got his chilidogs.

Amy got out a piece of paper from her pocket. She took one look at it and started blushing. She let out a sigh. Amy then sees Sonic across the street.

"Uh oh, she saw me! I gotta get out of here!!" Sonic then ran away.

Amy's POV

"It figures," I said. "Even after half a year, Sonic still tries to get away from me, and I didn't even do anything this time."

I got my stuff off the bench and was on my way home. Then I saw one of my friends out side of a nearby ice cream store.

"Hey Cream, Whatcha up to?"

"Hi Amy," Both Cream and Cheese were having ice cream cone.

"You guys and ice cream, you never get enough of 'em!" We were all laughing. Cream then looked at my shopping bags.

"Do you need some help with your bags, Amy?" Cream asked.

"You don't mind?"

"It's okay, we're not busy."

"Thanks, Cream." I said as we were on our way to my place.