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Cold-hearted Metal

Bonus Chapter/ Part 2

Twinkle Park

It was a long while before Sonic and the others finally got in to Twinkle Park due to long line-ups. Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles' faces showed that they were ready for some fun. Amy was as excited as she's ever been, and Rouge and Shadow were the quietest of the group. At times, Rouge would try to start a conversation with Shadow, but kept his silence until Rouge gave up.

When everyone finally reached the front gate, Amy was able to spot Cream and Cheese standing beside Vanilla, who was Cream's mother. Amy raced passed the others to meet her rabbit friend to greet her. "Hi Cream." she said happily. "Hi, Ms. Vanilla."

Cream's mother returned Amy's greeting with a bow. "Hello, dear Amy. I'm glad to see that you and your friends could join us."

Cream smiled at Amy as Cheese appeared from behind and flew around her. Amy could tell that the chao was in a happy mood. She then took out the small present from her pocket. "I almost forgot, this is for you, Cream." Amy then handed the box to her. "You can save it for later, if you want to." Amy watched as Cream carefully opened the box and found delicious- looking truffles. She then looked back at Amy.

"Thank you Amy," she told her. "I'm sure they taste great!" Cream closed the box of truffles and handed them to her mother, and asked to keep it for later. Cream then asked her mother, "When does the firework display start, mom?"

"We have about 40 minutes." Vanilla gently answered. "Why don't you play around the park while we wait, then you can come back here when it's almost time for the show to start."

"Sounds like a plan." Amy said. By that time, the others had met up with her and Cream. Amy just filled evrybody in on what was going to happen. "So now we have lot's of time to have fun in the meantime."

"I'll probably past the time trying the different rides here." Sonic said. He then made a grinning face at Knuckles. "Bet you're a wimp to try the car circuit."

"Bring it on, Sonic." Knuckles said as he raised his fists. Sonic quickly raced passed the castle structures, and Knuckles followed after him. Tails flew off to try and catch up to them. "Hold on guys," he shouted. "I'm coming too!"

After the three of them were out of sight, Amy set her eyes on the roller coaster rides. She then turned to Cream. "C'mon! Let's trying the coasters over there!" Amy quickly took Cream's hand and they wereboth headed for the rides, leaving Rouge and Shadow behind them. Rouge suggested that Shadow join Sonic and his friends at the race track.

"I'd rather not." Shadow answered. "I'm not interested."

"Oh, come on. You're not even trying to have fun." Rouge complained. "I don't know about you, but staying here isn't doing anything for me. I'm off." Rouge then left Shadow on his own. For the lonest time, he spent his time thinking, until he had finally walked off.

Cars were speeding on a long and wavy racetrack. The surroundings looked like it was space itself; in Twinkle Circuit.

"We're gaining on you, Sonic!" Tails yelled. His and Knuckles' cars were almost neck-and-neck with Sonic's, and just as they were about to turn on a curve, Knuckles sped up to bump Sonic's car. "Here I come!" He shouted. All racers were able to see the goal line ahead of them. Sonic then laughed.

"Close, but no cigar!" Sonic suddenly sped faster, getting ahead of both tails and Knuckles. Sonic ended up finishing the race in first place, with Knuckles in second and Tails in third. The three of them then decided to take a break from the race. "Well, that makes it three wins for me!" Sonic boasted.

Tails couldn't help but let out a small laugh. "It's hard to keep up with Sonic." he said. He then checked his wrist watch. "We still got 25 minutes left. what do you guys feel like doing?"

"You two can try another ride if you want." Kncukles suggested. "I'm gonna get something to eat. I'm starving." After Knuckles left, Sonic and Tails decided to walk around for a while. They noticed tons of people everywhere, kids running around laughing and sreaming, and some of their parent were trying to keep them under control.

"There sure are a lot of people here today..." Tails mumbled. "Probably because of the fireworks coming up."

"People gathering just to see a simple firework display, is quite pathetic."

Sonic and Tails both turned around and saw Shadow behind them, only a few feet away. "And you two are no better than them." he continued.

"Aww come on, Shadow." Sonic said. "Lighten up, will ya?"

"It's all in fun, right?" Tails got between the two hedgehogs. "That's what a theme park is suppose to be."

Sonic made a smirk when he looked over to Shadow, which made him glare back. "What are you smiling about?" Shadow didn't really care for Sonic's answer. That is, until Sonic then said,

"We've got time, right? Why don't we have a little race?"

Tails saw that Shadow glare got somewhat more intense, and he got a little nervous. He turned to Sonic and said, "Um... Sonic, why don't we just try the roller coasters?"

"Sure, if Shadow's backing out on a easy, measly race."

"As if , Sonic." Shadow didn't sound happy at all when he said that. He walked a little closer to Sonic. "You want a race? You've got one."

"Glad to hear it! First one to run all around the park and back to the park's front gate, wins." Hope you can handle it!"

"Don't be so cocky, Sonic. I'm more than enough for you to handle."

'Oh boy, this is going to be real smooth...' Tails thought. "Hey, Sonic--"

"Tails," Sonic interrupted. " you can meet us at the end of the race, okay?"

"Okay sure, but--"

"Ready, set, GO!"

Sonic and Shadow took off at incredible speeds, and were quickly out of Tails' sight. The young fox sighed heavily, then made his tails motion like a propeller. He hovered over the ground and was heading to another direction. 'Might as well get everybody together while I'm on my way.'

Knuckles wanted to walk around the park after eating. Though he was a little annoyed about having to wait for his food and his trouble with money, but somehow he managed to solve the problem with a few gold rings. After a while, Knuckles found himself climbing from one castle roof top to the next, until he then spotted Tails flying not too far away from him. Knuckles called for him and asked what he was doing and where Sonic was. After explaining that he was racing with Shadow, Tails left Knuckles to find Amy and Cream.

The echidna then decided to head back to the front gate, when streaks of light suddenly caught his attention. He quickly realised the speeding lights were the two racing hedgehogs. Knuckles laughed as he wondered how Sonic was able to get Shadow to race him.

Vanilla was sitting quietly reading a book when Cream, Amy, and Cheese came back. She saw Amy carrying a giant- sized stuffed animal in a plastic bag. The pink hegehog and the young rabbit sat next to Vanilla and had talked about their time around the theme park, when Tails and Knuckles arrived. Rouge then came back shortly after them.

"So how much time is left?" Amy asked.

"In about 10 minutes," Tails answered. "And Sonic and Shadow aren't back here yet. Do you guys think we should look for them?"

"I think they would have come back if they wanted to see the light show." Knuckles told Tails. "The again, anything could happen when those two are together--"

Knuckles was suddenly interrupted by thick clouds of dust and snow. Once everything settled down, everyone saw that Sonic and Shadow had arrived.

"Well would you look who finally came back." Rouge joked.

"Guess this means it's a tie, huh?" Sonic said to Shadow, but all he got as a response was a simple "hmph." and a shrug. Sonic then faced the rest of the team. "So did everybody just get here?" he asked.

"We haven't been waiting that long." Tails answered. "We're glad you two made it here in time."

Amy got over to Cream's side and knelt down in front of her. "Are you staying here to watch the fireworks?" she asked her. She saw Cream make a curious face. "Aren't you staying with us, Amy?"

"Well, I was thinking going to see if I could find another place to see the show, so that I could have a closer look. You want to come with me?"

"Thanks anyway Amy, but I'd like to stay here with my mom." Cheese was prancing around Cream and her mother, and Amy smiled at the funny dance moves it was making. Amy then got up and ran off. "Alright then, I'll see you guys later."

By the time Amy was gone, Knuckles started to walk away as well. "I think I'll watch the show from the roof tops." he said. "I won't be very far." He then ran past a few bushes and gates. Tails and Sonic soon after found a spot next to Cream and Cheese. After watching Tails having no problem giving Cream his present, Sonic quickly ran to find Amy and give her his.

While all of this had happened, no one noticed that both Shadow and Rouge had disappeared around the same time that Knuckles left...

"What a great view!" Amy was looking at the sight in front of her, admiring the gorgeous stars over sparkling blue waters nearby. Amy couldn't believe she was not only lucky enough to find this spot, but no one else was around either. 'The others would have probably liked this spot too...' Amy thought.

"Hey, Amy!"

Amy turned around at the call of her name and saw Sonic walking towards her. "Hi Sonic. " she welcomed. "What'cha doing here?"

"Looking for you." Sonic stopped right in front of Amy and stayed quiet for a bit, which made Amy wonder curiously. Sonic then took out a wrapped gift. His eyes didn't quite meet Amy's. "I...I wanted to give you something before the fireworks started." Sonic held out the present for Amy to take. She blinked a few times before thanking him. She then gave Sonic a suspicious look. "Hey Sonic, were you pushed into doing this for me?"

Amy could easily tell by Sonic's hesitation that she had gotten her answer. She then gave him a smile, showing that there wasn't any need to worry. "Um... should I open it now?" Amy then asked.

"Sure, go ahead."

Amy carefully unwrapped her present and was surprised to see that it was a single rose inside a silver rectangular box. Amy looked back at Sonic. "Sonic, you didn't have to do this--"

"I felt bad." Sonic explained. "I thought that this might make you feel better after what happened yesterday."Amy's silence then made Sonic ask her what was wrong.

But something didn't really make sense to her. "It's just that," she said. "It hasn't been that long since I was still chasing you. Aside from saving me over and over, you rarely did anything else for me. So why the change?"

Sonic seemed a little nervous, and Amy waited patiently for his answer. Then he had a smile on his face as he answered, "I guess I started to change the same time you did, Amy."

The pink hedgehog looked at her rose and back to Sonic again. "Thanks, Sonic." she gently said. "You should get back with Tails and Cream. Isn't the show starting soon?"

"You sure you don't want to come watch it with us?"

"I'm fine here. I'll be back as soon as they finish."

"Alright, I'll see you later." Sonic raced back to meet up with his friends, and Amy went back to staring at the gift Sonic gave her.

Knuckles had a good view of the park from the high roof tops, and he could see that some of his friends weren't very far from where he was. A few moments passed before he had felt someone's presence close by him. He then realised that Rouge was behind him.

You mind if I stay here?" She asked him.

"I couldn't care less what you do." Knuckles answered as he continued to stare over the park.

"Fine then." Rouge walked around the cone-shaped roof. She wiped away some snow before she sat on the edge of the roof, across from where Knuckles was standing. She ran her finger through the snow, and then smiled. "You sound like you're in a good mood." she said. "You having fun?"

"Well, after a few days of fighting a crazy scientist, an army of machines, and saving your sorry butt--"

"Excuse me!" Rouge shouted as she made a stand. She waited for Knuckles to finish.

"Yeah, I guess spending a few days in town with friends is a break for me." Knuckles could tell that Rouge was being very attentive without taking the chance to look at her. He closed his eyes. "It's been a while since I've been back here. And I noticed how Sonic and the others have changed a bit. It kind of makes me wonder if anything else changed as well..."

Then suddenly Knuckles felt the coldness of a snowball hitting the back of his head. Reacting to this, his quickly turned around and saw Rouge with another ball of snow in her hand. He growled. "What was that for!"

"Quit complaining!" Rouge yelled back. "Do it some other time if you want to. You're not gonna do it while I'm around!" She threw the other snowball at Knuckles, but missed when he shifted sideways. Pretty soon after, Knuckles and Rouge were in an all- out snowball fight. They chased each other from one roof to another.

"Is that the best you got?" Knuckles said. He threw one big snowball at Rouge, failed to hit her as she ran behind the roof. She snickered. "It doesn't look like you're getting any better either." she said. She slowly stepped aside the roof to aim her snowball at Knuckles, but he wasn't in sight. 'Where did he go?' Rouge wondered. 'Is he playing a trick on me?' She walked towards the edge of the roof top. "Alright echidna, where are you hiding?" she muttered. Rouge looked around and was about to turn back, when she suddenly felt a hand grab hers. She didn't have time to react as she was quickly pinned down. Rouge was able to hear Knuckles' laugh when she felt a grip on her wrist behind her back, and a hand resting on her head.

"Looks like I win!" Knuckles said between laughs.

"Alright..." Rouge struggled to break free. "Alright, fine! Now can you get off me?" Knuckles waited for Rouge to stop struggling before he had slowly let go of her. He watched as she sat up and rubbed her wrist. You could be a little easier on the arm."

Before she knew it, Rouge looked at Knuckles questionably when he knelt down in front of her. He then took her gently by the wrist and massaged it with both his hands. "You can be real picky when you're in the mood, huh?" he said to her. "Does that feel better?"

"...Uh-huh." Knuckles then let go of Rouge's hand. "...Thanks." Rouge heard Knuckles snicker as he turned away from her. "You owe a lot more than a thanks for all that happened in the past few days."

Rouge stared at him for a while, then looked back to her hand. 'Maybe I do Knucklehead.' she thought as she smiled.

A sudden 'boom' echoed in the air. Knuckles and Rouge looked upward and saw sparks of light shooting across the sky. The fireworks began. The echidna and the bat girl sat quietly next to each other as they past their time watching the show.

"Wow, this is amazing!" Amy gazed at the display of lights as it sparkled in the starry sky. "I wonder... if the others are enjoying them too." After a few minutes of skipping around admiring the fireworks, Amy got tired and decided to sit down and reast against a nearby tree. It didn't take long for Amy to fall asleep. What she didn't know though, was that Shadow was sitting in the same tree where she was. When he noticed her sleeping, he jumped down next to her. Shadow's eyes were locked to Amy's still form. He got so close, he was mere inches away from her.

He gently patted Amys' head, and stroked her hair to her cheek. It was when he withdrew is hand that Amy opened her eyes. She froze at first when she saw Shadow right in front of her, but she relaxed he backed away from her. Shadow then stared at the sky as if he was in deep thought.

"The sky is gorgeous tonight!" Amy happily said.

"I don't see the difference with any other night." Shadow said stoicly, without looking at Amy.

"You hardly get to see the stars so clearly like this in the winter. Plus, they've got fireworks going on!" Shadow didn't answer afterwards. Amy then stood back up and walked towards him. "So what's next for you, Shadow?" she asked him. "Are you going to stay here for a while?"

Shadow said nothing for a few seconds until he finally answered, "... I'll probably go back to the ARK." This got Amy's attention. He continued. "I'm not sure what I'll do when I'm there." It was then that Shadow turned to look at Amy.

"Well, I'm glad you at least decided to stay with us fro a while." Amy said. "I hope everything will turn out well for you when you get back."

"I appreciate that, Amy." Shadow then took out something and held it out to Amy. He saw how surprised she looked when she saw a small gift in his hand. "Here."

"Shadow..." Amy was having trouble trying to find the right words to say. "Y-You... did you get this for me?" A simple nod was what she got as an answer. Shadow gave the gift to her, then stepped away. "Let me know if you need anything." was what he said before he vanished efore Amy's eyes.

When Amy unwrapped her small present, she found a box and opened it. Her eyes grew wide when she saw that it was the gold bracelet she had seen earlier that day. 'Oh my gosh!' Amy thought out loud. 'How... how did Shadow know?' By the time Amy looked back at the sky, she noticed that the fireworks had finished and knew she needed to go back with her friends. She carefully tucked her new bracelet in her pocket, grabbed her rose and started to take off. Amy had a smile on her face as she couldn't think of any other outcome of this day.


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