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The Most Beautiful

By SperryDee

It all started with the books. Someone ditched a bunch of them nearby, a whole boxful of them. Well, I don't know about you, but for us, that's pretty cool. Before I came here, I was never big on reading, I was too interested in pulling pranks or skateboarding. But down here, well, books are valued.

Almost everyone found something they liked. I managed to find a copy of Rafael Sabatini's 'Captain Blood', a book I'd heard a friend rave about back before I came here. But it wasn't that book that was so important, no, that 'honor' would have to go to an innocent little paperback called 'Goddess of Yesterday'.

For those of you who've never read it, it takes place during the Trojan War, and it's about a girl who's stuck right in the middle of it. It's pretty good, actually. Anyway, a friend of mine saw it and started reading it immediately. And a few chapters in, she found something that seemed innocent, but definitely wasn't.......

Torpid ran over to Callisto, holding up her newest read and pointing to a passage in the book with a 'look what I found!' expression on her face. Callisto looked where the mute girl was pointing, and read aloud: "Callisto means 'the most beautiful', just the right name for a princess."

Torpid smiled and nodded, pointing to the book and to Callisto. Callisto laughed. "How ironic," she said bitterly. "How very ironic."

Torpid looked confused. It was plain to tell that she didn't get how it was ironic, she didn't really understand what irony was. She just thought it was interesting that Callisto's name was in her new book.

'I don't think it's ironic at all,' Evan mused from where he stood a few feet away, pretending to read his book, but really just looking at Callisto. 'It fits her. I just wish she could see how I see her.' In Evan's eyes, he'd never seen a more amazing girl...no, woman, in his entire life. Callisto was strong, intelligent, compassionate, and despite what she thought, Evan believed that she was truly beautiful. 'Not like I'd ever tell her, though. 'What would I do? Just waltz right up to her and say 'Callisto, I think you're the most beautiful woman I've ever met, and I think I'm in love with you. Do you feel the same way?' Hah! If she didn't bust a gut laughing, she'd be seriously freaked out. No, I'll just have to be content with being friends, I suppose.'

He recalled the times they'd touched, not really meaning anything, just an arm thrown 'round the shoulder in a gesture of friendship, accidentally bumping into each other when the night watches changed, little things that meant so much to him. The way he'd stare at her when she wasn't looking his way, admiring, but never daring to confess his true feelings, always wanting more than 'just friends' but never being brave enough to ask.

'No matter what happens,' he thought. 'To me, she'll always be the most beautiful.'

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