Welcome to the much-anticipated part 2 of 'The Most Beautiful'. This time, it's from Callisto's POV.....muahahaha!

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Callisto leaned her head against the tunnel wall, looking around the Alley. Her eyes came to rest on Evan, where he was teaching Artie, Torpid, and Leech to play hackysack, and found herself unable to look away.

'He's so handsome,' she thought. 'Those eyes, that smile, those muscles....he's amazing. He's intelligent, sensitive, maybe a bit of a goof-off sometimes, but in a good way.' She shook her head. 'If only I could tell him how I felt about him!' But as soon as that thought was finished, it was dismissed.

'Who am I kidding? Like he'd ever go for a girl like me!' She 'hmph'-ed. 'I'm nothing like those girls topside, with their makeup and nice clothes and flirty ways. I've been on the streets a while, and it shows. Why would a guy like Evan waste his time on a girl with no charm, no family, ratty clothes, and only one eye? Answer: he wouldn't. He probably sees me as a friend and leader, not a potential lover. I mean, look at me! I'm the kind of girl guys go running in fear from, not the kind they'd date. Evan could have any girl he wanted, why would he want me?

'And yet, though I know I should know better, I love him. Me! Miss tough-as-nails, in love! How could I ever tell anyone, let alone him? He'd laugh, or stare, or worse, he'd leave. I've gotten so accustomed to having him around, I don't know if I could handle it if he left.' Callisto laid her head against the wall, sighing softly. 'Oh, God, what am I going to do? Do I risk everything and tell him how I feel, or do I keep it to myself?'

She snuck a glance at Evan, who was now entertaining the children with tales of pranks he'd pulled at Xavier's. 'I guess I'll keep it to myself. Why ruin our friendship over a dream that can't come true? As much as I love him, he could never love me back. No one could ever love someone like me.'

She turned her head to face the wall as the bitter thoughts echoed around in her head, making her feel even worse, and a single, silent tear slid down her face.

"Hey Callisto!" came Evan's voice from across the tunnel. Callisto spun around, quickly wiping the tear away as she did so. "Are you okay?" he asked her.

"I'm fine!" she called back. 'Please let him not press the issue further, oh, God, please let him not ask if anything's wrong!' she thought frantically.

"You sure? Lucid's been waiting to ask you something for like five minutes, and you haven't even noticed." Lucid nodded.

"Y-yeah, just thinking. Sorry, Lucid."

"No problem," Lucid replied, walking over to her.

"So, what is it you wanted to ask?" As she answered the other Morlock's question, Callisto pushed her thoughts of Evan to the back of her head.....for now.


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