Title: Repentance Against Sin
Chapter 1: History

Author: Harper Hisoka
Warning: Shonen ai, yaoi, rape, incest (between cousins)

Series: Gravitation
Pairing: Tohma x Suguru

Summary: Suguru's father was arrested for attempted rape, and just when things were settling down, his mother finds another boyfriend. But just who is this new "boyfriend"? Who can Suguru turn to in his time of need? AU because Tohma is 25, Suguru is 19, and the timeline was modified a bit for my story. Also, Tohma doesn't quite have that obsession with Yuki as he did in the manga/anime.

Notes: o.o This is an older work (so embarrassing). Please be kind!

"Hmm, I hope that Shindo-san is up for actual work today. I mean, we DO have a concert to prepare for after all. He better be at the studio today... I'll KILL Eiri-san if he puts Shindo-san in a bad mood today."

Walking along towards the NG studios, Suguru had found that the most productive measure to passing the time was to go over how the day should be run – starting from the corporation of the lead singer of their band, Bad Luck, Shuichi Shindo. Suguru had always come to NG studios early, especially if there was actual work that had to be done.

Bad Luck had a concert coming up in approximately two weeks, and Shuichi had yet to do anything that could even be close to being called "work". Eiri Yuki always had the most interesting affects on Shuichi. Either Shuichi would come to the studios completely depressed, over actively hyper, or – on the rare occasion – normal.

Continuing the argument with himself, Suguru pressed on. "You know, it's not that I don't approve of their relationship, but I just don't get Shindo-san sometimes. How could someone – anyone – have mood swings as expressive as that jerk? He comes to the studio overly hyper – TOO hyper for his own good if you ask me – and comes back to work after lunch in a COMPLETELY DEPRESSED state, refusing to work, and finds a way to lock himself in the bathroom – again. He leaves ME to do the work that we should ALL be doing together! The nerve..."

Starting to scowl, and eyebrow twitching, Suguru was continuing along the thought lines that dealt with "Shuichi" and "ruin" in the same sentence. Preoccupied, Suguru never noticed the figure walking up behind him.


"Ack!" Jumping around, Suguru managed to about face with a curious looking Hiro-san.

"Oh, Hiro-san, it's just you. I'm sorry, I was lost in thought for a moment, but... what are you doing at the studio so early Hiro-san? Don't you usually come around noon? It's only about... ten o' clock or so right now – is... did something happened to you?"

"No, everything is fine; I just wanted a chance to talk to you alone."

This was definitely Hiro, always straight to the point when talking about personal – or important matters that concerned him.

"So, what did you want to talk to me about? You know I always come early to work, if that's what you're thinking."

Hiro shook is head. "No, I'm not worried about why you come to work so early every day. It's you I'm curious about. In fact, if I'm not mistaken, you are Tohma-san's cousin, am I right?"

A little stunned by his question, Suguru answered him, unsure as to where this was leading – although he DID have a slight feeling as to where it was going. Motioning towards Hiro to continuing walking towards the studios with him, he answered him.

"That is correct, Tohma-san is my cousin; but, if I'm not mistaken, Hiro, you already knew that."

"Do you love him?"

'So,' Suguru thought. 'The truth finally comes out, but does it have to be discovered just yet?'

"So, Hiro, what makes you think that I love my cousin, anyways? We are family, after all, so if you're thinking anything beyond that..."

Hiro narrowed his eyes at Suguru's response. 'So he's avoiding my question, huh? Maybe Suguru doesn't love his cousin after all. Does that mean that I have chance with him?'

The two had walked in a slightly uncomfortable silence for a while, both preoccupied with their own thoughts on the current matter to really have anything of importance to say. It was at least another ten minutes or so before they finally reached NG studios, and it was Suguru who decided that he should break the silence.

"Hiro-kun, if that was all you wanted to ask, I have some other business here to take care of before I start working on my – or rather – our projects for Bad Luck. So, if you don't mind, Hiro, I'll see you around noon to start our work on Bad Luck? I have some great new arrangements that I want to try with you and Shindo-san for before the concert. I feel that we should give the fans some new material in our songs, or at least something different to listen to. It would definitely be a top selling point for our concert."

"Uh... yeah, sure Suguru-san. I'll see you at noon, then. I look forward to hearing the new arrangements – although I can't say the same for Shuichi. I'm sure that he'll end up liking what you put together, though."

Bowing slightly, Suguru made to leave for the studios.

"Of course, Hiro-san; I thank you for your appreciation for my abilities as an artist. Now..." As Suguru started to walk off towards the studios, he paused momentary, turning towards Hiro. "I'll see you at noon, right? I am also looking forward to working with the new arrangements for our songs, especially the ones that I picked out for our upcoming concert. Now, if you will excuse me, I do have some business to take care of before I can start work today in the recording studio with you and Shindo-san." Bowing as he left, Suguru walked up the stairs, towards the clear double door of NG studios. Dispite what Suguru said, his "business" that he had to take care of each morning was actually more of a "pleasure trip" then anything else. Today though, Suguru was especially excited that he would be able to "take care of business" – which was – his morning meeting with the NG owner himself, Tohma Seguchi.

Tohma Seguchi was, not only the owner of NG studios, but also the lead keyboardist for Nittle Grasper – at least, until their break up two years ago.

The halls of NG studios were very familiar to Suguru – after all, he had spent more time here then he ever did at home with his parents. There was a reason for that, too, but not one that Suguru would ever discuss willingly.

For someone who had never been to NG before, it would definitely take time to figure out the overall scheme of the place, but Suguru didn't have a problem with that. Lucky for him, he knew this build almost as well as he did his own house, and his house was only two stories tall. Compare that to the multi-level NG studios, and one could only guess as to how many hours he should have spent here in order to know the place so well.

Finding the strong wooden door that led to Tohma's office, he carefully knocked before he entered, calling out to make sure that Tohma didn't have other early morning business before he went in. Barging in on a conference was not on the top of Suguru's "list of things to do". Besides, knocking never hurt anyone, and if he had to knock before entering Tohma's office, then fine, that was one rule that he didn't mind following. Especially since that one time he HAD barged in on a conference...

"Come in, Suguru, I know it's you."

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