Title: Repentance Against Sin
Chapter 5:From Childhood's Hour

Author: Harper Hisoka
Warning: Shonen ai, yaoi, rape, incest (between cousins)

Series: Gravitation
Pairing: Tohma x Suguru

Summary: Suguru's father was arrested for attempted rape, and just when things were settling down, his mother finds another boyfriend. But just who is this new "boyfriend"? Who can Suguru turn to in his time of need? AU because Tohma is 25, Suguru is 19, and the timeline was modified a bit for my story. Also, Tohma doesn't quite have that obsession with Yuki as he did in the manga/anime.

A misty haze surrounded his vision, like a thick fog in the early morning. Suguru felt the cold air whipping harshly across his face, inking slowly into his coconsciousness. It wanted to remind him of many, earlier times with his step-father. Sometimes he would be drugged or under the influence of alcohol during their 'time' together; usually he felt as if he were in a dream-induced state. Something he couldn't, or sometime wouldn't want to break away from. It was this state in which he sometimes either couldn't, or wouldn't want to break away from; a distraction was sometimes better then facing the truth. A heavy weight seemed to lift slowly, letting him access more and more of his memories, his body, movement and functions…

The darkness stayed with him, seeming to keep him under just enough that he seemed to be semi-conscious. "I…wouldn't mind sleeping some more…" was all he could think. His mind wasn't waking up long enough to make much sense of anything. The cool air brushed against his face, for some reason seeming to actually feel good now. The soft cloth that pressed against his face drew him back into that dark, dreamless state- his last thoughts being of the cool wind coming from the open window, the noises from the occasional passing car or truck from the otherwise abandoned highway becoming a soothing background noise. His head fell softly to the side- when an older man's voice, unheard by the sleeping body, spoke up in a gruff, careless tone.

"We still have at least four hours of driving time left. You can do whatever you want to him until then."

Tohma's office was completely ransacked as Yuki and Shuichi stepped through the door-less entry way. Plants, books, furniture and papers were scattered everywhere. Nothing looked stolen, but judging from the damages a struggle must have occurred. Shuichi squatted near the floor, studying the shards of glass and papers around him. The fabric from his thin-black cargo pants squeaked slightly as he moved, while his long sleeved v-neck shirt moved silently with him, the only other noise being the two metal chain bracelets hanging off his right wrist. He furrowed his brow, causing the dark sunglasses on his head to shift slightly.

"What happened here, Yuki? You got the same call I did this morning, right? From Tohma, he sounded… hysterical; laughing, babbling on and on about some intruder and his cousin."

Eri Yuki moved closer to the windows, which were only partially covered with the cream-like, floor length curtain. Half of the curtain rod was bent towards the ground, giving a partial view of the city skyline around them. He focused upon the morning sun, shining brightly just beyond them, in the cloudless, red and orange sky. He didn't want to look at this mess, to focus on what might have happened to either him or his cousin, Suguru. What's worse, he thought, was that he actually knew the history behind both of them, leaving the situation direr then a simple break-in.

"Something is odd about all this, though, Yuki." Shuichi stated somewhat quietly, in thinking mode. "Even at night, none of this makes sense. This building has security cameras, night-watchmen, the works, you know? How can they just walk in from the bottom floor, up a couple dozen flights of stairs, cause such a ruckus as this and leave the building with both of them hidden away somewhere – ALL the while being able to avoid all the security cameras and leave absolutely no witnesses? No one remembers anything, whether on camera or strange noises." A strange spark flew through his eyes, "You don't think…. It was…"

Yuki finally turned around, his attention solely on Shuichi now. He… caught on already?

"It was…." Silence filled the air as Shuichi gulped for air, afraid of the answer. "It really, really wasn't ghosts, right? Because you can't arrest a ghost for kidnapping and I don't really see why they would want to anyways… unless they're some creepy, psycho-maniac prisoners sent to death row and are back for revenge!"

Yuki shot his best glare towards his somewhat shorter, pink haired boyfriend who also happened to be short on brain cells at the moment, too.

"What? No?" He looked away. "I guess they couldn't have made this mess, anyways…" Glass crunched underfoot as he moved towards Yuki's position at the window.

Yuki sighed, deciding that this particular fight was best left untouched. If nothing else, they had more important matters to attend to than a stupid, idiotic theory that only a pink-haired moron could come up with. Boyfriend or not, his critical thinking skills were not exactly renowned for much of anything. "I think I know who it was, but I'm not sure. He had other enemies than them, it was in his natural character to inadvertently create either a friend or enemy out of those he met. He's cunning, but this time I don't think it was about his business."

Shuichi leaned gently against the corner of the hard oak desk, fidgeting slightly as he drove himself to stand still. He was the type who kept moving, always wanting to do something more interesting than to sit around mindlessly. It had already been an hour since they got here, scouring the place from top to bottom, looking for any clues where they might have gone. Yuki could feel it, even if Shuichi couldn't. He just knew that neither of them was at home. That something was wrong and yet, he couldn't put his finger on it.

His emotions focused on the situation, his seriousness and anger leaked onto his face, which proceeding tipped Shuichi off that now he absolutely and definitely knew more then he was telling. He let out a smile. "Then let's go and find those bastards." He looked out the window, an evil, apprehensive smile spreading across his face. The cars moved along their way on the street below, leading into Shuichi's next thought. "And we'll start at Suguru's house."

Yuki looked over, being unable to contain part of his surprise that Shuichi had actually caught on this quickly.

"Right?" He grinned, turning his back to the streets below. "They won't get away."

As early in the morning as it was, the streets were still pretty empty. The traffic was light, and only the early birds left for work at this time. They had parked a fair distance away, construction on the nearby street and parking lot left relatively no choice in the matter. At least, Shuichi was thankful of two things: one, that the studios all had soundproof hallways and rooms. Two, that near where they had parked, there just happened to be near a 24 hour convenience store; which meant coffee, slurpees, and a breakfast consisting of doughnuts and microwaveable burritos.

The walk was only ten minutes away, which by now put them in sight of that same wonderful convenience store.

"You've grown up, Shu-chan." A smooth, familiar voice called out in the silence. Shuichi looked around at the passing cars, the one or two people in the distance either heading to or from work. Yet this voice sounded closer, almost- then he saw him. The figure in the shadows of a darkened alley. The figure stepped out into the light of the rising sun. The black leather pants, long white overcoat and sunglasses. Not the most inconspicuous outfit ever chosen, but he was here. Ryuichi had come back from America!

Shuichi ran over to him, running until he couldn't stand it, leaping into his arms for an all out embrace. Yuki stood in the background, habitually giving a short, one-word greeting before lighting up a cigarette. He decided to take his chances near the car, rather then waiting to see what meaningless crap they could possibly want to talk about. Seeing as how it was way too early in the morning to even be up, his attitude began to switch from his more focused, worried one to a more normal, angrily silent one - which was, by all accounts, fine by him. "We have things to do today, remember? Don't take too long."

He started to walk off, not even pausing as he finished his thoughts. "And don't even think of bringing him along, either. We don't need the extra luggage."

Shuichi just gave Yuki's back an evil glare, sticking out his tongue in the process. He waited until Yuki walked around the corner before pushing Ryuichi back against the cold, brick wall in the alleyway. His hands gently caressed the soft, long brown hair as he drew his body in closer. Now Shuichi could feel the other's breath against his skin, and a smile had escaped his lips. "You bastard. You come back without telling me first?"

Ryuichi smiled back, unable to hold it back any longer. He leaned in, "But I'm here now, right?" Those soft, pink lips felt like fire against his skin. As cold as the morning air was, it didn't seem to matter anymore.

Shuichi felt Ryuichi's lips press against his, over and over, each breaking make the other want more. He smiled again, this time tears starting to fall down his face. Ryuichi embraced the other in his arms, feeling the weight of a crying body against his own.

"So you're with Yuki now?" He had to ask. He needed to know where they were. When an answer didn't come, he almost spoke up when a cold, gentle hand slid up his shirt, touching, playing with his nipples. An involuntarily breath escaped his body, twice so when a pair of lips started in a trail up his neck. "I'll show you where I belong right now."

Shuichi backed up, far enough to show his famous evil grin, the one he got when he wanted others to know he was clearly up to something, a something that was well thought out and trouble. He knew danger now. From the time when they first added Suguru into their own band until now, he had grown up.

A pair of hands slid themselves down Ryuichi sides, outlining the gentle curves of his abs and chest, moving down until Shuichi sat on his knees. He looked up at the person in front of him, a person who had been away in America for far too long. "I made a promise to you, Ryuichi. I never break my promises."

"But Yuki-" he started, but never got the chance to finish. The answer both astounded him and gave him hope. Lost in his thoughts of Shuichi from past to present distracted him. Shuichi unzipped his pants, "This won't take long, I promise."

Months, years, minutes, whatever – Shuichi had come so far from when they had first met. He wondered if that's why he was still with Yuki, to secretly learn from him, biding his time. He couldn't speak at all, the touch from a lover, when you haven't been together in a countless mesh of time that flowed without any real meaning… "You haven't forgotten."

"I've learned, I remember, I never forget." Shu-chan's voice was quick, to the point.

"Shu- Shuichi… Fxxk you, when did you become this-"

"It's a talent, I swear."

Yuki lit up his second cigarette as he held up his phone with his shoulder. "Yeah, yeah – right. Okay, thanks. I'll make sure to tell him that when I see him, yeah. Bye." He did wonder why his phone conversations were so polite, but when you're talking to someone's mother, it seemed the best way to get information out of them. Suguru's mother seemed real nice, if not more then a little busy in the high-end world of upper-class business men and women. In Japan, that would seem out of place- a successful business woman, but she had the job of working between two international companies, one of them being America. This meant that she not only got paid more, but was also held in high respect within both countries; Japan's view more than likely being not to offend the other by how they treated their employees.

Yuki mapped out the new information he had learned in his head, already searching the phone book for the next number he had to call. They needed information above anything else, if they wanted to get anywhere in finding where Tohma and Suguru were, and why they broke into Tohma's office in the first place.


Shuichi gave a moan of pleasure as he lightly grabbed a fistful of Ryuichi hair. "You're almost as good as I am, Ryu-chan." He threw his head against the wall, again, as Ryuichi worked a magic of his own.

Suddenly, he pushed Ryuichi back from him, tilting the beautiful head so they made eye-contact. "It's not going to be that easy, Ryu-chan. Not this time." He turned Ryuichi around, forcing him against the wall, this time chest first. He slid down the black leather pants slowly, excruciatingly slow.

"Shu- Shu-chan…" He moaned, "Please…" The next thing he felt, he would never later be able to accurately put into words. It was something that one left unsaid, this rare, intimate moment which didn't need to be shared with friends or boasted about later on. His train of thought, scattered as it had been, now could only form the moans he couldn't help but let out. A trickle of blood led its way down Ryuichi's lips, which was all he could do to hold back. "He's… He's going to- hate you…"

Shuichi smiled. "He'll never find out."

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