Chapter 1

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Catherine, Warrick, Nick, Greg, and Sara stood outside the break room, all looking rather confused. They had been attracted to the break room by what was seemingly Grissom having a conversation on the phone. Except Grissom didn't have a phone to his ear.He was also doing something incredibly strange. He was kneeling in front of the sofa with his head carefully tucked under the cushions.

From the point of view of the five people standing at the door, Grissom was having a very serious and elaborate conversation with the underside of a piece of furniture.

This was the point in all of their lives which they had been dreading. He had finally snapped. Catherine stared with a pleasantly amused smile on her face. Warrick was shocked. Nick was trying desperately not to laugh and was on the verge of failure. Greg was stuck somewhere between terrified and entertained, and Sara was pissed off.

Sara, of course, had every reason to be pissed off. This man, the man whom she had come to respect and admire, had the nerve to loose his mind! How dare he! She was relying on this man, on his way of life, to prove that she wasn't wasting her time being a lonely work-junky. And what had he gone and done? He'd gone bloody crazy. So Sara did what only Sara could think of to do in such a situation. She stormed off.

Greg was now confused. Should he laugh or scream? Of course, screaming would dispel all belief in his manliness, and he would never live it down. If he laughed however, he might let out a shriek of fear by accident. Or worse, he'd let Grissom know they were all watching him fall off the brink of sanity. So rather than scream, or even laugh, Greg stood there, now looking incredibly confused.

Nick could not hold it in any more. His boss, his perfect, holier-than-thou boss, had lost his marbles. He was talking to a sofa. Better yet, he was upside down and talking to a sofa. Grissom was now upside down, propped up by his hands, with his head down the back of the sofa, and his legs waving wildly in the air. Nick couldn't contain his amusement. If he laughed, Grissom would be alerted to their presence, so he did the next best thing. He ran away in search of Brass.

Warrick was quite disappointed by this stage. He, like Sara, had come to respect this man. To see him as almost a father figure. And the man had totally lost it. This man had helped overcome his own problems, still silent, and confusing as ever, and then he, of all people, had gone nuts. It just wasn't right.

Catherine was happy. Grissom wasn't perfect. She had always known that, and tried on any occasion to subtly prove it. But then he would go and admit that he wasn't perfect, which made her job a lot harder. If he admitted his imperfections, it made him more flipping perfect! But now he had gone barmy. Right in front of her. She had succeeded. Of course she was also happy that Grissom now appeared to be stuck upside down on a sofa with his head wedged between the seat and the backrest.

Then Brass joined them, followed by Nick. Brass's face was unreadable. He didn't appear happy, or sad, or amused. He was just…Brass. Until he took a camera phone from his pocket and captured Grissom's ass shaking from side to side as he attempted to unlodge himself from the sofa.

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