Annoyed Acquaintances, Unknown Lovers.

Summery: Robin and Raven find themselves in a situation where they are 'house-mates'. Being opposites, they find themselves not getting along too well. But oddly enough, they have forged a relationship via the Internet. Problem is, neither one know that their "Net Pal" is really one another. Slowly they start to develop more then friendly thoughts for each other, on the net and in real life. (summary kinda sucks, but hopefully the story will be better.)

Info: Raven and beast Boy (Garfield) are cousins. Raven lives with his family. Robin (Richard/Dick) Is Gar best friend, and his family are friends with the Logan's. His parents have to leave the country, and Robin has to stay with Beast Boy. The Hive members will be apart of the story, but not as bad guys, also the rest of the Titans. And they will all be about 17/18 in age. It's AU obviously, And I'm sure the plot has been used before, I'm just bringing my own twist to it. I've actually planned this Fic out somewhat and will try not to slack like I did with my last one Apologizes to all the readers of that one So please enjoy, and express your thoughts points to Submit Review button hehe.

( ) AN's.. " " Talking .. Thinking ( Also, I'm going to be using their 'real' names as well as their titan names. as for characters that i don't know the 'real' names of, I'll make them up.) Editing is giving me problems -Growls-

Disclaimer: I don't own the Teen Titans. I probably don't own this plot by now. sighs I also don't own any name-brands/products/stores that will be mentioned through out the story.

Chapter One.

A soft circle of light illuminated the black and purple clad bed. A lone figure sat Indian-style in the middle of its' surface. Her head hunched over a book with the same coloring as the bedding under her body. Dark hair curtained her face and seamlessly blended in with the shadows outside the cocoon of light. One of the many catchy rock-ballards of the Red Hot Chilli Peppers played softly from the radio set upon her nightstand. Her head bobbed lightly to the tune, not your typical 'Goth' music, but anything she did was not typical. Her voice sang along quietly to the song. A smirk-like expression molded on her face.

She shook her head lightly as the song continued. With a sigh of contentment, the pen in her hand lowered to the blank page of her book and began to write.

Diary...we meet again.

Come to think of it. In the way of Diary Conformity, we have never properly introduced ourselves. Shall we give it a go and make it official! Why not. You Diary.

Me A seventeen year old goth girl with all the toppings. No parents, few friends, dark surroundings, suicidal music and poetry, tortured soul of a Artist, and straight A student in Depression and Sarcasm. Almost a Cliche...almost.

So why, one may wonder, would I, proclaimed Queen of all things Goth and Abnormal, be wasting my time, writing in this overly normal diary. Well, Diary, my answer is simple... Whatever!

You must be shocked, Dear Diary, that I am using you for your actual purpose, and not for poems and mildly amusing sketches of Preps ala' Death. But events of some importance have arisen. And I've decided to share them with you. So that one day, while I'm old and grumpy, I can look back on my youth and laugh at this moment of teen induced lameness.

I know you're curious. As to what would prompt me, ME, into submission of your secret-keeping power, my friend, and friend you are. One word...Love.

Ah, love. Funny how that one little word can change everything. Love. Just the word conjures up pink fluffy bunnies with large watery eyes, snuggling with likewise kin. Excuse me while I gag. But actually grasping the concept of another story. For it really is beautiful, in all it's pink-fluffy glory.

Now I know what you are thinking, Dairy. That I must have gone mad. Raven...Love...Riiiiiight. You don't do love. That would never be. Well... things are a'changing...and even I am allowed a few surprises. But worry you should not...I haven't changed my lovable gothy self... just a few opinions...

So.. What or ...Who?..has brought on this new and crazy journey into the Land o' Love? Very good question indeed Diary... for you'll never believe the answer.. Our one and only King of Jocks and mystery...Dick Greyson.

Yes yes...That's right. Good ole' Straight A's, "Can I help you across the street, Ma'am?", Preppy-punk, Jockmeister: Dick Greyson.

Now...don't me like that. I know...he isn't our type... but man o' he our type! That body, that hair, those eyes... well, I'm getting a little too girly for you, Dairy. But you get my point.

I know I must have completely confused you by now..and you are probably wondering how this came about. An interesting story really. .So why don't I just tell you how it all happened...

Beep! Beep! Beep!

The peaceful embrace of sleep came crashing down. That vile sound ripping through it's dark surface. A black mass began to shift and moan. Hissing and growling at the invading noise. But still it persisted. Growing louder and louder by the second.

Beep! Beep! BEEP! BEEP!

The mass shifted again, closer to that sound. Another angry moan escaping from deep within it. A pale fist shot out from the black blob and came crashing down on an object. The irritating noise died out mid-beep. The hand retracted back under it's cover and quickly flipped the mass off of it's body with a heavy sigh. A petite framed girl was revealed. Small pale hands rubbed over her anger-etched face. Slowly her eyes cracked open and shifted to the beep-less object. Large red numbers stared back at her. Still starring at them blankly, she repeated the numbers in her head, while the sleep induced haze began to clear.

' 8:00? Is that a.m. or p.m.? Has to be a.m., that little dot isn't on.' Her eyelids slid close. Hands rubbing over them. ' But isn't today Saturday? I don't remember setting the damn clock. Was I suppose to do something today? Don't think so. Why would I? I went to bed four hours ago. So why would my clock..'

A groan rumbled from her throat, her hands flopped to the bed, twisting fistfuls of the sheets. Her eyelids scrunched tightly as she let out a frustrated screech. Her eyes flashed open. Cornflower-Amethyst colored orbs glared up at the ceiling. One word bursting forth from her lungs.


Inhaling deeply, she quickly un-tangled herself from the bedding. Pushing her legs over the side of the bed. She glared at the clock then back at the ceiling. With a huff, she stood and stomped out of her basement bedroom, and up the stairs to the kitchen. The death, or at least great torturous pain, of a certain young man, consuming her thoughts.

A young man stood at a counter in his overly white kitchen. Bowl, milk, cereal and spoon displayed out in front of him. He inhaled deeply, then exhaled with a large smile. Quickly, he assembled his breakfast. Leaving the milk and cereal open on the counter, as he brought his over flowing bowl to the kitchen table and took a seat. Once settled, he lifted his spoon and dug it into the cereal. As he shoveled spoonful after spoonful into his mouth, an older woman entered the kitchen. Fully dressed for the day. She looked over at the young man and shook her head with a smile.

"Slow down or you'll choke." She informed him as she moved to the refrigerator.

The boy looked up, milk dribbling down his chin, and blinked. With a mouth full, he decided to reply. "Hey mom."

The woman's smile grew and she rolled her eyes discretely. "Morning son." She moved around the kitchen, putting away what her son left out, as well as making a pot of tea. " So is everything set for today?"

He mumbled out a "Yes." around a spoonful of cereal. Head nodding slightly. Milk spilling down onto his shirt. His hand automatically reaching up to wipe it away, but only rubbing it in. He moaned out a muffled curse.

Mrs. Logan looked up from the counter where she was preparing cups for tea. her eyes narrowed on the back of her son's head. "Not in the house, Gar." She said softly to him. Earning a "I'm sorry".

Both turned back to their tasks, only to stop dead as a angry wail echoed throughout the house.


Mrs. Logan's head shot up, eyes darting around, brow cocked. Her son's spoon-laden hand stopped mid-air, eyes wide, mouth gapped open. Both looked slowly at the basement door. Muffled cursing and heavy footfalls, making it's way closer. The door slammed open. Followed by the clatter of a spoon meeting table. A sleepy grumpy girl stood in the door frame. One hand braced on frame, the other clenching into a fist. Her gaze set on the boy at the table with a hard glare.

Gar shifted himself to the edge of his chair, ready to run if need be. His hand shot to the back of his head, nervously tugging on the hair at the base of his neck. He cracked a wary grin at the girl, a small chuckle escaping his lips. She glared more, if possible, at him. He gulped and squeaked.

"Hhhey Rae? Sleep well?"

Raven's eye twitched. Her jaw clenched. Many images of horrible painful deaths flashed through her mind. Gar's face on all the victims. With a slow, non-threatening pace, she pulled away from the door frame and moved to the counter. Her eyes never lifting from Gar. Her voice; low, deadly, scratchy from lack of sleep, whispered out to him.

" How do you think I slept? You know what time I went to sleep!"

Gar began to inch further off the chair. His eyes darting from Raven to the hallway. He chuckled nervously at her. "Uh..yeaa...yes I know when you went to bed." 'Please don't kill me, Please don't kill me, Please don't kill me!' He chanted to himself. his eyes searching out his mother's gaze, silently begging her for help.

Mrs. Logan looked at her son, then at Raven. She lifted her hand, covering the smiled tugging at her lips. Her shoulders shaking with silent laughter at the look of her son. ' He'll learn sooner or later.' She thought.

Raven inched closer to the table as Gar inched further out of his chair. " So why would you set my clock, knowing I sleep in late on Saturday's, knowing what time I went to bed, knowing I would harm you greatly?"

Gar blinked. Once. Twice. Gulped. Squealed. Then shoved off the table and ran for his life toward the hallway. Screaming back at the girl he knew was following. " No! Don't kill me!"

Raven braced herself. Knowing he would run, he always did. She watched as he blinked and squealed like a little girl. An evil smirk possessed her lips. She quickly followed him out, ignoring his pleas to spare his life. ' This is gonna be fun.'

From the counter, Mrs. Logan lowered her hand, and let out a bellow of laughter as the two teens ran out. ' This is going to be good.' She thought.

Mrs. Logan calmed down. Small quakes of laughter still racking her body as she caught her breathe. From behind her the whistle of the teapot rang out. Quickly she removed it from the heat and set about making two cups of tea.

Out in the hall. Loud high-pitched screams echoed through the house. Mrs. Logan shook her head and sighed, still smiling. Once done, she took the two cups and walked over to the kitchen table. Setting them on the surface and taking a seat.

The grunts, squeals and other sounds of struggle from Raven's revenge died down. Mrs. Logan sipped her tea lightly, skimming through a magazine and she looked up at the teens reentering the kitchen. Raven walked in first. Running her hands through her dark indigo colored hair. A sigh of content passing her lips as she took a seat next to her aunt. Taking interest in the cup of tea set in front of her. Blowing on the steamy liquid, her gaze lifted to the doorway with a small smile. Her head shaking slightly at the sad sight before her.

Gar leaned heavily on the door frame. His face flushed from screaming and trying to fend of his attacker. Who was now smiling at him. His clothes were rumpled and ripped in some places. He took a deep shaky breathe and pushed himself from the doorway. Looking from Raven to his mother. His mother looked back. He glared at her, and she shrugged her shoulders. Slowly he limped back to the table, one of his hand behind his back, working on removing the death wedgie from hell, that Raven had given him. ' I swear she's evil! Evil evil...girl! Grr!' He thought to himself. He removed more of his boxers and winced. ' Dude this hurts!'

He wobbled to the table, on his toes some, pain visible on his face as he removed the entire wedgie. The women across the table from him stared discretely at his trouble. He kept glaring. He looked at his chair, eying the hard wood surface. He turned his head and looked over his shoulder at his sore behind then back at the chair. He whimpered.

Feminine giggling reached his ears and he whimpered louder. The giggling increased. Gar inhaled deeply, counted to three, and sat down. His shoulders slumped in defeat.

" Oh, honey! I'm sorry for laughing dear, but really, you should know by now NOT to play these little tricks on your cousin!" Mrs. Logan comforted her son. She moved out of her chair to stand next to him, giving him a small tight hug.

Gar sighed. "Dude! I only turned her alarm clock on." He crossed his arms over his chest and glared at Raven. " She didn't have to go all...all..." He waved a hand at her. " All HER on me!"

Raven shrugged her shoulders, taking a large sip of her tea. Her aunt smiled at her and moved away from Gar, patting his shoulder. " Dear, I know you were both up late last night, but everyone can't live on only four hours of sleep like you!"

Raven stuck her tongue out at the glaring boy. He 'humphed at her in return, shifting in his chair. Wincing, he looked away and mumbled under his breathe to no one. " There's probably gonna be bloodstains." He shuddered with disgust.

Mrs. Logan moved back to her seat and looked at Raven. " Well since you are up, you can help us out today."

Raven looked over and raised her brow. Ignoring the mumbling across the table from her cousin. " What with?" She asked dully.

"Well, you know the Greyson's? Family friends. They have to leave the country again for work. And since Alfred is already on his yearly vacation, Richard is going to be staying with us for awhile." She explained.

Raven blinked in annoyance. ' Great, more 5 year old teen boys in this house.' She glared over at Gar as he spoke up. " Yeah dude, so keep Freaks-ville to yourself."

Mrs. Logan and Raven both glared over at him. Mrs. Logan was eccentric herself, it came from her side of the family and she enjoyed many of the same interest as Raven, and wasn't too please with her son's comment.

Raven just stood from the table, cup in hand. "Shove it." She moved to the sink, placing her now empty cup into it and turned back to her family.

"Fine, I'll help."

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