A.A, U.L

By: Wrenna.

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Chapter Thirteen

Victor leaned back against the sofa. A wide grin spread across his face as he looked over at his couch mate. He winked sexily at the female beside him while he patted his lap, gesturing for her to slid into it. The young lady curved her lips into a grin as she shifted her thin frame into his lap sideways, her arms wrapping around his neck as she settled herself. Victor snaked his arms around her waist and pulled her firmly against his chest. She blinked playfully at him as he lowered his head and nuzzled her neck. A small giggle passed through her full lips as Victor's breathe tickled against her skin, making it's way to her ear. Victor lightly ran the tip of his nose over the shell of her ear before whispering to her.

"Shayla.. " His breathe tickled the inners of her ear, exciting another giggle from her. "You don't know how bad I want to.." Victor let the thought trail as he nipped playfully at the girl's ear lobe. She let out a small gasp as she pulled away slightly and faced him, her left brow arced.

"Want to what, Vic?" She purred sexily at him.

Victor gulped at her expression. Her full and glistering lips curved into a knowing grin. Her brown eyes, dark and smoldering, ready for action. A groomed brow lifted in challenge. ' Mmm Mmm Mmm' He thought quickly as he lifted her from his lap and placed her back on the couch beside him. Her grin widened as he turned his body to her, his right hand grazed over her knee, sending a small shiver through her body, as his hand lifted and gently took hold of her right hand. His grey eyes bore into hers, a smirk taking him over, as they leaned into one another, both their elbows placed firmly on their knees.

They moved in closer, their faces inches apart, hands clasped in between their bodies. Victor squeezed her hand gently and snorted before he licked his lips slowly, enticing her, and whispered.

"I want to arm wrestle, baby!"

Shayla narrowed her eyes and tightened her grip. "You betta get them car keys ready, cuz you goin down!"

Victor groaned and glared back. "Damn woman! Why's it always gotta be my Baby! Besides I'm gonna win!"

Shayla replied with an un-lady like snort. "Keep dreamin!"

Victor smiled. "Only of you, Shortie."

Shayla softened her features and smiled. "Aww, Boo. You're so cute." She cooed before giving him a quick kiss, as she pulled away her smile turned into a smirk. "But it ain't gonna work!"

Victor pouted grumpily, making Shayla giggle. he straightened his shoulders with a serious nod. "Ok. On three."

Together they counted. Their grips tightening, eyes narrowed and locked on each other. "One....Two.....THREE!"

With various grunts and groans, they began pushing back at each other's hands. They both tried to distract one another with licking their lips, or winking sexily, or as Shayla tried at one point, moaning as if in pleasure.

Victor groaned as if in pain at the sounds she was making, almost losing his lead until she laughed at his reaction. Seeing his opportunity, he quickly slid his free hand down to the underside of her knee, her weak spot, and began to lightly run his fingers over the bare flesh. Her eyes widened with a light gasp before narrowing with threat. But it didn't stop the smiling man before her, as she tried to squirm away from his ministrations.

Within seconds Victor had Shayla laughing and squirming, and easily overtook the lead, gently slamming her hand down to the side. Victor released his hands and hopped from the couch with a loud "Booya!", followed by his victory dance. Shayla crossed her arms angrily and glared at him as he sat back down. He smiled at her with a cocky gleam in his eyes. She pouted at him with a small huff, her eyes still narrow on him.

Victor gulped, his smile only faltering for a second before her cleared his throat. "Looks like I won."

"Dirty cheat." She replied.

His smile widened. "Hey! We didn't say cheating wasn't allowed."

Before she could reply to him, Victor scooped her up and placed her back in his lap, his lips moving over hers. Minutes later, as they pulled away from each other for breathe, Victor squeezed her into a light hug and whispered into her ear.

"Don't worry, you can still use my ride...."

She smiled as she pulled away to look at him. He smirked at her.

"But I'm driving!"

Shayla groaned before snuggling against him in defeat. Victor wrapped her up tightly in his arms with a smile.

In another room, a tall blond smiled and bounced around to the music. Standing beside her, trying to keep up, a green tinted boy glared angrily at various people with a certain t-shirt on. As the current song ended, Gar took hold of Terra's hand and eased them out of the room and into the less crowded back yard. Terra followed along, still smiling, but looking confused. Gar found a mildly quiet area and stomped over to it, the blond still in tow.

Gar turned to her after coming to a halt. His anger had boiled down, but he still looked upset. He looked her over as she continued to smile. Clearing his throat, he spoke up.

"Doesn't it bother you? All the t-shirts?"

Terra tilted her, her smile faded as a serious look marred her features, as she thought it over. In moments she only shrugged, a light smile returning as she wrapped her arms around Gar's neck and answered.


Gar gawked at her in surprise, not expecting that answer. "Well it bothers me, Tara." He crossed his arms.

Terra's smile widened. "You used my real name." She chirped quickly before continuing. "But it shouldn't. The whole situation is alittle embarrassing, I'll admit. But I'm not gonna try to deny it and be ashamed. We're teens. And suppose to have fun and do stupid shit. So what if there's t-shirts and videotape of something stupid I did while smashed. If some people want to have alittle fun at my expense, let them, it's not stopping me from having mine, nor is it doing any damage. So." She shrugged again to end her reply.

Gar uncrossed his arms and sighed. Wrapping them around her waist, he leaned forward and rested his forehead against hers. He rubbed his nose against hers lightly and looked into her eyes.

"I think you're too smart for me. But if it doesn't bother you, then I'll try not to let it bother me, I guess." he pouted.

"Good. Now let's go party!" She pecked him on the lips.

Grabbing his hand, she turned and ran back into the house, with Gar in tow. Who gazed upon her with a goofy smile, thanking the gods for giving him such a cool girlfriend.

' Oh! and Raven for hooking us up.' He thought quickly.

He was on a mission. As he was every party. It was the only reason he came to them. To capture other's most embarrassing moments. ' That and the girls. Oh the girls. The scantily clad, drunk, dancing, horny girls.'

Letting out a sigh at the images his mind was creating, he lowered his goggles over his eyes and ducked low to the wall. His small Bond-like camcorder ready in his hand as he crept along the dimly lit hallways. The small amount of light available in the halls gleamed off his bald head as he went from door to door, peaking into the rooms.

Most were empty, some held known couples making out and in other various acts. But none of them caught his interest. None of them would shock anybody, and that was what he was looking for. With another sigh he moved on. The doors in the hall were running out. Only three more to go.

The next door lead to nothing but a closet.

Two to go.

The next to a bathroom that slightly smelled of vomit and had hand towels tossed about the room. With another sigh, he closed the door and eyed the last.

One to go.

Still ducking low to the wall he moved on to the last. Quietly he opened the door, thanking the gods that they didn't squeak. The room was dark but breathing could be heard. He smirked and pressed a button on his goggles, activating the Night Vision. Dropping to his knees quietly, he crawled into the room, closing the door to a crack behind him.

In quick swift movements, he moved to the end of the bed. Taking a deep breathe, he popped his up over the edge and looked upon the couple sprawled across the mattress. He blinked. His grin growing wider. Ducking his head out of view, he readied his camcorder and crawled around the bed. Slowly he pushed himself to his feet. He aimed the camera at the couple as he moved to the bedside table. He pushed the record button as he flicked on the lamp.

Everything seemed to happen at once. The red light on the camcorder flashed on as the lamp did. The teens on the bed blinked themselves awake at the light and looked about. They screamed and yelled in shock, covering their nude bodies when they saw the camera, and the short green clad bald boy holding it. Grinning evilly and chuckling and he turned and back out of the room quickly, the camera still recording the couple.

Yelling a quick thanks, Gizmo ran out of the room, slamming the door behind him. He zoomed down the hallway and staircase, his goggles still on Night Vision mode and laughing madly.

Back in the room, the couple had jumped out of the bed and frantically began to put their clothing on. Kitten stomped about the room, collecting her belongings as she screeched and muttered about being caught, and how she was going to kill the little bald turd.

Larry also clothed himself. Upset that someone else had come in on them. But mostly still in a daze about the whole situation. But one thought snuck into his mind as he put his shoes on.

' There's video proof that Kitten and I were together....' His blank features quickly turned into a slow grin. '...Awesome!'

From the couch in the main room. Kori sat shyly with her hands in her lap. Moonfire, who had been with her most of the night, he gone to get some drinks. Kori smile lightly as she thought of Moon. Her had always liked girls, in that way, but was always too shy to do anything about it. But that had changed tonight. And she was glad.

With a content sigh, she glanced around the room. The music was still playing loudly, and the room was still crowded. From the doorway, Gizmo ran in laughing like a madman. Kori raised her brows at it, but looked away. She spotted Gar and Terra dancing to the music. Jinx and Mammoth not too far away, doing the same. Jinx was now wearing one of the t-shirts she had made, and handed out to the party. Off to the other side of the room, she saw her sister, Kara, with Sunfire. They were standing against the wall, chatting. Kori smiled and wondered if Robin and Raven were doing well. They hadn't returned yet.

She sighed again and gazed off in the direction Moon had gone. Only to smile when she saw her returning, two plastic cups in her hands.

Moon sat back on the couch next to Kori, a small smile on her lips as she handed a cup to Kori.

"It's soda instead of punch. Someone decided to spike that." She explained as she took a sip of said soda.

"Thank you. I would not like to get intoxicated tonight." Kori replied and took a sip from her own cup.

Minutes tick away as the two girls sipped their soda. Each sending a sideways glance at the other. Slightly shy form their bold make out session earlier in the night. They had talked before and after the kiss, and found out they had a lot in common, including an attraction for each other. Both were happy but still alittle shy.

Kori cleared her throat and placed her cup onto the small table in front of them. Moon noticed and did the same. Kori turned to her and smiled before ducking her head shyly and mumbling out a question.

Moonfire blinked and leaned in closer. "I didn't hear what you said, it's too loud in here." She said quietly next to Kori's ear.

Kori nodded, giggled nervously, and whispered into Moon's ear.

"Do you wish to do the kissing again?"

Moonfire giggled and whispered back.

"You're too cute. You don't need to ask. But sure, I'd love to!"

Kori pulled back slightly with a large smile and clapped her hands in front of her. "Glorious!"

Both girls giggled before leaning in to each other and kissing.

Robin and Raven had left the bathroom soon after their talk. Hand in hand, they walked around the house. They chatted lightly, content with just being together. They moved from room to room. Dancing together when a song they liked played. Ducking into dark corners when the urge to kiss, or hug, came up.

Robin eventually found his shades, undamaged, and returned them to his face. Raven frowned abit. She enjoyed his eyes, and gazing at them. But understood his unease, and smiled at him when he looked over at her, after replacing him. He squeezed her hand in thanks before tugging her back to the main room.

They looked around the room at all their friends.

Some were dancing up a storm. Some where chatting or laughing. Others were joined at the lips.

Robin wrapped his arm around Raven's shoulder. With a smile he moved them into the room and to the middle of the room, where they began to dance slowly to the fast song.

It was a perfect ending for their overly active night. To be in each other's arms. Surrounded by their friends, who were truly happy.

Just like them.

The End....for now.