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How Couldn't I?

"Oh you're a beautiful

A beautiful fucked up man

You're setting up your razor wire shrine"- Sarah Mclahlan's Building a Mystery

"Walk away... please." His voice was small. Uncharacteristic for him, his voice was one of his biggest intimidators. He didn't take his pale eyes off her. She had never seemed so determined. Determined to figure him out. It was useless this much he knew, the trouble was having HER understand that somewhat simple concept. One that seemed to haunt her in a way and somehow himself.

He had never meant for this to happen. Never wanted her to give him a second though. In fact he had never given a damn what the golden trio did. He somewhat still didn't. Didn't care about her. 'You wish.' His mind echoed the simple statement. I was the truth. Sheer honesty for an un-honest man. A very rare thing indeed. Something he wouldn't let her see, it would only bring her pain or worse.

"Why? What is wrong with you?" Her voice was so swamped with frustration. He couldn't blame her. He really couldn't, everything was his fault. Everything. He toward over her. When it came to physical size he had the upper hand, but when it came to being a person, she was several milestones ahead. Maybe that's why. The reason her didn't truly think so ill of her. The reason he couldn't hate her like he was breed to.

She was better then him.

She knew how to love. She knew how to hate. She understood the importance of compassion and trust. She was a wonderful soul. Warm and caring. Things his brilliant mind could never grasp. He didn't understand the value of life and death. How could he? When someone he knew died, he felt nothing. He didn't miss the person because he was close to no one. Nothing. He was simply put a loner.

Unattached from anything and everything in the world.

Well almost everything.

"It's easier that way and you know it Granger." She practically screamed at him. She said something but the words were obscure. He held back a smirk, she was funny when she was mad. Her actions so strange. He had never felt the urge to scream out of anger.

"You know what Malfoy, I get it. I finally get it. You are just this bloody body that walks around feeling nothing." He smirked, 'Well yeah.' He though. He was about to say something but realized she was pacing. She was rambling angrily. "You, you, don't know anything. You don't care about anything. You're just this big blob of pureblood high and mighty la la la I am so perfect and that's all. That's all you are." She stopped pacing for a moment and looked at him. His smirk fading slightly. Her eye squinted at him darkly. "God Draco are you even alive?"

The question shook him for some reason. Why it had? He would never know. The answer was obvious. Of course he was alive. He was breathing. His blood was flowing. But he knew she had meant something else. Something more.

"What?" His voice was once again small. Like someone else had asked the question somehow. She took a step closer to him. Her eyes were so full of emotions.

"You don't feel anything. Emotions are what make us real Malfoy." She glanced around the darkened hallway. Small torches illuminating the stone walls lightly. She took another step as she glanced around. When had she become a person to talk to? About the same time he realized she was the only person in this damn school that matched his intelligence. Even now after almost two years of conversations in studies about classes or just random things in general. And two months of head boy and girl duties, she still seemed uncomfortable at times. Nervous around him. More now then ever he realized. "Emotions are what make things matter."

"And if nothing matters Granger?" He took a step towards her. He was never to be outdone of course.

"Something must." She stood in front of him. Having to slightly tilt her head to make eye contact.

"Like what." And for the second time in his life, she slapped him. This time was different though. Immediately afterwards, within a split second, he had grabbed her wrist harshly. He yanked her up to her tiptoes as she let out a small yelp. His eyes burned into her and his face was close to hers. Her eyes full of defiance but, ultimately giving away to her fear of him.

"Like that. Did that matter?" She spat her words at him. He tightened his grip on her small wrist. She made not attempts to move away from him. "Someone you trust, someone you talk to just slapped you in the face." Her words were harsh and cold.

"And?" His voice growled at her. Daring her to continue. She swallowed a gulp of air. Her eyes pushing into his own.

"Betrayal, anger, hate. That's what's your feeling." He tightened his grip once more. "But there are other things Malfoy. Like compassion and fear." Her words softened. Her eyes lightened.

"And how do I get that from being slapped in the face Granger?" She searched her mind and looked away. He yanked her again. "Look at me." He demanded. When her eyes finally traveled to his, there was something there he had never seen before in his life.


She slowly leaned up. Her face so close. Her eyes stabbing daggers into his. She tilted her head slightly more and rubbed her nose against his own. He could feel his heart pounding. His body wanting. He noticed her unconsciously lick her lips.

"What do you feel." Her voice was tiny but still firm. He looked at her. "Do you fell anything at this moment?" She lightly touched his stomach with her free hand. The other still trapped. His mind raced. Of course he felt something. He could barely breath he was so afraid. So unsure and sure at the same time. So mixed up. Mostly, entranced by the brave and beautiful small women just hovering centimeters out of reach.

"How couldn't I?" his voice was tough. Never in his life did he think Hermione Granger could effect him like this. He felt like he would incinerate if he didn't kiss her. But he was afraid. Afraid for his life if he did.

"Like what?" She slowly brushed her lips against his. Like a single raindrop hitting the desert ground. Teasing. "What did that make you feel." He trembled slightly.

"Want. Need. Caring." He said the words slowly. Honesty again. What a strange night.

"Good." And with that she kissed him again. So slow at first. So innocent. Driving him crazy. Then she deepened the kiss. Letting his mouth dominate her own. Giving him control. He released her wrist and put both arms around her small waist pulling her close. Her hands grabbing the back of his neck and rubbing along his shoulders. She let out a soft moan and he pulled her closer. Indulging in her, tasting her. She tried to pull away.

"No." He growled into her mouth not letting her escape. He advanced only more. She let out another soft moan and relaxed into him. Letting him win once more. Finally he pulled away. Wishing air was not a factor in the mechanics of kissing. He looked down at her. Her lips swollen and crimson. Her eyes dancing. After a few moments of catching their breath she smiled up at him. He slightly returned. It feeling unnatural to smile. She then lightly touched her lips to his again and turned on her heel. He didn't try to stop her from leaving. She turned half way down the hallway and smirked.

"You're a fast learner Malfoy." He returned the smirk and she left him. Alone. To think about everything that had just occurred. After a few moments her turned in the opposite direction she had just left. Not looking back he sighed.

"I knew it would have been easier for her to just walk away." He said it allowed to himself. Something had change. "Damn it. I fucking hate being right." And with that he headed for bed. To think of the girl. The challenge.

The one with the eyes that made him feel alive.

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