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How Couldn't I?

"Will you be there?" His lips lightly brushed against her again. She smiled into his kiss as he pulled away. His swollen lips moist, there breathing rapid.

"I'll be there at six." She turned in the darkness towards the door. Her hand reaching for the knob. Before she could turn the cold handle his hand grabbed his shoulder and spun her around. His lips collided with her catching her off guard. His hands grabbed her neck pulling her closer. She responded after a moment by sliding her hands up his chest and pushing him away. He growled in protest.

"You don't have to study, classes are over for the weekend Granger." She smirked in the darkness.

"I though my lessons we only begging Mr. Malfoy." Before he could respond she was out the door. And Draco Malfoy was left only wanting more. He stood there a few moments before exiting the broom closet himself. Making sure no one would see them leave together. Making sure no one would get any ideas. He strode down the hallway towards his own house common room trying to think of something to do for the next three hours. As he made his way towards the dungeons he felt a cold chill run up his spin. His heart beating in his chest. He was being watched.

He walked on a second slower anticipating the attack. With his hand on his wand he felt a warm rush of air at his side. He quickly stepped out of the way avoiding the attack.. The tall figure brushed pasted him and a evil laugh filled the hall. Draco hated that laugh. Ever since he was a child his father laughing only meant one thing, something bad was about to happen. And even though Draco knew the man with silver blond hair closely his hand still stayed on his wand. His father smirked.

"Good job. Always keeping an eye out." He smoothed his hair back slickly and walked towards his son. "I trust you were coming back from the library. Hard at work no doubt." Draco nodded slightly before taking a chance.

"How did you get in?" The mans eyes squinted.

"I have my secrets Draco, you know that." Draco looked towards the ground. He felt his father arm wrap around his shoulder. He had the urge to flinch but held back. "Your time to learn them will come soon." At this his eyes lifted from the ground and meet a similar pair.

"You mean…? When?" The gleam in his fathers eyes suddenly made him feel sick.

"Soon enough. I came to tell you any day now." The man read the confusion on his sons face. "I know we talked about the summer time but things are changing and we need you all ready to fight." Draco was about to respond when he felt a slight tingle on his forearm. His father grabbed the spot on his own and winced. Draco made no attempts to help, he was being called to him. The two men looked at another for a moment before the elder was walking down the hall. And gone.


Suddenly Draco Malfoy had the urge to run away from his common room. He turned and headed towards the library. He had promised not to go, but his common room seemed much colder now then ever before. And a pair of warm brown eyes were suddenly fire.

She was sitting there. Absentmindedly twisting her mouth and scrunching her nose as she read. Her eyes concentrated and her mind sucked into the large book with black binding. He was quiet for a long time. Watching her flip the pages and glide through the lines. Her eyes darting back and forth quickly. He moved stealthy and slid into the seat across from her. Enjoying the silence. She flipped another page and her eyes seemed to wander. After a second they looked at his and she furrowed her brow.

"You promised." she scolded.

"I'm a liar." He retorted coolly. "Besides I'm not making a sound." She put the book down and glared.

"I can't read while your staring at me Malfoy, its, well it feels weird." She protested. Her voice dropping. "Anyway, people can see." He turned his head and glanced around the deserted library.

"Actually Granger you're the only person studying on a Friday night. Everyone else is to busy being normal." He put he elbows on the table and rested his head in his hands.

"Malfoy I told you I have to study." She picked her book back up began to read. He didn't move. His eyes focused on her. After a moment she let out a frustrated sigh. She put the book back down and smirked. "Fine you have my full attention." Her opened his mouth to speak when she put a hand up. "Ten minutes." He raised an eyebrow and smirked.

"Is that an order?" He asked casually.

"Not an order. A simple suggestion if you want to see tomorrow." She retorted.

"Would that be so bad Granger?" His voice was small. She gave him a curious glance.

"What do you mean?"

"To never see tomorrow. To stay in this library forever. Just me and you, and nothing else. No war, no Potter, and no…" His voice trailed off.

"No what Malfoy?" she asked quietly.

"No choices." He answered. She looked him up and down and glared at him.

"What are you talking about Malfoy I swear sometimes…"

"I'm going to become one of them." He blurted it out. Not to tell her his sad story but to shut her up. It worked too. Her mouth sat slightly apart and she searched him curiously. The silence in the air but he knew she understood. She always seemed to understand. Seemed to see the truth behind him. She pushed the book aside and reached for his hands. Like a small child asking for a toy. He complied and entwined his fingers in her own. The soft petite hands fitting into tough large ones.

"Do you have to?" It was barely a squeak. He looked at her for a long time. And for the first time in his lonely life he felt sorry, truly sorry for all the things he had done wrong, but more then anything he felt sorry for the things he was going to do.

"I have to Granger. How couldn't I? They would kill me otherwise." She closed her eyes as he spoke, as if it pained her to even hear it.

"When?" her voice was small.

"Soon. A few weeks. Possibly days." He answered truthfully.

"It's not fair Malfoy. It's, it's evil, dark." Her voiced raised slightly.

"I'm a bad person Granger." She pulled her hand away from his and sat up straight. Trying to seem bigger.

"Stop saying that." She shot at him. "You only think you are."

"I am Granger. I've done things, seen things." he reached for her hands again but she pulled them even closer to herself.

"We can't Draco, if you, I mean I, how?" he looked her up and down and smirked.

"Your right." Her eyes met his. His voice was low and cold. "It stops Granger, it will only get harder." She stood up and started shoving her papers into her school bag. He followed suite and walked around the table. "Granger listen."

"No. I'm such a fool." She pushed another book in.

"Granger would you stop." He heard her choke back a cry. Her hands frantically trying to tie a knot. He reached down and grabbed her hands. They we shaking. "Hermione."

"How dare you. How dare they." she whispered. Her eyes staring at there hands.

"You shouldn't care so much." he said quietly. "Stop caring about me." She looked up and her teary eyes made his heart break slightly. No one, not a single person had ever looked at him with so much heart, desperation or feeling.

"How couldn't I Draco. Its different now." He searched her face for a long time before kissing her forehead and pulling her into a tight hug. She wrapped her small arms around his neck and squeezed back. "We have to, don't we? We have to end it." He sighed deeply and kissed her shoulder.

"Not today," he paused and kissed her again. "Will try again tomorrow."

"What do you mean tomorrow?" She said into his neck.

"We will have this fight again tomorrow, and maybe I can say something and hurt you, and you will hate me." She lightly laughed at his words.

"I already hate you Malfoy." she said lightly.

"I think that's the problem Granger." He kissed her forehead again and put his chin on the top of her head, inhaling the smell of her hair. She laughed at his actions.

"Are you smelling my hair Malfoy?" She questioned.

"No." he answered.


"Yup." she pulled away after a few minutes and smirked. "Well now that your done studying, time for me right?" She glared at him.

"I am nowhere close to being done studying." He looked around the table and raised his eyebrows.

"Your books are put away. You bag is packed, that looks like the bell has rung and schools out." He leaned forward to kiss her lips. She pulled back.

"Awe looks like ten minutes is up." She wiggled out of his arms and smirked. "Bye." She sat back down and began pulling out her books.

"Bye." He said back as he walked out of the library. He knew one thing for sure, if she was going to study, she was going study. No matter what he pulled. He turned around and faced her again. "Six o'clock still?" She looked at him and rolled her eyes.

"Six ten Malfoy." She answered before looking back down at her book.

"Dictator." He whispered.

"I try." She shot back. And with that he headed out towards his common room once again.

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