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Like all good tales, our story had the most unlikely of beginnings. We find ourselves in a library, two people are sitting at a table, though it is difficult to see them due to the amount of books that surround them. These are people who are engrossed in their studies. Apart from the rustle of books as pages are turned and the scratch of quills, all is quiet. It is inevitable, then, that the peace should be disrupted. In this case, by a resounding crash and the outburst of giggling.

Startled and disorientated, Harry Potter jumped at the sudden noise in the library. Looking up, he noted the torchlight flickering in the corners, indicating it was later then he thought and Dennis Creevey on the floor. Obviously the creator of the crash, Dennis Creevey, blushing, picked himself up off the floor to more giggling from the group of girls at a table nearer the door.

Exchanging an irritated look with his study companion, Harry attempted to return his attention to the text in front of him. Halfway down the page, he had the sensation of being watched. An upward glance was rewarded by another outburst of giggling. Stretching the kinks from his back, he began gathering up the books in front of him.

At Hermione's concerned look he explained, "My brain feels fried and I'm not going to be able to concentrate anyway, with them over there analysing and giggling over my every move."

To demonstrate his point, he stretched again, causing more nudging, whispering and giggling.
"Ok, Just let me finish this paragraph and we can walk up together."

While Hermione finished up, a slight smile touched his lips as he pondered the fact that here he was, in the library on a Saturday night doing ' a little light reading'. This last thought caused a snort to involuntarily escape him as he surveyed the multitude of heavy tomes in front of him. On top of the regular classes he had chosen for his N.E.W.T.S, it had been decided that he should take some advanced study in preparation for his confrontation with Voldemort, including extra D.A.D.A. classes with Professor Lupin.

He had also continued the D.A. and felt extremely grateful to Professor's McGonagall and Dumbledore for organising a time turner. Otherwise, it simply wouldn't have been possible for him to have fulfilled his schedule. If, at times, he felt extremely drained as though he was living two weeks for every one that passed, well, that was something he could live with, especially if it meant he was well prepared. The sense of alienation from his classmates, especially when it came to the things they found important, was something he found a little harder to bear.

" Well that's that finished. Help me re-shelve these and we'll be able to leave sooner."

"Good thinking there. I knew there was a reason you were the brain of our group."

Once the books were re-shelved, they walked in silence to the Gryffindor common room which was a hive of activity and pranks. Ron and Lavender were snuggled together on a chair attempting a simultaneous tonsillectomy.
Exasperated Hermione exclaimed " Really Ron, couldn't you find a better time and place to do that?" as she attempted to restore order before stomping up to the girl's dorm.

Once Lavender and Ron had managed to say goodnight amid more kissing and "I love you's", Ron asked, " What exactly is her problem? It's not like we were the only couple here."

"Well, you are a prefect, Ron and Hermione has a lot on her plate. She'd probably appreciate some help in keeping discipline! Then again, sometimes, single people don't appreciate having the whole " happy couple" thing shoved into our faces."

"All Hermione thinks about are books and the N.E.W.T.S!"

"It doesn't mean that she wouldn't like someone to appreciate her for whom she is rather then as someone they can use as a study guide!"

This statement was greeted by stunned silence as Ron struggled to make a response. Just as Harry was about to say goodnight, Ron invited Harry to play a game of chess. As they made their opening moves, Ron, apparently still having no response to Harry's comment, changed the topic to Quidditch and Gryffindor's chances against Ravenclaw. Eventually, the talk changed as these things do, " I heard that cute sixth year Hufflepuff Emma something or other has a crush on you"

A light blush graced Harry's cheeks at this.

"Do you ever think of doing anything about your fans? I know things didn't work out between you and Cho but..."

"I don't know, it's just all the girls seem really silly and always giggling. I just can't talk to them."

"There are more things to do then talk, you know?"

" I know but it's not just that. I've taken on a lot of work and I'm not sure I have time for another person in my life. How many times have you broken up with Lavender over Quidditch practice? I don't need that kind of hassle right now. If I did go out with someone, then I'd need them to appreciate the pressure I'm under and to realise that everything can't revolve around them. I'd like to be able to talk things through with them too. I guess I want a lot!"

"Are you sure that you and Hermione shouldn't be together?" Asked Ron with a glint in his eyes.

"I care about Hermione but I don't see her that way."

That apparently ended the conversation as no more was said, until Ron called Checkmate. Harry decided that this was a good time to call it a night.

While preparing for, and getting into bed, Harry replayed the conversation with Ron over in his head. While it would be nice to have someone special in his life, it simply wouldn't be fair to them. He didn't have time in his life for someone else and then, there was the fact that he didn't fancy painting a bullseye on another person for both the press and Voldemort to attack. Listening to some of his mates, relationships seemed like more hassle then they were worth, at least, relationships with your peers. On this thought, Harry began to doze off.

Several hours later, Harry Potter was embroiled in a nightmare familiar to him. Sirius Back, his godfather, was about to fall through the veil. Taking control of his dream, he managed to distract Bellatrix into flinging the curse at him. Abruptly, the dream changed and he had the sensation of hands and, he surmised, though he had no experience, lips, exploring his body. A trail of kisses was laid along his stomach towards his..... When the mysterious person raised their head to smile mischievously. With a gasp, he awoke aroused and his heart racing. Grabbing his glasses, he staggered towards the bathroom, in spite of the late hour, his mind was awhirl with questions and confused thoughts. Stumbling back to bed, sleep proved elusive as more and more thoughts intruded. The next thing he knew Ron was shaking him. Ignoring him, he burrowed deeper under the blankets, muttering that it was a Sunday, he could have a lie in if he wanted and five more minutes please.
"Harry, mate, you've already missed breakfast. Surely you don't want to miss lunch as well."

Abruptly, Harry leapt from the bed. Throwing his clothes on, he made to leave the dorm.

"I'd have a look in the mirror first!" Ron said with a laugh.

Grumbling, Harry made his way to the bathroom where, on reflection, he had to concede that Ron had a point and it might be better if he went for a shower first.