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Sinful Temptation
Seduction and murder was the plan, not anywhere along those lines did love ever become involved…

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Chapter 1


One always found the snowy days as a sanctuary away from the reality of life, such days always brought long hours of reminiscing upon the past life lived. Many things resurface when people are alone, memories plague the mind, irritating the being till they accept it and continue to ponder upon it. Life is a massive unknown, questions without answers would always beleaguer you, why is life even more bothersome when alone?

Ivory sprinkles coated the busy and advanced city of Tokyo, vehicles sloshed through the dirty road snow. My feet crunched through the thick layer that had appeared in such a short while, my glove-covered hands pulled my black over-coat tighter around my body, I stood out like silver on asphalt.

Kids, adults and teenagers, everyone of every age merrily tobogganed down hills and threw snow balls around while hiding behind their hastily made snow forts, and I, a lonely 17-year old figure struggling with her bags to get home through the snow, watched through the corner of my eye at the happy people. But for me, my happiness and pleasure lay in my job.

A sudden gust of wind sent my hair flying around my face, my handbag flew out of hand, I extended my hands as far as I could reach just in time, grasping the bag in the clutch.

I silently entered my apartment building, ignoring the cheery 'hello's I was receiving, even though my whole job revolved around people.

Putting my key forth I opened my door to the warmth of my apartment. Anyone who would've came here would've been shocked, their first impression would a lone, depressed adult, no, the colour black appeals to me, to me it hides an evil sense of passion. Black is an intense colour and much more than a desolate colour, no, it is the colour of sin. And what else does my job commit, than an immoral wrong?

I dropped my bags upon the table and collapsed upon the black leather sofa, it had only been yesterday I came home from my latest mission in America, it called for a bit more surreptitiousness than my typical cases but as usual I always come through for my loyal customers.

Sighing deeply, I stared out through the window beside me, flurries swirled around the hometown I was so used to.

I always considered myself an outsider, throughout high school I would be the one that stood out from everyone else, everybody deemed me a gentle and respectable girl. No one would ever point a finger at me to do something immoral or illegal, but it just goes to show, looks are never what they appear to be.

My pale hand stretched upwards and placed the strands of raven bangs behind my ear, my violet eyes stared attentively at the outside weather, a tint of indigo shone over them. I reached over to the clouded glass, like a mirror I stared into the window. Like a looking glass I gazed at my reflection that stood among the descending snowflakes, then upon the other side where I rested amid the black, the window appeared to be showing the different roles I played in life.

One as a quiet, naïve and gentle girl with morals and self-respect.

Another not knowing the meaning of any of those things, just knowing, lust, seduction and murder- the elements of a highly paid, devious assassin.

Myjob shouldn't reflect who I am, I do not kill people pitilessly, I am a human being and I understand emotions, though I may not feel them at times and think they are pointless I still comprehend they're importance in life. Murdering someone may not be the best way in solving a moral dilemma but my clienteles come to me as a last option a final resort, violence may not be the answer but standing behind another's shadow is no fun either.

No, before you ask why this profession let me explain, my childhood was a wonderful.

I picked up the last Sachiko family portrait that I still have, though it maybe old the memory still continues to linger on with me.

Sitting peacefully on the right is my mother, one over the other, courteously upon her lap. Her ebony hair brushed wonderfully, where it lay flat against her back, her lips curved into a bubbly smile as her indigo eyes reflected sheer happiness. I loved my mother so much, her loving and tender hugs and kisses, even as an adult I still pine for her motherly touch.

Across from her sat my father, his deep russet hair combed back, sitting in the same posture as my mother, but with a more serious and sombre expression in his violet eyes. My father andI were never really close, he was always away on business trips or doing something with his company, instead of a fatherly caress he had an unquenchable thirst for power.

And my loveable brother, only three years younger than me but still a child at heart, he had my father's cinnamon hair and my mother's indigo eyes, he stood in between the two standing tall with a childish grin upon his face. My brother and I always had our differences, his desire to take me belongings and my complainants on not wanting to share always persisted till one gave in.

Then I stood behind him, my hands over his shoulders, I must've been 13 when this picture was taken, still a young yet mature growing woman, I've taken on my father's personality traits. Aloof and distant, never willing to socialize with anyone, how did a man like him, obsessive about work end up with a caring and sensitive soul such as my mother?

We were a normal family, we spent time together at amusement parks, we had picnics at parks and went out with friends to parties, but amidst of it all some tension had settled into the atmosphere.

A few weeks after our yearly portrait, my mother and father had a huge argument concerning their martial issues. Even amongst their children they continued relentlessly pointing fingers and breaking things. My mother everyday complained how my father always worked, never leaving any time for his family, maybe even purposely.

"Kagome, I have a company to run, how do you expect to get all the things you want when I'm prancing off, wasting precious time." Darrien yelled angrily.

"Do you actually think your wife of fifteen years only cares about material needs?" She hissed. "I love you, I love the children we have together, our children need a fatherly influence in their lives."

"I try as hard as I can to make time, but I have business," he retorted.

"Business or an affair? If you're seeing another woman then just say it! I'll pack my bags and leave with our children!"

A hand thrashed against the heated woman's cheek, she crashed down against the floor tiling, a crimson mark formed upon her cheek.

"Did you hit me?" She asked, disbelieving what had just happened. "Did you raise a hand against your wife?" Kagome asked.

Darrien stared down at his hand in incredulity; he lifted his hand and assaulted his wife, what a monster he was.

My violet eyes stared angrily, a deep, fiery passion had emerged, welled on the fact that no one, no one ever hits my mother. My hand clasped my 10-year old brother's shoulder even tighter as my other reached over to the nearest weapon I could find. A sleek, slender knife. I slowly advanced towards my father, making prolonged and accurate moves; my mother finally noticed me when I loomed over my father, dagger held high over my head.

"Darrien!" She yelled; as if everything happened in slow motion. My father turned around with a shock expression, the glossy, silver metal came contact with my father, hitting him squarely in the neck. He fell to the ground, dead.

My mother rushed to his side, tears flowed down his side and held him close to her bosom and cried hysterically.

It was then I knew, if I could kill my father so mercilessly without another care in the world, then what was stopping me to murder other people? It was that day I ran away from my home, as far as my legs would take me, I ran from my loving environment into the cold rainy night.

Not many people were willing to hire a 13-year old girl, so for most of my days the local bridge became my home. After a while I finally found a job, I earned enough money and rented a small garage apartment. It was then I came into association with the underworld of Japan, it was there those people helped me in preparing me for my job where I became the utmost and well respected person in my clan. I was praised for my work, I had finally found my refuge.

It was after I found my place in society I was recognized for my aloof and remote personality, even in school when boys thought I was cute they would ask me out and I would decline with politeness. I didn't know why, but I never found someone who understood me.

I know what people might think of me, they might think that I'm a kind of psychopath or someone who might be mentally unbalanced. No, I'm not, at least none of my teachers consider me of that sort, they think of me as a genius. I always topped me classes every year with an IQ of 179, I was outstandingly brilliant but intelligence is found in strange people.

Snowy days always brought back memories, today it brought back my most painful moment but my biggest decision.

I stared out in the white fluff that had bathed the city in it's beauty, till the phone ringing constantly brought me out of my trance.


"Rei Sachiko?"


"I hear you do clean work," said a deep voice from the other end.

"I leave it without a trace," I said in code, learning from past assassinations that phone calls could be traced.

"Meet me at Tokyo Park in ten minutes." It then disconnected.

I stared at the phone uncertainly, until I put it back on the receiver, grabbed my coat and ran back outside into the cold night.

Bitter chills ran up my spine as I ran through the dark streets, the stars twinkled brightly but not as bright as the full moon. I stopped in the middle of the park and admired it's beauty, so full and white with a tinge of gold to make it all that more lovely. Dark nights with snow were wonderful moments to savour life and relish the moments of content and contempt.

"Hello," a voice breathed down my neck sending shivers up my back. I jumped back and stared into the deepest jade iris' I had ever seen, his auburn hair fell tantalizingly over his lightly tanned visage. The man walked up to me, backing me into a tree, his arms securely locked my in place as he intently watched me.

"Rei Sachiko?" His voice uttered my name with seductive huskiness.

I nodded my head as an arrogant smirk appeared upon my face.

"I'm your latest client, Katsou Mitsuko," he held his hand out. I extended my hand forth as he set his cold lips upon it.

"Are you not—"

"I am the biggest businessman next to Kaiba Corp. and Dungeon Dice Monsters, yes," he interrupted, finishing my statement. He put his hand into his pocket and pulled forth a piece of paper, he passed it to, I accepted.

I stared at the picture for what seemed like an eternity, a man no older than twenty stared back at me, his sapphire eyes intoxicated me, capturing me in a deep pool of lust and desire, his deep brown hair fell over his face sexily and a conceited attractive smirk completed everything, everything fell into place and a pale complexion making him look so alluring yet extremely familiar. I gasped, nearly dropping the picture when I realized who it was.

"Is this…?"

"I want you to murder Seto Kaiba…"