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Sinful Temptation
Murder and seduction was the plan, not anywhere along those lines did love ever become involved…

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Rei wrapped the black shawl tightly around her body, shivers ran through her as she was only wearing a thin, white nightgown that barely went down to her knees. Tonight was their fifth anniversary; he had already cancelled their dinner reservations because of work, she understood since his company was at the top of international business. But she hated being alone in this huge mansion when no one was home, she had sent the maid home because she wanted privacy with her husband but now she would have to wait in the dark, cold atmosphere of their estate. A nervous habit caused her to rotate the silver band which contained a sapphire around her finger, her husband had a gold band with a small amethyst stone in it.

The only source of light and warmth came from the dancing flames in the fireplace anda small blaze stirred in the shadows, a small flame upon a candle held a memorial of the deceased, today on her anniversary was his death day. Today was the day ten years back, where she left Seto Kaiba's dead body in the warehouse. Reason of his deathwas a gun wound which had hit him straight in the heart…


She sat there on the filthy, rotting floor and snickered to herself, what an ending…worthy of a Shakespearean play. Rei looked down at her hands, the gun. She looked down at the floor, Seto Kaiba's immobile corpse lay there in complete stillness…as if she half-expected him to talk. SHE HAD JUST KILLED HIM!

Reality hit her hard. Tears streamed down her face, no this couldn't be happening to her! Her killings were always so clean and now? She had his blood her clothes and her fingerprints on the gun, two witnesses in the corner of the room and a haughty businessman right behind her. Rei stared down at the weapon in her hands, 3 bullets left…

Quickly leaping up she shot the two who had been beating him and then she turned around and aimed for Katsuo Mitsuko.

"C'mon baby," he began as he approached her. "There's no need to make this worse on yourself. We can leave right now and no one will know. It'll be you and me." His hands wrapped around her waist, within his grasp he could feel her relax, slowly her hands fell down.

"Not in any of your fucking lifetimes," she gritted through her teeth as she shot him in the abdomen. His face froze as he bent backwards in a repulsive way and just crumpled to the floor.

Now to hide the evidence.

1. Her prints were on the gun.

Solution: She took gloves out of her purse and removed Katsuo's gun from his pocket, she also removed four of the bullets and put them in her pocket. Carefully she set the weapon in his hand.

2. Her prints were almost on every inch of the building.

Solution: Looking through her purse she found a small brush, with it she wiped everything she had touched, walked on and made any contact with.

3. Disposing of the gun.

Solution: Quickly putting the gun in her purse she thought of a quick an easy visit to ocean would do the trick, right after she was done here.

Looking around the buildingshe made sure nothing could be traced back her, Rei hastily ran out of the warehouse and got on her bike.

Her alibi was set, no one had known about her feelings towards Kaiba apart from Mokuba, but he only knew of a fling, nothing serious, surely a young boy like him wouldn't accuse her of killing him just because he wasn't attracted to her. She was with Duke now and that's what he thought and she had to get used to. She was only his personal assistant and nothing more, there was no contact with him outside of work (which wasn't exactly a lie because he hadn't called her…except for tonight!) 'He was missing a very important file and asked her if she knew where it was!'…Nice lie. Everything in his office…last night- Katsuo took her out because…he wanted to know about Seto Kaiba's schedule for the next day- that would sound incriminating on his part. What else?…the necklace! Did anyone else know about it? She couldn't risk it, it would have to go.

Her nerves had calmed, everything was far from over. She looked over the port and stared at the sky, still dark yet hope for a new day could always be expected. She looked down at the gun in her gloved hand. It's so funny, countless murders had all been done right, according to plan- to every detail- but this one, she entirely forgot even the basic of rules.

'I'm sorry Seto…I really did love you. But not in this lifetime were we meant for each other…'

Silently and serenely she watched as the ocean swallowed the last piece of proof that could be held against her, besides her love…but who knew of the unrequited love she had?

No one.


The media had gone nuts. Where had Seto Kaiba gone? Everything was in frenzy, policemen and watchdogs were out and searching every inch of the city, even the country. Three days later, four bodies found, all gunshot wounds. Tests and analysis's were done, all that could be found from this was that Katsuo Mitsuko had gone insane with power and wanted everything and that meant getting rid of a few people. In return Mokuba Kaiba was given the option of taking Katsuo Mitsuko's company, he agreed.

Everyone went ballistic, even Joey showed some compassion towards Mokuba for his loss. Fan girls camped outside the mansion in hope that Seto Kaiba was much more powerful than God and he'd come back. Alas that was not meant to be. In few weeks time everything calmed down, people carried on with their lives as Seto Kaiba grew into the past, his memory and legacy slowly drifted from everyone's thoughts as they returned to their lives, gradually he became a figment of history.

But not in a little boy's mind, he was only 12 and yet his thoughts were ahead of his age. In the few short weeks that Kaiba's body had been found Mokuba aged considerably. He wasn't that fun loving child everyone once knew him to be, he became much like his brother, which to everyone's knowledge Kaiba would have never had wanted. He continued going to school but he had developed that behaviour that Kaiba always had, the aloof yet malicious character.

The funeral service was small, Mokuba absolutely wanted NO cameras there, which didn't leave a lot of people. It wasn't surprising that Yugi and Tea had showed up, they managed to drag a long a very unhappy Joey and Tristen who mumbled their condolences to the young Kaiba.


"Hey Mokuba," Joey began. "Ya know I wasn't really chummy with Kaiba buh he was a good guy, always treated ya right and it's a shame you had to lose him like this. I'm really sorry man," he finished as a lightly embraced him butMokuba didn't return it, he was rigid and it wasn't just because it was raining.

"Mokuba, if you need anything, please don't hesitate to ask," Yugi offered as he put a supporting hand on his shoulder, but the young Kaiba shrugged it off.

"If you guys don't' mind I'd like to be alone with…him."

It wasn't a request. Mokuba had already mastered the demanding voice his older brother had. They all nodded in unison and walked through the muddy grass.

"Seto…" He softly whispered to himself, tears coming to him. That was the joy of crying in the rain, no one knew if you were really crying.

"Mokuba…" Rei's voice was lost in the crashing thunder and the flashing lightening. She put a hand on his shoulder as they both stared at his grave. "It's been hard on all of us. But you have to live past this, Kaiba would never want his brother to live a life like this, alone and uncared for. You have friends around you. Accept their help, they're all you have left."


Kaiba Corp. came to a brief halt until Mokuba became of the age that Kaiba requested he should run the company, 16. Kaiba's Will wasn't long, everything he had was made out to Mokuba to do whatever he pleased. This young boy, through his brother's death now had power, money, and hatred. Even Kaiba had not been so resentful but Mokuba had grown over the years into this creature that thrived on the pain of others, it were as if the pain inflicted on others made his a little bit more bearable.


Rei leaned back on her lavender sofa, the fire blazed wildly as she stared intently at it.

What a feeling she had when Duke proposed to her, happiness and excitement fought for main emotion, but nothing, absolutely nothing could beat guilt. The guilt that had consumed her that night was even larger than the night where she had killed him. She felt disgusting, but she had to do it, she had to secure her alibi. Rei hated that she was using Duke like that but after their marriage something happened to her. Slowly her thoughts were less focused on Kaiba and more on Duke, he became her everything.

She sighed while she twisted her wedding ring around her finger. Mokuba had never forgiven her for marrying Duke, she could remember it well, five years ago and those words Mokuba Kaiba had spoken still blazed within her.


Her wedding day, it had finally come, after five years of dating Duke he had finally asked her to marry him and she had graciously accepted. For months that was the only thing on her mind, she wanted the perfect wedding with only close friends, but Duke wanted something extravagant, large and fancy so the entire world could know the woman he loved.

They had finally settled on a magnificent church in Italy, and now her wish of only a few people was also fulfilled. Yugi, Tea, Joey, Tristan, and a few others Rei didn't know that well also came along, the only person Rei invited was Mokuba. She felt an obligation towards him, and when she invited him she felt as if she broke a silent vow between them, that she would always love Kaiba, but marrying Duke proved otherwise to Mokuba.

She stood tall in front of her full length mirror, gazing upon herself, she wanted herself to look perfect, or remotely close to it. Her gown was strapless, the bodice of her gown was a corset bringing out every curve she possessed, it had silky outlines of flowers and had gold stripes going down it, the back had a criss-cross pattern revealing the pale skin of her back and stopping a bit above her waist. The bottom fitted tightly around her hips and blossomed out near her knees, the silk shimmered in the light and she truly felt like a Queen. Her hair was left out and was straightened till the bottom where it curled; Rei had also chosen to wear a tiara instead of a veil, it was pure silver and had diamonds encrusted in it.

A few weeks before the wedding Tea had forced Rei to go out with a few of her friends who were also friends of Duke. They had gone to a club and they had all gotten completely wasted except for Rei, they had all begun to talk about nonsense when Rei was about to leave them, that was will someone's name happened to come up…


"Remember Kaiba?" Tea asked, obviously not in her senses. "Whatever happened to him?"

Rei froze for a second, her knuckles turning white because she was clutching her purse so hard.

"He died you idiot," Mai exclaimed as she took another long sip of her margarita.

"Yeah, that totally sucked. He was such a hottie," Selina added; she was Bakura's recent girlfriend.

"Oh yeah totally! The only thing was he was such a bastard!" Tea shouted nearly falling out of her chair.

"T-totally!" Serena hiccupped; she was Joey's current girlfriend.

"Yugi, I challenge you to a duel! I have nothing better to do anyway 'cause I'm a guy with a stick lodged way up his tight, little ass!" Mai giggled as she attempted to imitate Kaiba.

Suddenly Tea, for some odd reason burst out into fits of laughter. "Rei and Kaiba would've been perfect together!"

Everyone stopped drinking and stared at the drunk Tea, waiting for an explanation. Even Rei paid some attention.

"Well yeah, no offence Rei but you and him are totally alike. I mean you're both untalkative…" So drunk she had even invented a word! "…you guys just keep to ourselves you know. And there was this one time where Duke actually thought you guys were together, we had a real hard time trying to convince him only he could be with you."

Rei smiled. So she and him wouldn't have been a bad couple.


She grabbed her bouquet of crimson roses, she knew it was overdone to walk down the aisle with roses but it seemed like the only flower that made any sense to walk down with. The first flower Duke, as a matter of fact, anyone had ever given her. She began to remember the ridiculous tradition Tea insisted she keep…something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue. She had borrowed silver chandelier earrings from Mai, her ring was blue, Duke had bought her a diamond bracelet which was new, and her old thing was that small necklace with the heart pendant which had black sapphire stones and diamonds…

An abrupt knock at the door brought Rei back from her reminisces. "Come in!"

It was Mokuba, he had grown a lot taller in the passed few years, he had cut his hair into a stiff business do and his eyes were much stern now, the childish glint had been replaced by a harsh, cold grey.

"I just wanted to stop by and give you my congratulations," Mokuba stiffly said, looking down at the pale pink carpet.

"Thank you," Rei smiled sweetly as she centred her tiara.

Mokuba smirked, he really had the whole Kaiba display down to the tiniest thing. He leaned back on a dresser and stared at Rei intently; she unexpectedly felt shivers run down her back as she turned around and stared back at him.

"You don't even remember what today is," he smiled spitefully.

"Mokuba what are you-" Rei stopped in mid-sentence. How could she be such a fool? Today, her wedding day was Kaiba's death day.

"Celebrating your happiest moment while I suffer even more, my brother sure knew how to pick them," Mokuba chuckled as he fiddled with a small crystal figurine.

"Mokuba I'm worried about you," Rei whispered, resting her hand over his shoulder.

He shrugged it away looking at her remorsefully.


"Be quiet," he grumbled under his breath with such fiery rage. "I'm waiting for him. Something you gave up doing minutes after his death," his eyes darted to her accusingly.

"I still love him," she said, moving around him and towards the door. "But I can't continue to wait for something that'll never come, and maybe," she looked at his compassionately before she left the room. "You shouldn't either…"


Rei sighed as she wrapped the shawl snugly around herself; the fire was dying down and so was her patience, this is what she imagined life would be like everyday if she had married Kaiba. He would go to work all day, cancelling everyone of importance in his personal life and come home to her and expect all the world's love from her. Duke on the other hand was a still a hard worker but understood her, he knew that he couldn't make her wait her entire lifetime for him so he tried all he could to make her happy and that was all that matted to Rei.

But still, even thought she was married to another man she couldn't help but remember all those moments she had with Seto Kaiba, she would now never know if he even loved her back, but something deep down, buried intensely within her heart said that he did. His eyes, right before she let herself become consumed by her profession said something to her, for a split second she considered putting down the gun and letting him speak but what would he say? She didn't want to hear anything from him, in some ways whatever happened was right the way it happened. Sure she had regrets but none were selfish, she wished she didn't murder Kaiba only for Mokuba, he was so alone now, without anything in life, only himself and his company, much like Kaiba had been.

After Kaiba's death she gave up her career as an assassin, as death was one of her most horrid fears, she could never looks at an immobile corpse. They always caused her to remember every victim she had ever killed, never once in her life had she considered their family and what would become of them after she killed their loved one, she would just point the gun and shoot, no thought was ever considered.

Rei laughed maliciously, once her joy would lie in another's misery. Where was her sense of humour now? When she had killed her most loved and left his brother alone, where was her sense of amusement? After Kaiba had died she resigned at his personal assistant, she considered dropping out of high school but stopped, she needed to do something with her life so she graduated with top marks and went to America for five years and studied psychiatry at Yale. If she couldn't get herself to speak about her problems maybe she could stop others from committing them. After she came back Duke had proposed to her right away, saying that he didn't want her to leave again.

A swift few knocks hit the door as Rei jumped out off the ground and pulled open the door. Duke walked in, trembling from the winter chill. Her shawl flew out of her grasp and landed carelessly on the ground. She gazed into his emerald eyes with affection, he walked in and held her securely, she returned the embrace.

"I'm sorry," he apologized in a husky voice, looking her straight into her violet eyes.

"Don't worry, it's all right," she accepted as she went to go pick her shawl up.

His hand clutched hers, stopping her in her tracks, with one quick movement she was within his grip once again, he leaned in close to her as his lips caught hers. They shared a brief moment of passion, which seemed to so much longer to the two, they broke away, his hands moved up and down her back in a comforting motion, he smirked at her as he sent small kisses up and down her neck. Rei picked her leg up and kicked the door open, as soon as she had done so Duke pusher her against the door and let his hand slide up her slender leg.

"I'll be upstairs waiting," Duke said; she held him back pulling his collar as his body pushed up against hers she bit his bottom lip.

"Duke…" she called to him as he moved up the stairs.

He paused, waiting for her to speak.

"I love you," she said, smiling slightly.

"I love you too," he replied, continuing up to their bedroom.

She smiled momentarily before turning to the candle that was on their mantle, behind was a picture she kept of Seto. Rei picked up the picture and bent down to the ground, in a small compartment underneath the carpet was where she kept all her memorabilia's of her last love, her most cherished piece was the necklace he had given her, though she had never worn it again she treasured it always. A single tear fell onto the ground, it became enticed into the soft material, a tear that would never be seen again.

Duke had never known, the only thing he knew was that they had been close. She never felt as if she was lying to him, there were always some things that were better remained hidden.

Slowly rising from the carpet she stared at the small candle, her lips formed an 'o' shape as she blew it out. In a few strides she picked up her shawl and put on the little fire in the fireplace; it was dark, putting her hand out into the shadows she grasped onto the hand railing and step by step moved up the staircase.

"I still love you Seto Kaiba," she whispered as she advanced up to her husband.