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Jealousy is evil

"Where is Raven?" asked Starfire who sat beside Robin in the common room.

"She's probably at that Cafe place getting some more herbal tea" answered Beast Boy who was busy playing against Terra who was beating him.

"I beat you Beast Boy! Again for the 100th time today" yelled Terra as she gently punched Beast Boy who sat there with his mouth open looking at the blonde girl.

Robin looked up and saw that it was getting late. He got up and said, "I'm going to hit the pillows, tomorrow is a new day. Night all" then he walked and disappeared behind the sliding doors.

"Pleasant dreams Robin.." said Starfire who yawned and headed towards her room. "Pleasant dreams Friends.."

"Goodnight Star!" yelled Beast Boy who lunged at Terra and began to tickle her.

"Night Sta.." she was cut by Beast Boy who was now tickling her.

Cyborg walked through the kitchen doorway and stared at the two teens flirting in the couch. "Yo, lights out pretty soon. Y'all better be hitting dreamland pretty soon, and in separate beds too. Don't want any little younglings running around," said the half robot as he began to put up security in the tower.

Beast Boy stood up and glared at Cyborg and then stuck his tongue out at him. Terra giggled and then got up.

"Well I'm tired, goodnight Beast Boy, see you tomorrow" said Terra as she began to walk towards the rooms.

"Yo wait up, I'll walk you to your room" said Beast Boy as he jumped off the couch and landed beside Terra.

"Ill race ya!" said a laughing Terra who ran right after saying that.

"Hey! Cheater!" Beast Boy ran after her.

"Teens and hormones these days" said Cyborg as he disappeared behind the doors.


Raven breathed heavily as she reached the tower. Her attire was ripped and her cloak was mud and blood stained. When she reached the door she fell to the ground and began to cry silently. Her tears were mixed with the rain drops that soaked her. Why did that happen to her, how could it have happened to her. More tears ran down her cheek as she remembered what had happened to her earlier.

She was walking back to the tower after buying her herbal tea when she heard footsteps behind her. She turned around and saw a familiar boy standing there. She smiled for she knew him fairly well. Well that's what she thought. He came closer and soon her eyes widened as she saw him lunge at her. She tried to turn around and run but she slipped and fell to the ground, she felt pain as she felt the boy land on top of her with his elbows digging in her sides. She was about to say her familiar words when her mouth was ducked taped and she got thrown in an alley.

Raven looked down at her legs and saw her legs were still blood stained. She felt disgusted and more tears ran down like wild rivers with no control. She got up and opened the door and walked in to the dark tower. She closed the door slowly and stood there for a while still crying and dripping wet.

Finally she came to her senses and slowly walked to her room. She closed her room door and sunk to the floor and buried her pale face in her hands and continued to cry. She had been taken advantage of, she was no longer clean she was dirty! She looked up as she saw some of her possessions exploding and braking in mid air. She got up and went to her bathroom. She undressed and got in the hot shower water. She stood there crying and slowly fell to the bathtub and let the hot water run on her body as she continued to cry.


The next day Starfire, Robin, Terra, Beast Boy and Cyborg were in the kitchen eating breakfast.

"Has anyone seen Raven?" asked Robin who finished eating his smoked ham and looked up at everyone.

"I think she is in her room" said Terra who had a mouthful of eggs.

"I know she came home last night because there are stains leading to her door" said Beast Boy who just sat there starring at Terra who was now eating some of Starfire's pudding.

"Stains, perhaps she got stuck in the mud while walking home and she couldn't wipe her feet?" asked Starfire who got up and walked towards the sink.

"Well I know one thing, she is going to have to clean up the mess she did because old Cyborg here ain't doing shi--"

Cyborg got interrupted by the pale girl who walked into the kitchen with her hood up.

"Raven! How was your night? I do hope it was glorious" said Starfire as she stood beside the hooded girl.

"You had us worried Raven..." Robin said as he stared at the girls back.

Raven felt like crying some more but her eyes were tired of pouring water all night. She filled the pot with water and just stood there waiting for the water to boil.

"Raven are you alright..?" asked Starfire.

"I am fine! Geeze cant a girl get some herbal tea!" snapped Raven who wished the water would boil faster.

Starfire's expression saddened and she walked away from the Goth girl and stood beside the rest of the Titans who had there mouth's open.

Raven saw as the water began to bubble she got a cup and prepared her herbal tea. She turned around but kept her face down. She didn't want anyone to look at her, she felt dirty and ashamed. She quickly passed by the rest of the team and disappeared behind the doors.

"What is her problem" came from Terra who kept staring at the doors.

"She must of heard Cyborg..." said Beast Boy who stood behind Terra.

"Well whatever it is she better get a better attitude because we are the Teen Titans and we cant perform well if we are fighting, Starfire are you alright?"

Starfire looked up and saw Robin talking to her. She nodded and then flew to her room.

"Ill just clean the stains then..." said Cyborg who got a rag and sum cleaners out and headed towards the stains on the carpet.

"Beast Boy and I are going out to the movies so we will see you guys later" said Terra as she and Beast Boy walked out of the kitchen.

Robin sighed and decided to go to his room and do some more research. He never got bored of doing that.

Cyborg grunted as he kneeled down and began to scrub the stains out of the carpet. "Its like I'm their maid…" he mumbled to himself.

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Chapter 2: Slowly feelings are kinda being discovered and jealousy slowly begins to rise.