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Jealousy is Evil


"Robin we are going to be late for the arrival of the new baby!"

Robin ran out of his and Starfire's room and saw the alien girl who rubbed her tummy at the door of the tower.

"Ok ok! I'm coming..." said the boy wonder as he ran towards the door.

"CYBORG LET US GO NOW!" shouted Starfire again.

"Um Star Cyborg left a long time ago..."

"Oh I think I was too excited to notice...well then let us go now..." and with that the couple flew off to the hospital.

Beast Boy stood beside Raven's bedside holding two bundles in his arms. He smiled down at the babies in his arms. One was a baby boy with green skin, his eyes were green and his fuzz was violet just like his mother's. The other one was a baby girl with pale skin, a chakra on her forehead and her eyes were green too. Her hair color was green and straight.

"Could I please have the babies sir? I need to take them to be weighed and measured."

Beast Boy nodded and handed his two newborns to the nurse. He was about to sit down besides the sleeping Raven when he heard the nurse talking to him again.

"Sir there are some people out there asking for you..."

"All right..." he said. He got up and went out of Raven's room towards the waiting room.

Starfire jumped up and ran towards Beast Boy.

"Oh friend! It is marvelous to know that you are a father! Congratulations! On my planet we give the mother and the father hugs of joy and pudding of addition for they have a new addition to their family..." and with that the alien girl gave Beast Boy a light hug mostly because Starfire's belly was in the way.

"So what was it Beast Boy?" asked Robin and Cyborg in unison.

Beast Boy scratched the back of his head and smiled "Um...well... it was...a...boy..." he got interrupted by Robin and Cyborg who were cheering.

"Yeah! Ill teach lil BB to play sum foozeball and ill also teach him how to fix cars and stuff..." said one excited Cyborg.

"All right...I can teach him and my kid karate and even teach them how to do research and stuff..." said Robin who was also excited.

"And a girl too..."

The teens stopped and stared at the green boy.

"Marvelous! I shall take her and my baby out to the mall of shopping and we shall do shopping until we die on our feet!" squealed Starfire.

"You had twins?" asked Cyborg who had one eye bigger than the other.

"You really did your job," said Robin who smiled evilly at the changeling.

Beast Boy blushed and then smiled "Well now with my two kids and your kid it's going to be a lot of craziness in the tower" he said to the boy wonder.

They all nodded and then laughed.

A few days later Raven was sent home and she stood in her room in between two cribs.

"Who knew this would happen..."

She turned around and saw Beast Boy beside the window staring at her.

"Yeah...but it still hurts...she was my first child...she made a drastic change in my life and I miss her so much..."

Beast Boy walked towards his crying wife and embraced her in a reassuring way.

"Shh don't cry Raven...she knows you love her...you told her right before you put her to sleep..."

Raven nodded and then wiped her tears. "Yes I know but still she was my first daughter and well...its just so painful because I lost her in a very horrible way..." she said as she walked towards the window that showed a view of the water and a full moon.

"I know...but Terra is gone now and she cant hurt us or our children any longer…besides I know that Iris is looking down on her little brother and sister and just smiling at them." said Beast Boy as he formed a small smile.

Raven looked at her green husband and formed a tiny smile herself. She loved this man and she was happy to have him at her side. "Yes I bet she is," she said as she walked towards the bed.

Beast Boy saw as Raven lay down, soon he found himself doing the same thing. Once in bed they both stayed quiet for a while.

"Well it looks like we'll be busy for a long while..."

Raven nodded and then said "Well it will be a fun busy because we will be there while they're growing up..."

"Yes we will..." yawned Beast Boy.

Raven wrapped her arms around the green boy and closed her eyes. She soon was off in dreamland, Beast Boy stared at her for a while and then kissed her forehead. "I love you Rae..." and with that he held her tightly and drifted off to sleep.

After what Terra did she was sentenced to 50 years in prison. Raven went into a deep depression but with Beast Boy's support she slowly came out of it. Three years later they married and announced that Raven was pregnant again, the titans became happy with the news Thus happening what was up there. Starfire and Robin united their rooms and soon they got married thus that's why Starfire is pregnant. Cyborg well he is still single...ladies come on! Call Cy at 1-800-Tin-mann.

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