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Chapter 3: The Letter

Remus sipped his morning coffee. It had been three days since his chat with Harry. He looked around the Number Twelve Grimmauld Place kitchen (Sirius had left it to the Order) and smiled as Tonks walked in (she had pink hair today) smiling and looking at a letter. Two of them. She sat down in front of Lupin.

"Morning," she said cheerfully, yawning and helping herself to some coffee as well.

"Good morning," Lupin replied with a tired smile, "Long shift last night..?"

Tonks nodded, "Yea. And you know Moody . . ." Tonks changed her face into what looked liked Moody's and said imitating Moody, "Can never be too sure 'bout things," she turned back to herself, "So we were there extra late."

"Never hurts to be too safe," Lupin smiled.

"Yea . . ." Tonks said sipping on her coffee, "Expect you get sleep deprived."

Lupin smiled and shook his head.

"So how was your chat with Harry..?" Tonks asked. She was now helping herself to some toast, "I heard you visited him the other day."

"I did."

"How is he..?" Tonks asked eagerly.

Lupin gave her a half smile and frown, "His relatives haven't killed him yet—"

"Oh those Muggles he lives with," Tonks piped out.

Lupin nodded, "Yes them. They seemed to be quarreling when I arrived but, Harry is . . . he is still very upset about Sirius."

Tonks nodded saying that she understood. There was more silence. Tonks didn't want to bring up the subject of Sirius to upset Lupin. Then she jumped up suddenly, knocking her chair back and almost spilling her coffee.

"I almost forgot," Tonks said cheerfully handing Lupin one of the two letters, "This came from Hedwig last night. You weren't in but I caught her before she flew off."

She handed Lupin the letter, "From Harry."

She smiled and walked out finishing her coffee. Lupin looked at the letter. It was from Harry. It had his writing on it and it was addressed to: Professor Lupin.

Lupin chuckled to himself. No matter how many times he told Harry it was all right to call him Remus, Harry still called him Professor Lupin out of habit.

Lupin took the letter out of the envelope and slowly unfolded the letter, removing the creases, and began to read.

Dear Professor Lupin,

How are you..? I hope you're well and alright, I know the full moon is approaching. I'm sure you're wondering why I titled it Professor Lupin. I know you've asked me to call you Remus but I can't seem to get that right just yet. I'll keep working on that for you.

I'm okay. Uncle Vernon was mad at me for running out on him the other day to talk to you and for some of the things I did when I lost my temper. I'm kept in my room and he is insisting that I don't eat. But little does he know I sneak down to the kitchen at night and have food and Ron and Hermione are sending me stuff too. So little does he know I'm eating just fine. However though, he blamed Dudley for some of the food disappearance saying Dudley was eating too much again and put him on another diet. Dudley wasn't too happy.

I have contacted Hermione and Ron liked you asked. I've told them I'm alright, but I left out the fact that I still haven't gotten Sirius completely out of my mind. But I can never get rid of him, and I mean that in a good way.

Ever since you had that talk with me I've wanted to thank you. I know I told you on the porch but after thinking about it for a few days I mean it more than ever. I really thank you.

Even though I yelled at you earlier, you still kept you nerve and helped me through one of the hardest things in my life. I know this might sound a bit strange . . . it feels strange for me too . . . but I couldn't have done it with out you.

I've noticed though that day as we talked about Sirius that I mentioned I wasn't that close to Sirius, but I also realized I wasn't that close to you as well, and for that I feel a bit guilty. You were one of my father's closest friends, as was Sirius, bet yet I hardly knew either of you as well as James did I'm sure. So I feel I need to make it up to Sirius and James, and to you. I feel that I should get to know you better.

I know that you are busy, and when I'm at school I'm sure I'll be busy (Snape seems to like to keep me busy). Again . . . I know this sounds strange . . . but I was wondering . . . maybe if we could spend more time together . . . to get to know each other a little bit more.

I was wondering if next Saturday we could go to Diagon Alley together..? I was planning to go get my school things that day, but then I thought I could go with you. That is . . . only if you want to come . . . I understand you have Order business to attend to.

Again I hope you're well and again I thank you for all you've done for me.


Lupin stopped. There was a scratch through 'from' and underneath from was:



Lupin felt his lip curl up into a smile as he read: Love, Harry. That meant a lot to Lupin. Still smiling, Lupin walked over and grabbed a quill and a ink well then some parchment.

He was going to write back to Harry and join him to Diagon Alley. He spent all morning writing to Harry. It was almost like writing back to James again.

When he finished, Lupin looked at the letter, and with a smile thought of James and Sirius and what they were saying now, as they watched him send his letter off to Harry.

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