Title: Nice
Author: sketchymurr
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: Draco is not mine, or Blaise. Just borrowing them.
Pairing: Blaise/Draco
Summary: Draco and Blaise come home from a long days work.
Notes: 415 word drabble.

Draco sighed contentedly, laying on his bed. It'd been a long day, and the one thing he could look forward to was a nice night of sleep, followed by a nice morning of sleep, and maybe a nice cup of coffee after a nice while lazing in his sheets.

Though these thoughts were all postponed as he heard the door open. The small well known creak was enough to coax him to turn his head, one eye cracking open as he watched his lover slink in. The man was tall and lanky, built well. His dark hair was wavy, curling around his ears. Draco couldn't see his eyes, though he knew they'd be shade of dark brown, bordering on indigo after a night of play. A smile curled onto his tired lips as he mumbled, "And how are you doing, stranger?" Propping himself up on his shoulder, a few strands of pale blond hair fell in front of silver eyes. His features were a little sharp, softened by years of living with Blaise. Loving Blaise, and being loved by Blaise.

Somehow his world had turned into Blaise, and Draco wasn't sure how this had happened. Though soon another voice interrupted his memory lane trip. "Fine, yourself?" Draco could hear the clothing slipping off of Blaise's olive skin, and licked his lips. He was tired, sure. But this was Blaise.

"Good. A little lonely." Soon the taller wizard was in his view though, and he could clearly see him. His thin hips, long legs, and perfectly toned legs had Draco wondering how he'd gotten himself into this. Blaise was smiling at him though. And not just any smile, as he'd come to learn. It was that sneaky Slytherin smile, when Blaise was planning something. Though Draco didn't mind. Usually Blaise's plans worked out for the better of them both.

"Lonely? I can fix lonely." Blaise mumbled, a bit of a purr on his words as he started crawling onto the bed. Pushing his lips onto Draco's, he moved his fingers to rub at his lover's sides. Draco gave in willingly, running a hand through the dark wavy locks. Biting Blaise's lip lightly, he let his fingers dance lightly down to press firmly against Blaise's back. Draco could smell sandalwood on Blaise's neck, his signature scent. It was a comfort to the blond wizard. Something that reminded him of his lover.

As Blaise continued his workings, Draco smirked lightly to himself. He supposed he could work a nice shag into his weekend after all.