Sylia's Choice
Part 1


David Lindquist


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This story takes place one week after BGC
video no. 6 (Red Eyes).


Sylia's Choice Part 1

As she slipped into her warm bath, Sylia realized
just how weary her body felt.

*I hope this helps,* she thought. *If it doesn't I
don't know how much more of these nightmares I can

Sylia's troubles began the night after their battle
with Largo. She went to bed early. She awoke an hour
later soaked in sweat and almost screaming in
terror. Ever since that night, the nightmares would
come to torment her.

Even worse, the constant barrage she endured disrupted
her ability to gain any benefits from her slumber,
making her tired and irritable. All her efforts
to counteract the nightmares failed. She tried to
combat it by swimming but quickly realized that it
wasn't working. Finally, in an act of desperation,
she decided to try one of her mother's favorite
stress relief techniques, a long hot bath.

Sylia remembered when her father told her the story
of when they moved to Megatokyo and her mother's
insistence on possessing a large bathtub. How he
scoured the city to find it then paid for it with
his own money and the joy in her face when she
saw it. Those baths became one of the few memories
Sylia recalled of her mother.

*I loved it when mother and I took those baths
together,* she thought, a small feeling of contentment
settled on her as she slowly twirled a finger in
the water.



The video-phone ringing instantly banished the feeling
of peace she achieved only a moment ago, replacing it
with feelings of irritation. Sighing, she retrieved
the waterproof remote control from its place and pointed
it towards the one way audio-visual-phone entertainment
center embedded in the far bathtub wall. Pressing the
caller id button, the screen immediately identified
the caller.

*Mackie calling from Raven's garage? I hope he isn't
overworking himself repairing the old hardsuits.* Sylia
pressed the accept button. The screen instantly changed
showing the image of a greased stained, sweaty, concerned
looking Mackie.

"Sis? Are you okay? I'm not getting a visual on
you," Mackie said.

"I'm fine," Sylia responded. "I am just taking a

Sylia watched as her brother's eyes glazed over and an
sillygrin formed on his face.

"You're ...ah completely nude then" he stammered

"As I recall, that is how a bath is normally
taken," Sylia said, not quite able to keep the irritation
out of her voice.

*I wonder if he is ever going to grow out if that,* she
thought as she watched her brother try to compose
himself. *I'd better find out what he called for before
he says something I will make him REALLY regret.*

"What did you want to talk about, Mackie?"

" I got the.. ah...old equipment fixed
except for the... fourth item. Ah... That'll have to be
totally... err... replaced, but if we need the others
we'll have them," he replied, still trying to compose

*At least he hasn't totally lost his senses.* Sylia

After their battle with Largo, Sylia decided to upgrade
the security systems at all the Knight-Sabers
facilities. Until they were set up she instructed the
other members not to say anything about their work
unless it was face-to-face.

"Anything else?" she inquired.

"Uh....I wanted to remind you that Priss will be
getting out of the hospital tomorrow afternoon. From what
I've heard, they will be glad when she's gone."

Sylia smiled at that remark.

*Priss must be getting back to normal then.*

"Oh...almost forgot..," Mackie said, bring Sylia's
attention back to the view screen," I'm going to be
spending the night here. It's okay with Doctor
Raven. There's a project I want to finish up. Unless...
ah... you need me?"

"No. That is all right," Sylia said." Just don't
overdo it."

*I'd better check the changing room for hidden cameras
tomorrow,* she mentally sighed. She then said, "If that
is it then goodnight Mackie."

"Pleasant dreams, Sis." he said before he closed the

"That's what I'm hoping for Mackie," Sylia whispered
as she pressed the disconnect button, closing the
connection at her end.

She laid in the tub for a few minutes then pressed the
button that set the timer alarm.

*Just in case,* she thought.

After she put the controller back, Sylia retrieved the
wet, folded washcloth she had prepared beforehand.

*Maybe after this I will be able to get at least some
rest tonight.* Sylia thought as she laid back, put the
wash cloth over her eyes, and relaxed.....


She lost.

As the black mist crept closer to her, Sylia Stingray
knew she failed. Not just her mission. She failed them
all. Her teammates all dead. Her father unavenged. Genom
free to conquer the world.

"All because I failed," she whispered, tears
forming in her eyes as she stared at the mist now almost
upon her. She sat on the ground, her knees under her,
waiting for the end.

Her hardsuit broken and shattered like her spirit.

She couldn't fight it.

She didn't want to fight it.

She just wanted it all to end.

Sylia openly cried as the mist engulfed her. She felt
it invade her body, forcing her spirit out.

"I failed you Father," Sylia sobbed as she felt the
last of her spirit ejected from her body. "I failed you

"Sensei? Are you okay?"

Lifting her arm from her eyes, Sylia slowly sat up
from her futon and looked at her student.

"Yes Nene-chan, I'm fine," she replied, hiding
her own concern over her dreams finish." Just a

"A nightmare before this important a battle?" Nene
said, a worried look on her face. "That is a bad
omen. A very bad omen."

"Is it almost dawn?" Sylia asked irritably.

"Hai, sensei," Nene replied.

"Go awaken the others. After you all have eaten,
prepare the horses. I wish to leave as soon as
possible. I will eat in here."

"Hai sensei," Her orders received Nene stood up,
gave her teacher a low bow and left the small chamber.

Sylia watched Nene leave with a slightly guilty look
on her face.

*I'll have to apologize to her later,* Sylia thought
as she watched Nene close the sliding door. A slight
rumbling in her stomach broke her train of
thought. *I'd better get something to eat.*

After shifting to a kneeling position, Sylia placed
both her middle fingers down to her palms then she
brought her hands together. Bowing her head slightly,
she spoke.


As she finished her incantation a globe of white light
slowly glided down to the floor. The instant the globe
touched the ground, it transformed into a bamboo
serving tray with a bowl of rice, some fish, a teacup,
some utensils and a kettle of tea, all ready to use.

"My thanks," Sylia said moving towards the food.

*Adding the ability to produce meals to the origami
cottage definitely proved to be the best use of that
limited wish,* she thought as she poured the steaming
tea into her cup.

Putting the kettle back and beginning to eat her meal,
Sylia's mind began to review what had sent them on what
could be their greatest battle.

It all started four days ago. The Knight Sabers were
in the western most part of the Shou Lung empire, just
finished tracking down and destroying a group of Bakemono
bandits who terrorized the villages in the area for the
past month. Settling at a inn on the outskirts of one of
the villages, they sat in a corner of the main tavern,
splitting up the spoils from the battle.

"This will bring some good coinage from a
jeweler," Linna said, examining a gold and diamond

"Is that all you can think of Linna?" Nene asked,
a slightly irritated look on her face. "Money."

"It's better than dreaming about some handsome
samurai to come along and sweep you off your
feet!" Linna responded irritably.

"Let's not go into that conversation again,
okay?" Priss interrupted, the pain of her hurt ribs
showing on her face. "Damn, who would have thought that
little runt could hit so hard."

"Your ribs still bothering you?" Sylia remembered

"Yes," Priss replied "Very much."

Sylia reached into her small pouch and pulled out a
small blue vial. She then leaned over the table and
handed it to Priss.

"Here," she said. "Drink this."

Priss carefully took the vial from Sylia and
drank. After a few moments the tension in her body
seemed to relax and a relieved look cross her face.

"What was that stuff Sylia? I feel great!" Priss

"A healing potion," Sylia replied. "I picked it
up at Chi Lun."

As the others continued to talk, Sylia looked around
the room. She was the first to notice the five men
entering through the outer door.

Four of them wore full O-yorio armor but each one
carried a different weapon. The first one carried a
pair of katanas similar to her own strapped in an X
formation on his back. The second carried two kamas
hanging from his belt. The third carried a large
battle axe while the fourth had a chu-ko-nu and a
pair of sias. She recognized their demeanor instantly.

*Samurai bodyguards,* she thought, *but I can't
make out who they are guarding.*

Her attention turned to the fifth member of their
group. He was dressed in a black hooded robe that
covered thefigure from head to toe.

*Why do you look so..... familiar?* she thought. Just
then one of the samurai turned towards their
table. *Now I can find out what clan has their

Sylia got a good look at his helmet insignia. Her
anger flared at the sight of the golden letter G that
was on the helmet.

"Sylia? What is it?" Priss asked.

"Genom Guard," Sylia replied, her attention
never leaving the five men as they walked towards the

"Here!?" Linna said, her and Nene's conversation
silenced at the mention of their greatest enemy.

"Prepare yourselves," Sylia said, "but don't
draw your weapons unless I say so. Understood Priss?"

"I thought he was going for his sword!" Priss
said defensively, releasing the catch that held her
ninja-to in it's scabbard.

Linna readied her razor chain, smiling slightly at
Priss's outburst. Nene ignored the conversation as
she gathered some spell component for quick
access. Her eyes never left the five men as Sylia
undid the holding cord that kept her katanas in their

She watched as the man in the black robe pulled a
small pouch out and handed it to the katana wielding
samurai. The samurai walked to the barkeep and leaned
over the bar. As he talked to the barkeep Sylia
noticed that the color drained from the barkeep's
face and he began to sweat. The samurai finished
talking, handed him the pouch and walked back to
the robed man. The barkeep looked at the pouch for
a few second, grabbed his coat that was hanging
behind him and half walked/half ran out the
door. After the barkeep left the robed man began to
walk towards their table. He stopped when one of the
other samurai started to walk with him. He turned
and said to the samurai:

"It is all right, Mutako, they will not harm me."

Sylia instantly recognized the figure's voice.

*Lord Quincy?* she thought *Why would our worst enemy
come to us alone and be so sure we will not kill him?*

As Sylia's mind pondered her own question, she watched
him walk up to their table.

"Greeting, Sylia-san" he said he then reach up and
pulled his hood back.

The other three Knight-Sabers shocked at sight of
Lord Quincy. They quickly recovered, each of their
faces showed the hatred the Knight-Sabers felt for him.

"What do you want?" Sylia said "I know you didn't
come all this way just to give us your salutations."

"True," he replied. "On behalf of the emperor, I
wish to hire you."

"When hell freezes over!" Priss barked out.

Sylia turned and stared disapprovingly at Priss. They
looked at each other for a few moments then with a
disgusted expression on her face, Priss broke eye
contact, folded her arms across her chest, and slouched
slightly in her chair. Smiling slightly at her
victory, Sylia turned her attention back to Lord

"Though I wouldn't had put it quite that
way," Sylia said, her smile fading. "My opinion is
the same as hers."

"Even if it means the final destruction of
Mason?" he replied.

Sylia couldn't hide the surprise at the mention of
his name. Mason's obsession with Sylia made him their
most persistent enemy, attempting to capture then
destroy them on more than one occasion. The final
straw came when one of his attempts missed them and
killed friends of Linna and Priss. They tracked him to
Hibiki Castle with the intent of avenging them and
settling their feud once and for all. The battle
became the most intense and bloody the Knight Sabers
ever participated in, only ending when Sylia drove
Kotetu, one of her katanas, through Mason's chest. Then
as a warning to others, Sylia cast a spell that
collapsed the castle on top of his corpse. Her mind
refused to accept the possibility that he survived.

"Impossible," she firmly stated, "Mason is

"I thought so too," Quincy quietly spoke, causing
Sylia to raise an eyebrow in curiosity. He then
gestured with his left hand towards the table set
next to them.

"Please, can we talk privately and let me present
my suspicions to you," his voice then took a haughty
tone" I am willing to pay you for the time."

Sylia ignored his insult as she contemplated his
request. After a few seconds, she silently rose from
her chair and walked to the other table, followed by
Lord Quincy. Sylia sat down at the side of the table
with her back towards the other Knight Sabers. Quincy
sat at the table's head, his back to his own
samurai. Sylia reached into the same pouch she kept
her spell components in and pulled out a small
hourglass. She set the object on top of the table
with the sand in the top.

"You have until this timepiece," she spoke,
pointing towards the object, "runs out to convince

Quincy's face showed no emotion as Sylia watched for
a reaction to her words, but his eyes betrayed the
anger at his treatment. He sat there, glared at the
time piece for a few seconds then he turned and
looked at Sylia.

"Very well," he said as his eyes began to
return to normal. "Two weeks ago the village of To
Lon was destroyed by a bandit raid, or so we
thought. We sent the 5th Genom Light horseman
battalion to deal with the problem. They reported
the village leveled to the ground and the village
leader's head impaled on a pike in the center of

"What happened to the other villagers?" Sylia
asked, already suspecting their fate.

"All of them murdered," Lord Quincy replied
emotionlessly. "Even the animals. The commander sent
a scouting party to backtrack and find the attacker's
point of origin."

"Let me guess," Sylia interrupted. "The trail
led to Hibiki castle."

"Yes," he said. "Apparently something blasted
it's way out of the rubble and started destroying
whatever crossed its path."

"What makes you think it was Mason?" Sylia asked,
a small part of her mind beginning to form doubts of
his death.

Lord Quincy reached into his robes and pulled out a
small pouch. He untied the drawstring then flipped
it upside down spilling out a golden ring onto the
table. Picking up the ring, he handed it to Sylia for
her to inspect.

"That," he said pointing at the ring, "is my
biggest reason."

Sylia examined the ring closely. It had small diamonds
arranged in a circle around the setting. The setting
held a medium sized ruby. Sylia examined the main
jewel and saw the letter G embedded in the top.

*It's his ring,* Sylia confirmed mentally, the small
part of her mind that didn't believe he died growing
more and more prominent.

"It was found near the temple ruins at
Saotome." Quincy said, drawing her attention back
to him. "We believe that he is there."

"That only proves that someone might have done
some graverobbing," Sylia quietly contested, the part
of her mind that held on to the belief Mason was dead
trying to regain the ground it lost in this
argument. Quincy drew in a long breath and let it out
slowly. He gazed straight ahead almost as if Sylia
wasn't even there.

"Madigan disappeared the night we received word
of the massacre."

It was then that Sylia became convinced of Mason's

*Madigan's loyalty to Quincy is almost
fanatical,* she thought. *She even gave up a chance
for revenge on us when she held the upper hand because
of her loyalty. Only Mason, her lover, could exercise
enough control to convince her to abandon her lord.*

Sylia then notice the hourglass almost finished its

*His evidence is mostly circumstantial but my instincts
say to believe him,* she continued, *In any case it
is worth investigating.*

Sylia reached out to the hourglass and took it from
the table. She returned it to her pouch.

"I want one million Ch'len as payment," she said
gazing directly at Quincy. "You can keep the money for
this talk. It proved... interesting."

Lord Quincy raised an eyebrow at her words then reached
into the folds of his robe and retrieved a small bag
and scroll.

"You will need the scroll to pass the battalion
surrounding the temple and here is a down payment on
your fee." He said as he placed the two item on the
table. "Here is 100,000 Ch'len as a down payment. The
rest will be waiting for you at the battalion's
basecamp," He then stood up. "I will send an messanger
to tell them to expect you within the week. Good luck."

He bowed to her then turned around and left the building,
his guards trailed behind him.

Sylia didn't watch them leave, her thoughts were
entwined with the ring she held in her hands.

*How could he have survived?* she thought, then her
face developed an tired and weary expression. *Why
can't this struggle end?*

"Sylia? Are you okay?" Linna asked quietly.

Sylia turned, slightly startled at the voice she heard.

*I was so self absorbed I didn't hear the others
walk over.* Sylia stood up and looked at the other
Knight Sabers.

"I want everything prepared for us to leave here
early in the morning." she commanded, ignoring Linna's

"So we're going to take this job, huh?" Priss
said, a slight sarcastic edge in her voice.

"Yes," Sylia replied as she reached over and took
the scroll and pouch.

"I sure hope you know what your doing Sylia," Priss
stated plainly.

Sylia's response to Priss's words echoed in her mind
as her thoughts returned to the half-eaten meal
before her.

"So do I Priss," she whispered.

"So do I."


PART 2: The Knight Sabers prepare for war and they
discover just how evil and powerful their enemy has
become. To find out keep an eye out for Sylia's Choice
Part 2. (Unless no one reads this then I'll probably
won't write it.)


BAKENOMO BANDITS = Creatures of various shapes, sizes
and colors. They often form bandit hordes under the
command of an Ogre magi or an Oni and raid different

CHI LUN = A city in Shou Lung, known for it's sales
of magical items.

CH'LEN = Highest monetary unit in Kara-Tur.

CHU-KO-NU = Repeating crossbow.

GENOM CLAN = The most powerful clan in Shou Lung. Some
say they are the most powerful clan in Kara-Tur. They
also have the largest personal army of any other
lord. The head of the clan is Lord Quincy an 26th level
samurai. He gives his loyalty to the emperor but his
ambition is to rule all of Kara-Tur. The Emperor is
very wary of him but can do nothing because of his
powerbase. Secretly the Emperor hopes that the Knight
Sabers will remove him as a threat, so he has subtly
helped them in the past.

NOTE: Lord Quincy secretly set Mason up for
destruction by promising reinforcements in case the
Knight Sabers attacked and not sending them.

GENOM GUARD = Bodyguard unit of Genom Clan. Samurai
assigned to protect hierarchy. Unless undercover must
wear their full O-yorio armor when on duty and all
have magical weapons.

HIBIKI CASTLE = Mason's main base of operations. Almost
all of the people stationed here were fanatically
loyal to Mason and died with him when the Knight Sabers
attacked. Sylia destroyed the castle as a warning for
anyone else who harmed a friend of the Knight Sabers.

KAMA = Straight bladed sickle.

KNIGHT SABERS = Four warriors out to gain vengeance
against the Genom clan. They are:
SYLIA STINGRAY = leader, 15th level Kensai/30th
level wu-jen. Wants revenge on Lord Quincy for his part
in the death of her father and the destruction of her
clan. She was given all of her father's magical knowledge
and power by an transference spell. Sylia uses two
katanas and wears a special suit of O-yorio armor that
allows her to use her wu-jen spells but at a price of
taking damage when she cast them.
NOTE: When she received her father's abilities
she was also placed under a GEAS spell forcing her to
gain vengeance against Genom clan and restore her
clans prestige and power. She does not know this fact.
PRISS ASAGIRI = 13th level bushi(fighter)/7th
level yakuza. Priss want revenge for the destruction of
her yakuza clan (she was the only survivor). Priss wears
blue or red leather armor and carries an ninja-to(sword)
and sometimes uses an large magical battle axe she
calls LOVER.
LINNA YAMAZAKI = 11th level kensai. Linna
challenged Sylia to a fight at their first meeting. Sylia
defeated her then asked if she would join the Knight
Sabers. Impressed with Sylia's skill (and the bag of
coins Sylia handed her) she accepted. Linna grown to
look at the others as family. Linna wear green chain
armor and uses a magical weapon called a RAZOR CHAIN.
NENE ROMANOVA = 6th level wu-jen. Nene is the only
pupil of Sylia. She impressed Sylia by risking her life
to save the three others from an assassination
attempt. Nene wears an magic robe of protection and uses
a blowgun and tai-fa in battle. She also uses a staff of
detection but not in combat.

MADIGAN = Lord Quincy's chief magical advisor, 16th
level wu-jen(wizard). She was Mason's pupil and
lover. She hates the Knight Sabers tremendously.

O-YOROI ARMOR = O-yoroi armor is a complete suit of
lace armor. It is usually worn on special occasions
and major battles.

object of some power. They appear as a small origami
sculpture of a cottage or home. Upon reciting the
activating phrase the sculpture grows to the size of
an oriental home complete with stable. They are very
rare and valuable.

RAZOR CHAIN = This magical chain, in the hands of a
kensai(weapon master) makes it an extremely deadly
weapon. It can decapitate a person instantly upon
striking them.

SAOTOME = A province in Shou Lung. Most famous for
certain magical springs that are suppose to be hidden
in the mountains and the person who discovered them.

SHOU LUNG EMPIRE = Main nation in KARA_TUR. Currently
at war against the nation of Wa.

TO LON = Village at the foot of the mountain of
Hibiki castle. Destroyed.