Robbie Singleton

Dominique Blish-Singleton

Nadia Singleton

Cecille (Pink Poodle)

Brian (Jack Russell Terrier)

Pepai (Jack Russell Terrier)

Crunch (Orange and White cat)

Heather Smith

Jill Smith

Genie Smith

Kevin Smith

Rachel Schaub

Austin Schaub

Maria Schaub

Jessi Swartz

Fernando Swartz

Claire Charming

Luna (Mix Breed Puppy)

Robbie tiredly cleaned up Brian's mess at 2:44 AM on a Thursday morning. He yawned, and walked back into the bedroom to see his lovely wife, Dominique sleeping. He went back to sleep. Dominique, 15 minutes after Robbie had gone back to bed, got up and hopped into the nice, hot shower. She was getting ready for work as a Military Recruit.

She opened her dresser and changed into her rather ugly uniform. Dominique yawned and slowly walked into the kitchen. She made a big breakfast, grabbed a plate, and ate it. Then, at 3:06 AM, she put the rest of the breakfast into the refrigerator for her Newlywed to eat. She plopped on the couch and turned on the television while waiting for her carpool.

At 4:57 AM, Nadia, Robbie and Dominique's daughter started crying. Dominique didn't want to wake up Robbie, so she jogged into the bedroom and picked Nadia up. She rocked her until she went back to sleep. She heard a horn honk, so she kissed Robbie on the forehead, patted each pet, filled their bowls with food and water, and left for work.

Soon, it was 7:00 AM, and Robbie's alarm clock went off. He jumped in a bit of surprise, rubbed his eyes, and slowly moved himself out of bed. He walked by Nadia and looked at her as if she was the answer to his prayers. He smiled and walked into the kitchen. He saw a note that read: "Robbie, there is some left-over breakfast in the fridge. Hope you enjoy! Love Always, Dominique." Robbie smiled widely and opened the fridge door. He ate and read the newspaper.

Robbie got up and took a bath. He got changed into his normal clothes, paid the bills, and finished training Crunch how to dance. From a distance, he heard the phone ring. He picked up Cecille and rubbed her nose and ran inside. He carefully put the little pink poodle down and answered the phone.

"Hey Austin! What's up?" Robbie exclaimed. After talking for a while, Robbie hung up the phone. He set up a bath for Pepai and then called him over. As Robbie finished drying Pepai with a soft, fluffy towel, the doorbell rang. Pepai jumped from the table and started barking at the door. Robbie smirked and looked through the window. He saw a tall, rather mysterious man. Robbie gulped a little and scurried into the bedroom.

All of Robbie's pets huddled together near him because they knew something was wrong. Robbie was closely holding Nadia to his chest. A pounding suddenly came onto the door. "HELLO?? ANYONE HOME?" the mysterious, dark voice questioned angrily. Crunch crept up to the door and clawed it.

Robbie put Nadia down carefully and rushed towards the door out of sight and grabbed Crunch and ran back. He put Nadia back in his lap. 3 more poundings on the door came about until.....