The Lone Wolf

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Chapter one: Love

Zakuro's school

The wolf-girl packed up quickly, waiting for the dismissal bell to ring. Not as if she cared, but she didn't want to be late to the cafe.One of her very few friends, Tomo, leaned over and whispered to her,"Do you have a photo shoot today?"

"Yes", Zakuro replied, looking sadly at her,"Right after I leave work."

"Oh...okay.",Tomo wasn't very dissapointed, she was used to it. Her cousin was a model, too.


Zakuro got up, went out the door, and down the hallway, evading the onslaught of devoted fans.

"Pudding, put the customer DOWN!!"

Zakuro watched with slight interest as Ichigo, tried with failing attempts, to stop puddings antics. Suddenly, Ichigo looked really smug about something,"Hey, Pudding!", she called.


"If you promise not to mess around for a whole week, I'll buy you a pair of batons.", Ichigo said.

"Really?! Okay!!", she set the thoroughly shocked customer down.

"Nice one, Ichigo", Mint smirked. she looked thoughtfull for a moment, then,"Hey, Ichigo. Been on any dates with Masaya recently?"

Ichigo blushed and waved her hands franticly."NoNoNo! It's not like that!" Mint snickered.

Pudding started jumping up and down, yelling about kissing, while Lettuce was daydreaming.

Zakuro slammed a pitcher of water down, sloshing water over a table. They looked at her surprisedly, all four startled by her action.

"Anyway, Masaya and I aren't officially dating yet!", Ichigo said.

"Oh, yeah right! You, Mrs. Lovebird, just don't want to admit it!", Mint snickered.

"Mint, I told you! We ar--", they looked up at the sound of running.

In a flash of lavender hair, Zakuro was out the door.

Next chapter: Advice

Mint follows her friend and shares something surprising. Why did she go?

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