LuisJM is back with another Teen Titan story for you people. Since Halloween is coming around, I think it's great to make a Horror story about the Titans. This story is also based on a popular ride at the Disney's MGM Studios, "The Twilight Zone, Tower of Terror". I even added a few more crossovers like the Haunted Mansion and the Silent Hill games. Even though I don't play the games, I know the monsters that are in them. I also changed the story of the Tower of Terror around to make it look creepier. Anyways, I hope you'll enjoy this story. I don't know if I'll be finished with it before Halloween, but hey, I'll see what I can do.

Disclaimer: I don't own the Teen Titans, the Tower of Terror, the Haunted Mansion, or Silent Hill. And just so you guys know that I don't own em' all, I'm going to put this symbol, "D:something/something" Remember that.

On with the story.


(Twilight Zone Theme Music)

Rod Serling: Do not attempt to adjust your picture for we are controlling the broadcast. In front of you lies a door. You unlock the door with the key of imagination. Beyond it is another dimension. A dimension of sound. (window breaks) A dimension of sight. A dimension of mind. You're moving into a land of both shadow and substance, of things and ideas. You've just crossed over into...

The Twilight Zone.

Hollywood, California, 1939

Rod Serling: Hollywood, 1939, a young movie town that's at the height of its golden age. It is home to the glitz and glitter enterprise of classic movies and a place where actors become legends. Sitting close to the ever popular Hollywood sign lies a building called, "The Hollywood Tower Hotel"

The Hollywood Tower Hotel Lobby

Rod Serling: The hotel was a star in its own right. It is what people call it a beacon for the business elite and the celebrities of tomorrow. A place where people would call, "Heaven". Soon, it will all change. One stormy night long ago, there were five people that stepped foot in the Tower Hotel.

Scene switches to a couple sitting on a couch. One was a woman in her thirties wearing a pearly white dress and a man wearing a snazzy tuxedo. We then look at the woman and then the scene froze for a moment.

Rod Serling: Carolyn Crosset, her stage name is Claire Poulet. She is a fabulous actress on the silver screen and she sings like an angel.

The scene unfrozed and changed to the man next to Carolyn then froze again.

Rod Serling: Gilbert London, he's a business tycoon in the movie industry and both the agent and good friend of Carolyn.

The scene switches to the front entrance of the hotel. The big wood doors open and out comes a girl no younger then seven and an old lady walking behind the girl. Photographers and reporters immediately hurried to the two and start taking pictures.

Photographer 1: Ms. Shine, over here please?

Photographer 2: Let the camera see that pretty face of yours Ms. Shine.

Reporter 1: Sally, How does it feel like to be the youngest actress in Hollywood history?

The scene froze on the little girl.

Rod Serling: The girl in the sundress is Sally Shine. At the age a seven, she took Hollywood by storm. She had a fabulous acting talent and a beautiful voice. One of the songs she sings is the ever-growing classic, "Raining, Pouring".

Scene unfroze on Shine and changed and froze to the old lady.

Rod Serling: Ms. Emmaline Partridge. She's Sally Shine's babysitter.

The scene then switched to the elevators. As one of the doors opened, a bellhop went out of the elevator. The scene the freezed on the bellhop.

Rod Serling: And Dewey Todd, a clumsy but loyal bellhop of the Tower.

Scene then unfreeze on the bellhop.

Dewey Todd: Going up.

Carolyn and Gilbert got off the couch and approached the elevator the same with Sally and Emmaline.

Dewey Todd: Evening folks, where you're going tonight?

Gilbert London: Twelfth floor, Tip Top Club.

Ms. Emmaline Partridge: Same with us.

Todd pushed the button labeled twelfth as the elevator door closes.

Rod Serling: All five of them were going to the Tip Top Club for some entertainment. Unfortunate for them, something's about to happen that not only changes the people in the elevator, but the entire hotel.

Unknown Location

In a concealed room surrounded by many lit candles and saintanic messages on the walls, a mysterious hooded man was standing in front of a sturdy table. On the table was a big old book surrounded by more candles. At the end of the wall is an old grandfather clock that reads 11:58. He then looked at the book and started chanting the words on the pages.

???: Ochowana Itosuy Wobutana Yatu. Chuchuta Ikazu Rakusho Tacizu. Pusatuwiyana Buzacatushita Tuifunbuta Owonichukita.

In the Elevator

All five of the people were in the elevator waiting for it to reach the top floor. It hit the eleventh floor and continued up. When the clock hit 11:59, the elevator made an immediate stop between the eleventh and twelfth floor. No one didn't know what's going on.

Dewey Todd: Don't worry people, I got this under control.

Todd switched the lever left to right to move the elevator, but the lever didn't responded.

Unknown Location

???: Zootunshi Wongadia Yu Chi Elutaca. Woyuso Yakudaka Cu La Qiopucha.

In the Elevator

Todd grabbed the service phone in the elevator and called for help.

Dewey Todd: Hello, I'm on elevator two and I'm stuck between the eleventh and twelfth floor. I got people in the elevator stuck with me and we need a mechanic here immediately. Hello? Is anyone there? (hung up the phone) Why isn't anyone answering?

Unknown Location

???: Iztashowakabaka Weipuzushio Patagukawenia Itosukaquito.

Outside the Hollywood Tower Hotel

The storm over the Tower continues to grow stronger by the second.

Unknown Location

???: Yuzuki Mikatu Oriensubaku.

In the Elevator

Everyone in the elevator started to feel a little nervous about what's going on.

Sally Shine: Ms. Partridge, I'm scared.

Ms. Emmaline Partridge: Don't worry sweetie, It'll be all right.

Unknown Location

???: Bakuta Bakuta Tusania WUATUSIKUZATA!

As the mysterious man said the final words, the clock struck midnight and a strange wind came out of nowhere and blew all the candles out, making the room completely dark.

Outside the Hollywood Tower Hotel

A powerful lightning bolt came out of the clouds striking the hotel, sending electrical surges all over the building.

The Boiler Room

Every crewmember in the boiler room retreated as all technical and elevator controls went haywire.

Inside the Elevator

Electricity seeped out of the elevator buttons and lights in the elevator. Everyone got scared as the place suddenly got engulfed in a bright light.


Everyone in the elevator got electrocuted, screaming in pain. Outside the elevator the shaft short-circuited and then without warning, the elevator disappeared without a trace.

Rod Serling: The day after the incident, the Hollywood police department investigated the hotel to find any evidence. They searched the inner shaft but there was no signs of the elevator or the people missing in the elevator. The only thing the lightning bolt left behind was the destroyed four floors of the hotel, with the elevator doors exposed on the outside. A few days later the hotel then reopened its doors to the public. A few months have passed, and the guests were getting complaints about strange noises coming from the halls and corridors. Then, the police investigated a number of suicides in the hotel. It was then they believe that the suicides and the strange noises are connected to the disappearances of the five people in the elevator. It was then that both the police and the Mayor of Hollywood decided that until the case is solved, The Hollywood Tower Hotel would be closed forever. Years passed, and people wondered into the hotel. But when they check in, they immediately disappeared and were never heard again. And every night people would hear the eerie noises coming out of the hotel. It was then that the people called the building, "The Tower of Terror". The case was never solved and the Tower was left abandoned for a long time, until now. Tonight's episode of The Twilight Zone is somewhat unique and calls for a different kind of introduction. Tonight, seven individuals gifted with extraordinary powers will step foot in the hotel for place to stay for a few nights. But what they'll find out, is that they'll be in the middle of a permanent vacancy in...

The Twilight Zone.

(lightning strikes)

What do you think of the prologue, spooky or what? Well, onward to the first chapter.