Well, here is the last chapter of my story. I don't want to give out the ending so you have to read it yourself to see how it all ends. The only thing I could tell you is that Rob Serling guest stars at the ending of the chapter, just like the beginning.


Chapter 11: Case Solved

Lobby Lounge

The sun slowly rose from the background of The Hollywood Tower Hotel. The hotel lobby was real quiet and empty, until a dark aurora appeared out of on where and formed a black bird. The bird soon faded as the Titans lay on the ground for the moment. Robin was the first to slowly wake up, then Cyborg, Terra, Starfire, Beast Boy, and LM.

Cyborg: Ow my head. It's ringing like crazy.

Starfire: You think your head hurts. My body feels like the Dringthax army ran over me.

The team looked around and noticed that they're back at the main lobby and yet they're still alive with nothing but cuts and bruises. They also saw Raven still unconscious on the ground and approached her to see if she's all right.

Robin: Raven, Raven.

Terra: Please Raven get up.

Raven slowly opened her eyes looking at the Titans faces enlightened. She sat up and put her hand on her head shaking from the pain.

Raven: That hurt a lot. What happened?

Robin: You saved us from being crushed by a falling elevator. You don't remember any of it?

Raven: All I remember was trapping Richard in The Book of Pasies and destroying it. The rest was just a blur.

Robin: You mean you don't remember saving us.

Raven: No, nothing at all.

LM: (kneeling down) It doesn't matter. We're all in one piece thanks to you.

Raven turned to look at LM's face but they accidentally pressed each other in the lips. They looked in shock as the kiss lasted only a few seconds and pulled apart from the lock, with their cheeks blushing red.

Raven: O.K., that was unexpected.

Both Raven and LM stood up and looked at the rest of the team, who were still speechless about the little kiss but shook it off.

Cyborg: Well, at least we're all alive.

Starfire: Yes, but there's one thing that still concerns me. What happened to the others back at the other dimension?

Carolyn Crosset: Right behind you.

The team turned around to look at the guests and the bellhop in front of the round table covered with dead flowers and an eagle statue on top. The Titans were surprised that they appeared out of nowhere.

Robin: What the hell? How did you guys got out of the sixth dimension?

Gilbert London: We're ghosts young man. You think ghosts die in another world? I don't think so.

Cyborg: Speaking of the other world, what happened to the Sixth Dimension?

Dewey Todd: After you destroyed Richard, his world was shattered and disappeared out of existence.

Terra: And the monsters in this hotel? What about them?

Ms. Emmaline Partridge: They all went into an eternal purgatory. They won't hurt anyone anymore.

Starfire: That means we were victorious?

Beast Boy: We broke the curse?

The guests and Dewey nodded their heads in unison. Just then, a strange blinding light came down the ceiling and landed on the floor behind the Titans. The Titans looked behind them and saw the light near the main doors.

Robin: If the curse is gone, then what's this?

Carolyn Crosset: That light is a passageway that can take us to heaven. We can finally rest in peace.

LM: Then that means you're going to leaving then huh? We won't see each other again, right?

Gilbert London: Afraid so. Don't worry my boy; we'll meet each other someday soon.

LM: (getting nervous) Thanks, that's real insuring.

Sally Shine walked up to Starfire saying her final goodbye. Starfire knelt down to look at Sally.

Sally Shine: Goodbye Starfire, you were great to play with.

Starfire: Thanks for the honor. But next time, please don't do anything that can hurt or kill someone.

Sally Shine: I won't.

They both gave each other a nice warm hug until Ms. Partridge called out Sally's name.

Ms. Emmaline Partridge: Sally, get over here. Your mommy and daddy is waiting for you.

Sally Shine: Yes Ms. Partridge.

Sally quickly let go of her hug with Starfire and approached Partridge that was in the blinding light.

Ms. Emmaline Partridge: Goodbye my friends.

Sally simply waved a farewell as they were levitated up to the heavens and disappeared out of existence. Dewey was next as he stepped into the blinding light.

Dewey Todd: Going up.

He too went to the heavens and disappeared as well. The only people that were left behind were Gilbert and Carolyn. Carolyn was walking up to the light while Gilbert stayed behind. LM quickly approached Gilbert with an idea.

LM: Hey Gilbert, you should go and ask Carolyn big question.

Gilbert London: What question?

LM: You know, ask her hand for marriage.

Gilbert London: I can't do that. I was supposed to ask her for marriage at the Tip Top Club until the incident. I planned this out for a few weeks but-

LM: Ask her now; this is a once in a lifetime opportunity. The both of you should live a happier afterlife in heaven.

Gilbert put his hand in his vest pocket and took out a small fuzzy box. He feels that this is the only shot he had left and there's nothing else to loose. He quickly walked to Carolyn and called out her name.

Gilbert London: Carolyn!

Carolyn stopped inches from the light and looked at London.

Carolyn Crosset: What is it London?

Gilbert London: Carolyn, there is something I wanted to say to you for a long time. You see, we've been friends ever since I became your agent. But, too me you're more then just a friend, you're something special. The truth is that I love you and I would do anything to keep that. I've waited over sixty years to do this and I would wait a century more if I had to. (kneeling down) Carolyn Crosset, (opening the ring casing) will you be my bride?

Carolyn looked at the diamond ring and was speechless at what London said. For an answer, she shook her head yes as London stood up and placed the ring in her index finger. Together they walked into the blinding light and gently kissed each other in the lips. They then levitated up to the heavens to live a much peaceful life. Suddenly the light quickly spread throughout the hotel, leaving the Titans clueless.

Robin: What's happening this time?

LM: Don't know, we should go outside and find out.

Quickly, the Titans exited the lobby and went outside to the parking lot. What they saw is the Tower Hotel covered with the blinding light that's coming out of the clouds. Floating up to the clouds were speaks of blue balls.

Starfire: Are they-

Raven: Yes Starfire, they're the souls of the people that stepped foot in the hotel. Now that the curse is gone, they finally found some peace.

All the blue glowing balls went up to heaven and the blind light slowly faded. The Titans kept quiet for the moment until Terra broke the silence.

Terra: Uh, guys. I know this sounds weird, but we solved a case that lasted over sixty years.

Robin: You know, she's right. You know what this means?

The team looked at each other with smiles on their faces.

LM: Ladies and gentleman, The Hollywood Tower Hotel is officially opened for business.

Five months later…

The Tower Hotel had re opened its doors to the public and it changed a lot. The two wings that were missing for a long time had been rebuild, the Tower's sign was replaced with a brand new one, and all the exterior and interior had been painted and fixed up to be just like new. Spotlights were set around the Tower as limos were driving to the vale parking area, containing many movie stars and many news reporters were on the red carpet awaiting for the guests. One of the reporters is Extra's co-star and lead singer of the band Sugar Ray, Mark McGrath.

Mark McGrath: Hey this is Mark McGrath here live at the hills of Hollywood, celebrating the grand re-opening of The Hollywood Tower Hotel. According to Hollywood history, the Tower experienced a tragedy, where five people stepped into the hotel, only to disappear without a trace. That led to some reports of missing people and suicides and the closing of the hotel itself. This place was left abandoned and the case was never solved, that was until five months ago, a group of teenage superheroes called the Teen Titans solved the case. (looking at the driveway) And speaking of which, here they come now.

A long T-Limo, which is like the T-Car except longer, arrived at the red carpet. Out came the Teen Titans in different outfits. Robin, Cyborg, Beast Boy, and LM were wearing different tuxedos, Starfire wore a sparkly purple dress, Raven dressed in a black low cut dress with a purple bird on her chest, no shoulder straps, and long black gloves, and Terra was dressed in a pearly white dress that was cut halfway at the bottom, revealing one of her legs. They walked down the red carpet with photographers taking pictures of them.

Mark McGrath: Excuse me Titans, can I have a moment with you.

Robin: Sure, why not.

Mark McGrath: So how did you solve the case that lasted sixty years?

Robin: Let's just say we had some help with some good friends.

Mark McGrath: And who are these friends of yours?

Raven: Just a bunch of lost souls that founded some peace.

Photographer: Hey Titans, group picture for the front cover?

The team lined up behind the Tower Hotel ready for the picture.

Photographer: O.K. everyone one, two, three, and everybody smile!

The flash came out of the camera and blind light faded to show the front page of the L.A. Times. It showed the picture of the Titans on the right and the picture of the Tower Hotel on the left. Above it is a title that read, "Hollywood Tower Re-Opening, The Teen Titans solved sixty year old mystery." The newspaper floated away into the starry night sky.

Rod Serling: And so the Teen Titans stopped Richard and the souls of the guests can finally rest in peace in heaven. Our story is over for now, but I'll leave you with a friendly word of warning; something you won't find in any guidebook. (a white door closes on the newspaper and floated away) The next time you check into a deserted hotel in the dark side of Hollywood, make sure you know just what kind of vacancy you're filling… or you may find yourself a permanent resident of…

The Twilight Zone

The End

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