My mind is so empty,
My memories all cold,
My feelings once so alive,
Now angry and old,

Time has no meaning,
when one cannot age,
So my life is spent sitting,
another turn of the page,

A piece of me is missing,
I feel it every day,
And how i wish,
It didn't have to be this way,

Sometimes I see faces,
Of ones I must have known,
But no names come to match,
And my heart remains stone,

One in particular,
haunts my dreams,
A frightened green boy,
And his echoing screams.

It's A Raven poem, I don't think it would make much sense for any of the other Titans anyways. I was basically thinking about the episode when Star goes to the future and Raven was sitting alone in that white room. What if something terrible happened to the team and Raven was left with no friends, would she forget about them? Well If she would, this is what I think would happen. Its like 1 in the morning and I can't sleep, If you don't like my poem than you can flame me if it makes you feel better.