Three Anbus stole Naruto when he is a baby. They took him to the forest to kill him, however he was saved by a mysterious ninja. The ninja took him back to Hidden Valley, which was a tiny village located between the Fire country, Rain country, and Grass country. This village lives in secret that not a lot of people know it exist. Those who know are really old or they enemies who try to steal its power. The power that Hidden Valley has are two swords, one is the White Dragon Blade and the other Black Dragon Blade. Both are very powerful blade and can be destructive if it is used improperly. That is why Hidden Valley is very secretive; they fear other villages will attack them and gain their power. Also they ranking titles, is very different from the Naruto series, their only Kage and shinobis, that's it.

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Naruto: Twin Dragon Blades

"Hokage sama the entire village is demanding that the demon fox carrier is to disposed of." Shouted the Anbu.

Sarutobi sighed with frustration and anger, he couldn't understand how the people see him as a monster rather than a hero. After the Kyuubi struck Konoha things were turning bad. Many jounins died trying to drive the monster away. The village has been severely damaged and many people are still missing including the fourth. Worst they blamed the infant for all this mess even though he was practically harmless.

"Tell the village that they won't get they want." Replied the Third Hokage.

"But some of them threaten revolt if he isn't dispose of."

"Then tell them if they do then I give permission for the Anbu squads to attack without hesitant."

"Y-yes Hokage-sama." The Anbu left leaving the Hokage and Kakashi alone in the office.

"Are you sure that was a wise decision to do?" asked Kakashi.

"I will not let the entire people blame the poor child for bearing the fox demon within him. If they want him, they'll have to go through me first. What do you think Kakashi? Do you think protecting a young boy or a demon?"

A smile formed underneath his mask. "I believe you are doing the right thing."

"Thank you" with a sigh of relief

Suddenly three Anbus bolted in the office with both Kakashi and Sarutobi with looking at towards them.

"Hokage-sama the people are trying to break in the building, they are demanding you to give the child immediately!"

"Great just great" with a great angered look on his face he got up and ordered the three anbus to guard the child while he and Kakashi will try to disperse the problem themselves.

Sarutboi Pov

Why does this have to happen now!

We already have enough problems in our hands.

When Kakashi and I reached the first floor we looked around. Everything seemed fine, then one of the attendants downstairs asked if we needed something.

"Where is the riot?" The attendant looked at me with a confused look on his face and replied "The what?"

"The people who are demanding me to turn in the fourth son?'

"There is no riot Hokage-sama."

"If there is no riot then... Oh no!"

All three of us raced back up to my office, in to the back room where the child is sleeping in a cradle. To my horror the three Anbus are gone...along with Naruto.

"How could I let this happen? Why did I let my guard down?"

End Sarutboi Pov

(Somewhere outside of Konoha)

The three anbus from leaf race across the forest as fast they could along with the child throughout the night. When they got to a distance that they believe they are safe, they stop to catch their breath.

"Are sure this is a good idea Kofu?" said one of the Anbu

"If we let that monster live then we will have to fight again and this time it will surely finish its job." Said the one carrying the baby.

"Beside it is too late to back out, if we return, the Hokage will kill us himself."

"Come on lets get this over with."

"Right" one responded while pulling a sword out, the anbu setting the child down to the ground. Once the child on the ground it began to cry loudly.

"Hurry up Takara before we get unwanted attention."

Little did they know that they have been watched since they stop to rest.

Just before the Anbu was about to kill the child a kunai pierced through his mask between his eyes. Then he fell back on the ground dead with silent thump.

"Takara!" shouted one of the men. "Has the Hokage found us?"

"Not possible I don't sense any Chakra!"

They looked around for where kunai came from.

"Come on out we know you're out there somewhere!"

Just then a figure landed couple feet in front of them, he/she was wearing a dark cloak with hood. Then he/she slowly got up turned around revealing mask design as a demon with two small horns sticking out on top of the forehead. The eyes were painted as they crying blood.

"Why are two trying to kill this infant?" replied in a male voice with coldness in them.

"This child is a demon and attacked our village. It even our families and friend."

The dark shrouded figure looks at them for while, then turn to the child with blonde hair with a seal on his stomach. He then turned to them back to them.

"Have you had no shame? This helpless child has little chakra within him, the only damage this baby can do is cry."

"Look again and see deeper into the child."

The devil masked nin looked at them for a moment. Then examine the baby but this time with more attention. He notices this child did indeed have more chakra then he looks. The child had infinite amount of it.

The Mysterious Ninja Pov

This child! This is no ordinary child! In fact this chakra amount is not possible for humans to possess.

Still I can't let them kill him. They notice that I now know this infant is not what he seem. Their eyes show that they have intention to kill this baby regardless what they I say.

"Now you know why he must die."

"I will not let you spill blood." I took out my Kusarigama and prepared for battle.

"Fine then, die!" One of the Anbu charged at me with his sword raised in the air. I too charged and dispatching him with my weapon, the blade of my weapon slashed him deep into his chest leaving him falling to his resting place. Then I turn to the last one facing him, he show fear through his mask.

"Leave now and I will not harm you." I was hoping he consider offer however...

"Screw You!" Then he started form seals.

"Bunshin No Jutsu" He created two clones, and then started throw kunais at me. I immediately dodge them and got in front the real anbu. The shocked look in his eyes and hinted fear was mixed within them.

"I gave you chance, but you persisted and sealed your own fate." With that I slit his throat leaving him to bleed to death.

I turned back to the child, which happen to be crying still. I sensed movement coming towards me; I quickly grabbed the child and disappear.

End of Mysterious Ninja Pov.

(Hidden Valley)

In a room with only two male adults, one was the mysterious ninja with the devil mask while the other was a old man in a kage uniform which is brown and green. The old man had a long a long silvery white beard that touches his stomach.

"Hitaro." Said the old man.

"Hai" replied the shinobi.

"The child from Hidden Leaf, is the carrier of Kyuubi. You probably know the name."

"Yes, the Demon Fox that attacked Hidden Leaf ."

"Yes, the Fourth Hokage, his father sealed the demon within him. However after defeating a powerful being cost his very own life."

"Why did he choose his very own son to bare this task?"

"He wanted his son to be known as a hero, instead the people saw him completely the opposite."

"How did you find out?"

"I have my ways to get information."

The room had completely gone silent.

"What will we do with child?" Asked Hitaro.

"What do you suggest?" Replied the old man

"Let him train with us, I shall train him."

The old man looked at him with serious eyes. "Why do you want to train him?"

"Because he reminds me of someone who also was hated by his own village."

The old man hummed a bit. He then asked him another question.

"If the in the furture if the boy is to know that he is from another village, what are you going to do?"

"He shall know at the right age." responded the masked nin.

The old man thought about it, he soon then nodded with agreement.

(Hidden Valley Years Later)

The young blonde hair boy walked down the road of the village. He recently graduated from the Hidden Valley Academy.

He remebers all the hard work he went through, and it finally paid off. He lived in Hidden Valley all his life but also known that he was never born here. He learned the truth two years ago when he was heading up Kanokage office. He overheard them talking about it when Hitaro encounter the three Anbus from Leaf that tried to kill him when he was a baby.

Naruto's Past andPov

I was heading to Kanokage's office since the academy was out early and I felt saying hi to Kanokage. When I got close to his office, I heard Hitaro sensei's voice. When I got closer I was able make out what they saying and see through the slightly opened door.

"Hitaro it is almost time tell Nartuo's true origin."

The devil masked ninja nodded agreement.

What? What are talking about?

"Naruto." Hitaro called out my name. Which happen make jolt with suprise, and also a tint of fear that might eavesdropping on their conversation.

"Relax you are not in trouble but you must hear this, so come and sit." Hitaro explaining things cooly as usual.

I slowly walked in, it was a small office with couple bookshelves and scroll holders around. In the middle was a desk where Kanokage sat in where he is facing me sadly. Hitaro sensei has his back towards me, I took a chair that a couple feet away desk.

"Naruto..." Kanokage was about to began but Hitaro stopped him.

"Kanokage please let explain."

Kanokage nodded at him with aproval.

"Naruto when you were young infant, your home Hidden Leaf, Konoha. Your father was thw fourth Hokage."

I knew that they were serious by the tone of Hitaro and the look of Konakage. Plus I never hear Hitaro joking at all and Konakage, rarley.

"Your father fought the fox demon, known as Kyuubi. He mangaed to defeat it and seal it in a selected host."

"Who is the host of the Demon."

Both of them were silent. Finally Hitaro continued.

"That host is you Naruto."

At this moment, it was the shock of my life.

"After the battle, your father passed away wanting you to be known as hero. However the people of Hidden Leaf saw you as the demon itself. Thus they attempted to kill you, that's when I encounter to you. They..."


They both shocked that I screamed. Who can blame me, after hearing all that it was unbearable. The next thing I did was running out of the office.

End of Naruto Pov

"Naruto!" Kanokage shouted with concern. He then got up to follow him but stopped by Hitaro.

"Let him be. He needs time alone for now."

Both were still and silent for a moment, then Kanokage sat back down. Then Hitaro broke the silence.

"Perhaps it was not time tell him the truth yet."

"No. It is better he found out soon."

(Somewhere in Hidden Valley)

Naruto was siting on balcony's edge of a building, peering out at the small people walking by. He saw a family which contain's a mother, father, and a son, they held hands smiling and laughing until they no longer in sight.


He turned around and saw Hitaro. The tall shinobi walk and sat next to him. He then started speak to him.

"When I was your age, I too suffered the same fate."

Naruto looked at him with curiosity.

"My clan betrayed Hidden Stone because of their greed for power. Thus leading many of them to there very own death. Those who remained were cast out and branded as traitors of the Earth Country, we force to wander in hunger, and slowly one by one died by stravation or sickness. My mother was the last to die, I greived for her death and was prepare to die also. However shinobi from this village came and saved me."

Naruto was sad to hear that news but same time he's happy their are people like him also.

"I'm sorry I shouted like that back at..."

"Don't be."

Everything went silent execpt for the people down below.

"Thank you." Naruto said.

Hitaro nodded and got up and started to walk away.

"Hitaro sensei." Narruto turned around but he disapeared as usual.

End of the Past

Naruto was broke out of the past when someone called out his name.

Naruto Pov


I turned around to see who said my name, it was Hitaro sensei, as always he wore black shinobi outfit. He also wore that devil mask which conceals his identity; he never let people see his true face. Which makes me wonder why he never let anyone see his face.

"Yes Hitaro sensei."

He took a few steps towards me.

"I heard that you passed the exam. Congratulation, you deserve it."

"Thank you." I replied as I bowed.

"In a few days you and the other shinobis will be sent out to the world. You must be prepared; Hidden Valley is very different from any other village. Our sworn duty is to protect both Dragon blades. We must always be on guard, therefore we must seek out threats before they seek out us. Not only that, our ranking and method of training is very different and no a lot of people knows that Hidden Valley exists"

"Yes sensei, I learned a lot in this village and aware how destructive the two swords be when misused."

"Yes, both power can be dangerous, you may continue your business." With that he disappear with the blink of an eye. I wondered how he vanishes so well.

End of Naruto Pov

(Three Days Later)

Normal Pov

Newly trained shinobis stood in front of the Kanokage building. The murmuring and mumbles echoed throughout the area, they stood their carrying anything that is essential to them. Some of them were excited, some were nervous, and some were pondering what was taking so long.

Among those crowds was Naruto, he wore a black shiny leather suit, leaving his arm bare only leaving his forearm and hand guards to protect them. He wore a mask that covers his face completely leaving his blue eyes revealed. Also wore a head guard just in case someone hits him their with kunai or something. (Think of Ninja Gaiden.)

Finally Kanakage stepped out along with several older looking ninjas.

"Please forgive me for keeping all of you in a long wait. We are now ready to proceed with the ceremony." he shouted.

"You all very strong and brave, you have all earned your title and now ready protect your people and this village. Your strength will come from your courage, use that at all times. Before you all became fine shinobi, from our history you know most of our enemies were powerful. Some of them were very strong missing-nin, some had enhanced technology, some were powerful sorcerers, and even some of them were demons themselves. But no matter who or what our enemy is we will always meet them in battle, and we always rise victorious and glorious. No matter how many sharp teeth and claws our opponent has, we shall cut them, no matter how many of adversaries out there, we shall crush them, and no matter how overwhelming the challenges we face, we shall overcome them."

The entire crowd was silent, and then the Kanokage spoke again.

"We are Hidden Valley, and I am proud to be one, I am sure that every one of you is also proud to be one too. The Celestial Dragons of the Heavens Gate has bestowed a gift to every good soul humans in this world. It is a gift that no evil being shall never have or take. It is a powerful gift called hope. It is a powerful weapon that no treacherous man or beast shall withstand. Use it to assist you on your journey, go now may the gods of heaven watch you."

With those words the crowd slowly began to cheer roar with great pride. Naruto too never heard such powerful words and was also applauding to the speech the Konokage made.

Later young cadets lined up to recieve their mission scroll.

When it was Naruto's turn he went up to Kanokage. Kanokage looked at him and smiled, he gave his scroll.

"Congradultion Naruto, your father in the Heavens would be proud of you." Kanokage spoke with kindness.

"Thank you Kanokage, even though I wasn't born here, Hidden Valley will always be my home." Naruto responded with greatful intention.

(Moments later)

Each shinobi received their destination for their journey, and their instructions. Soon young men started to leave for their journey.

Naruto Pov

I am now heading towards the Grass Country, I was to meet Hitaro sensei there for what I have to do. I hope this journey goes well.

End of Chapter One

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