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Naruto has wandered aimlessly in the Wave country for the past two months. Again he wandered, looking for any information about the Gallerians. He had found no one who has information on them, all of the people have never heard of the Gallerians in their lives.

The only time a person claim to know about the Gallerians just wanted to lead him to his friends so they can rob him. But Naruto easily defeated them without breaking a sweat. They thought they could pummel a kid and take his stuff including the sword Hitaro gave him.

The sword had a white handle, while hilt of it was gold and had dragon designs all over it. The blade shined like silver and also had dragon design. The sheath that covers the blade was white also, again more dragon designs, except this time the dragon was holding a yin yang sign in its mouth. The sword that Naruto was holding is the White Dragon Blade.

(Flash Back)

"Are you nuts! You can't take on the entire Gallerian. They weapons are advanced, they have sorcery, and also strong fighters. " Shouted a valley nin.

"Listen to us Naruto. We are upset just like you but seeking revenge is not the time right now. Gallerians will soon find out that the White Dragon Blade they have is a fake. They'll soon be back to find the real one and this time they will finish us off for good."

"This is not for revenge! This is to retrieve the Dark Dragon Blade immediately." Yelled Naruto. "I want to kill them all! I wan killt every last one of them. But Kanokage said that vengeance will only spread pain further and will never solve anything. So I am not going to get them back." With that quote Naruto started look down to the ground.

"Naruto..." one of the valley nin manage to say while the rest were shock by his words. Hitaro just stood there looking at the young shinobi, no one what's his emotion since he has the devil mask on.

Naruto looked up to them and turned around having his back facing them. "When I look at this village it was the only home I knew. Ever since I became a shinobi, I wanted to do some good for this village; I wanted to protect this village from harm. But I failed that, and not only that but I lost a Kanokage who was like grandfather to me." Naruto turned back to them "So I am going to retrieve the sword back, that is at least I can do for Kanokage."

"Naruto the death of Kanokage is not your fault, and it ours, we underestimated the enemy forces."

"I'm not saying it's anyone's fault but my duty as a Valley Shinobi to retrieve the Black Dragon Blade at all cost."

"Then take to White Dragon Blade with you." Then everyone looked at Hitaro with

shocked faces. "The Gallerians are most likely use the Black Dragon Blade against you, in order to defeat such sword you must use its brother."

One valley nin was about to object but another refrained him from doing so. Nartuo was so shocked he didn't know what to be more surprised at, whether he is about to get the most powerful sword in the world, or that Hitaro is granting him his unreasonable request.

"Hitaro sensei..." only those words came out Naruto.

(Moments later)

Naruto and Hitaro was in outside of the village, Naruto was now holding the blade in his hands; he stared at it with curiosity.

"Only use the blade at dire times, if you use it too many times it's power may destroy you." warned Hitaro.

"Hitaro sensei, aren't you coming with me?" asked Naruto

"No, I need to stay with the survivors until they reached a safer spot, but I send my message hawk to inform you if I learned any thing or to give your something."

Naruto nodded, "Hitaro sensei it has been good times with you."

"Same here"

Then Naruto put his mask back on which once again conceal his entire face except for the his eyes. He then ran, but when he got to a certain distance he stopped and waved goodbye then took off once again.

"You sure it was a wise idea to give him the White Dragon Blade?" asked a Valley nin who came out of his hiding spot.

"I am certain, handling the power of the sword will train him to be stronger. Also he'll need the sword when he goes up against wielder of the other sword, which is the Metal Prophet.

The other nin shrugged. "Well I'll go with your words after all, your the..."

Right then Hitaro silenced him. "Careful there are eyes and ears everywhere."

The valley nin understood and nodded, then they both head back inside the village.

(End of flashback.)

The bandits that tried to rob him made him really mad; he had high hopes any information; even it's a small one.

Not only that Grass nins are hunting him for the incident back at the Grass country.

(Later on)

Naruto has reached a town,

He was feeling really hungry so he started look for place that served Ramen.

As he was about to head in to this nearby restaurant until heard yelling from a woman who has black long hair that look like she was being harassed two really ugly ronins he ever saw.

The woman seem to be carrying bag of grocery, and trying get home but the ronins seem to be trying hit on her even though rejected them numerous times.

"Come on baby. Don't you know we are one of Gatou's men?" One spoke like he was trying to be a gentlemen.

"Yeah! Every woman wants to be with us, so your lucky." The other was trying to impress her.

"I said NO! Please leave me alone, I need get home!" the woman shouted. Then she tried run off but one of ronins grabbed her arm.

"Aw don't be like that lady. Hey let us carry your bag?"

"NO! Let me go, your hurting my arm."

Naruto could not stand this sight any longer, so he walked towards them. "Hey!" he shouted at them, and then everybody looked at him. "The lady said she doesn't wanna go with you, why don't you let her go."

"Get lost kid! We have no time to play ninja with you!"

"Who would want to date two fat ugly pricks like you, if you want to date somebody, date rock, at least it won't complain about your face." The two ronins were enraged by that comment, they drew their swords and charged at Naruto."


"I don't need any weapons to beat the likes of you!" Naruto charged at them with the speed of light, Naruto was so fast that he pummeled them to the ground that they didn't get a chance the take a swing at him.

After the fight (which lasted 1 min) the ronin were badly bruised up, then they ran away crying mommy.

"Are you alright miss?" asked Naruto.

"Yes I'm fine and thank you for helping me." She smiled at the masked shinobi. "How can repay you for this."

"Oh don't worry about I just did it in..." before he can finish his sentence his stomach growled loudly. The woman looked at him blankly with Naruto had a sweatdrop." "Heh heh heh. I forgot to get myself some food."

(Tsunami's house)

Naruto Pov

The woman I just helped was named Tsunami, apparently she's the daughter of man who is a bridge builder named Tazuna. Tsunami apparently was a good cook, she made me some ramen, in fact I am already at my seventh bowl.

"Wow you really like ramen."

"Yes it is my favorite food as you can see." I laughed nervously.

"There is plenty left so feel free to ask me more." She said politely and smiled.

"Thanks." After I continued to eat more.

Later on I was helping her clean the dishes, since I had like twenty-seven bowls. After we cleaned the dishes I went outside to gets some air, I looked at blue sky. I wondered what is going on back at Hidden Valley, did Hitaro found a place for survivors to live in temporally, or did they get caught Gallerian forces. Then I saw a hawk flying toward me; it was Hitaro's message hawk. When it landed I went to it and received the message, I skimmed it and got rid of the message. I wrote a thank you message and gave it to the hawk; also I gave it some food as appreciation for it's hard work. After it flew off I heard some noise in the house.

I went inside to see what 's going on. I saw an old man who was lifting a shinobi by his arm. The shinobi had gray hair and his forehead protector was covering one of his eyes, there were two genins with them. One was boy around my age and had black hair; the other was girl also around my age and had pink long hair.

I looked at their entire forehead protector, it turns out they're al from Hidden Leaf.

(Moment's later)

"Are you alright sensei?" Tsunami asked the shinobi who is now resting on a bed.

"Yeah I just can't move for a week or so." The gray haired shinobi responded.

"Say Tsunami who's that brat over there?" Brat?! That Tazuna guy sure knows how greet a person.

"Father don't call him a brat. His name Uzamaki Naruto."

(End of Naruto Pov but beginning Kakashi's Pov)

Uzamaki? Could that be the fourth's child that disappeared a long time ago? He does have blue eyes, but that's all I can see. If I only can get glimpse of his entire face then maybe I would be able to see if he really is.

"He also saved me from Gatou's men."

"Really? HA! HA! HA! HA! Now we have another shinobi to protect us! Thank's kid!"

"Uh your welcome." Replied the blue eyed nin.

"So Naruto, I can see that you are shinobi also, but who taught you?" I asked hoping that I can get some information. The blue-eyed shinobi looked at me for a moment then replied.

"My sensei taught me, he is independent shinobi." I nodded and thought another question to ask.

"What brings you in the Wave Country?" The boy paused for another moment then he responded.

"I'm traveling at this moment." I knew he was lying; he was lying for both of the answer of the question I gave.

I decided not to press on any further. Then I realized I haven't introduced my students and myself. "I'm Kakashi from Hidden Leaf." Then I motioned the others to introduce themselves.

"I'm Haruno Sakura."

"Uchiha Sasuke..."

"My name is Uzamaki Naruto."

(End of Kakashi Pov)

"So what are you guys doing Wave Country." Asked Naruto.

"We are doing C rank mission." Responded Sakura.

"It is to protect Tazuna." Sasuke pointed out. Naruto nodded, they talked for a while. Then Sakura asked whats wrong. (For this part it is just like the manga except Naruto remained silent.)

"Plus whether Zabusa is dead or alive... There is no assurance that Gatou hired even stronger shinobi.

Naruto grimaced underneath his mask.

"Sensei what do you mean preparing before it's too late? You can barely move." Asked Sakura. Kakashi laughed while pink hair looked at him suspiciously.

"You guys will receive training." After that quote Sakura began to rant what's training going to do. Kakashi started to explain why they need more to training. While Naruto just sat they're listening and Sasuke eyed suspiciously at Naruto.

Just then a little boy came and shouted, "Who the hell are you guys!" Everyone turn to direction of the little boy.

"Oh Inari where were you?"

"Welcome back Grandpa."

"Inari, say hello to these people. They ninjas that protected both of us."

Inari looked at the leaf nins, then he turn to Naruto. "Mom... They are going to die..." Everyone was silent by this comment from the kid. Then Naruto spoke up.

"What makes you think that?"

"There is no way you guys can beat Gatou..." the boy responded

"But you never seen us in action before, so how can you judge us?"

"I bet you never seen Gatou in action."

"True but you'll be surprised what some people can do."

"If you don't want to die, you should leave."

"Where are going Inari?"

"To look at the ocean from my room." Then the boy went upstairs leaving the others alone. Tazuna apologized for his grand son's behavior.

"Well I guess we need to start our training." Kakashi told his two students to meet him in the woods. After they left he turned to Naruto.

"Would like to watch us train? You might learn a thing or two." At first Naruto was going to decline then he shrugged and went with him.

(In the woods)

Kakashi was explaining why they need to tree climb and how will it help them. The catch about tree climbing is not using your hands but using your feet. Naruto was sitting next to a tree listening to conversation they are having. Then Kakashi asked Naruto if he would show an example. Narruto took out his kunai and started running up a tree, when he felt it was time jump off he mark a where he stopped. Then he jumped off and landed on the ground with both his feet. Both genins were shock that he got pretty far up on the tree.

Then Kakashi told his student to try it, and then Sasuke and Sakura did it. Moments later Sakura was the first to finish.

Sasuke Pov

Damn! How am I going to get stronger if am the last one to finish.

"Hey Saauke." I turned to Naruto. "If want, I can give some advice."

Who does this guy he is? I don't need anyone's help; I need to be stronger without anyone's hope in order to kill very one person I despise.

End of Sasuke Pov

"I don't need anyone's help, especially you."

"Geez, I was only trying to help you but you had act Mr. Stick Up his Ass." Naruto said with a little tint of annoyance. Sasuke frowned and glared at the other nin. Sakura was fuming and demanded that Naruto apologize to Sasuke. While Kakashi was trying to calm everyone down.

Inari was watching the shinobis and the kunoichi far away, and then he turned back and walked away.

(Mean while in a Fortress far away)

Haku was sitting beside Zabuza who is now lying in bed. Then Gatou and his bodyguards came in.

"So even you came back defeated. It looks like mist country ninjas are pretty pathetic." Gatou snorted when he came in. "You can't even avenge your men? You dare to call yourself a devil? Don't make me laugh." Gatou's bodyguard drew their sword. However Gatou stopped them "Hold on for a second. Hey. There's no need to stay silent." Gatou came in closer.


Everyone turned to the direction of the voice. It was the Metal Prophet. Two samurai's in blood red armor and with facemask were with him. With them were another two men. A man in gray trench coat; he wears a similar hat, as Inari except it is gray. He has brown hair. The other man was wearing a monk robes he wore a straw-hat shape as a mushroom. He had a sinister look in his eyes.

The five new men who entered the room began to approach the other group of people.

"Metal Prophet, what are doing here?" asked Gatou.

"Wanted to see the famous devil." When he got closer, he took a look Zabuza. Zabuza just stared back. "There is no need to hold that kunai underneath that blanket." The Metal Prophet spoke as Zabuza only stare at him with his eyes bulging out. Haku was also shock and could only stare at him with only disbelief.

"YOU LITTLE..." Gatou shouted enrage at Zabuza. But the man the trench coat grabbed his shoulder hard.

"Do not disrespect the prophet with the irritating shouting, you speak when prophet gives you permission." The man said in an icy toned voice. The two bodyguards of Gatou drew their swords but the two red samurais got in their way drew their swords first.

"That's enough." Metal Prophet said sternly, while the samurai's looked at him confused. Then they bowed and sheath their swords. The bodyguard also told to sheath their blades also.

"What do you want from me?" Zabuza asked.

"To see you, that is all." The metal prophet replied.

"You should be thankful that the prophet is letting you live. Especially a miserable insect like you." The monk said. Haku was stood up to the monk.

"Don't call him a miserable insect!" then he glared at monk with hate in his eyes.

"Oh? Did hit a nerve of a weak child who couldn't protect him?"

Haku was about to draw his needles but Zabuza stopped him. "Haku no!" Then Zabuza turned back to the Metal Prophet. "I don't know who you are but please let me rest. I need to get my strength back in order kill that old man." The Metal Prophet nodded.

"Very well, if rest you need, rest you shall get." Then he motions everyone to leave.

"Zabuza I'll give you another chance. But if you fail, you won't be welcome here anymore." Then Gatou left along with his bodyguard.

When they left, Haku turned back to Zabuza. "That man, he is very dangerous." Zabuza spoke. "I sensed a huge amount of chakra from him, if he wanted too he would of killed us in seconds."

"What are we going to do?" asked Haku.

Zabuza remained silent.

(Next Day)

Naruto was throwing Kunai's and Shuriken's at pratice targets that were painted on trees. While throwing he thought about name Gatou, the message Hitaro gave him told that he was involved with him some how. He thought about how should he approach this situation. Also that Leaf Jounin, Naruto was also suspicious of him, he thought about him for a moment. The Jounin seemed to know him; maybe he is one of the people that tried to kill him. But Hitaro said he got rid of his assassins so he couldn't be, if he's not assassin then who is he?

"Nice throwing." Kakashi said as he was towards while using his crutches.

"Shoudn't you be with your student?" asked Naruto.

"Sakura is guarding Tuzana and Sasuke is still doing the tree climbing." Responded Kakashi,

Naruto nodded, "Hmmm and what brings you out here?"

"I thought I watch you practice your kunai throws." (Plus find out more about you.)

"I know you did not come out here just watch me practice my target. What do you really want?" Naruo said with blank tone.

"Wow your sharp. Okay the real reason I came is to learn more about you."

"What's there learn about me?"

"Have you heard of the Demon Fox Kyuubi?"

"Yes, but what does have to do with me?"

Kakashi then started explain about the events that Hidden Leaf.

"So let me get this straight, the people accuse the baby for being the carrier of the demon fox, so three anbus tried to kill the baby. But when you were sent to rescue the baby, you found the anbus dead but the baby was missing. From that point no one knew what happen to baby or where his whereabouts. "

"Right." Confirmed Kakashi.

"What does this have to do with me?"

Kakashi remained silent, then he spoke, "The fourth's child had the first and last name like yours."

"So you think I'm that baby that disappeared a long time ago."

"I can't say, however if you let me get a glimpse of your face maybe..." Naruto stopped him.

"Do you let people see what's under your mask, just because they want know what you look like?" asked Naruto.

Kakashi slightly raised his lazy eye. "No."

"Then that settles it." Then Naruto continued on target practice.

Kakashi thought (Damn and I was close.)

After Naruto came back in the house, Sakura returned with Tuzana, Sasuke returned from his training, and Tsunami fixing lunch. Sasuke was eyeing at Naruto while he is just ignoring him reading a novel of famous Ninjas. Sakura is trying desperately get a converstion with Sasuke, but with no luck he doesn't respond much. Tuzana just read his newspaper while Kakashi was reading his favorite book. Then later on Inari come down for dinner.

When lunch was set up, everyone started to dig in. Sasuke was still glaring at Naruto.

Naruto Pov

When will he stop eyeing me like that? At first it was pretty funny, it's just plain annoying. If Sasuke won't stop, then I may have to stop him myself.

"Sasuke do you mind?"


"Will you stop glaring at me?"

For the moment Sasuke stop looking at me, then he looked back at me. He started say something.

"Are you still willing give the advice on the treeclimbing?" he asked with resistance but I take that for now.

"You need to focus, you need to clear mind of everything that is troubling. Relax and..."

I stopped there for moment thinking should I or should I not.

"And?" Sasuke said it with annoyance, why not I should have fun once in a while.

"And don't be such a Mr. Stick Up His Ass." That advice or more like an insult made Sasuke glare at me once again. Sakura started squabble at me.

"Naruto that was mean! I demand you apologize to Sasuke, after all he asked nicely!" I was chuckling even she had a point there, Kakashi sighed, Tsunami just smiled, Tuzana just stared, but Inari just ate.

After dinner Sakura pointed out a torn picture on the wall. The entire room went silent, I didn't like where this is going. Finally Tsunami said it was her husband, but Tuzana said he is a hero. Then Inari got up and left.

"Inari where are going? Inari!" The boy went up to his and slamed his door. "Father I thought I told you not to talk about that man in front of Inari!" Tsunami shouted.

"What's wrong with Inari-kun?" asked the worried Sakura.

"There seem to be some kind of explanation." Kakashi said.

Then Tuzana started, "Inari had a father not related by blood. They were really close, like a real father and son... Inari would laugh a lot back then..." Kakashi and I looked at each other for moment, then we looked back at Tuzana. "But... But Inari changed... Since the incident with his father." That's when Tuzana told us tragedy that fell upon thin town, after he finish I got up and pick up the White Dragon Blade. Then I headed out to the door.

"Where are you doing Naruto?" asked Sakura.

I didn't say anything and just left out door. I went outside to the woods; I lay down and looked straight up the sky. I started practicing the sword with the sheath on; I wonder what was Inari's father last thought, what was Kanokage's last thought, what was all the valley nin last thought when the enemy killed them. Soon I felt tired after swinging the sword around, I thought take quick nap.

(Later On)

I awoken by a female voice, I open eyes and it was girl who had black long hair and snow-white skin. "You'll catch a cold sleeping in a place like this." She spoke.

I looked at her for moment then looked at her basket full of herbs. "Are a Herbalist?" I asked.

"Um I guess you can call me that." She responded. "The way you dress, you must be a shinobi." She asked.

"Yes I am." I responded.

"Were you training?"

"Well sort of."

"Why are you training?"

"I was preparing myself."

She looked at me for a moment, "Why is that?"

"The person I soon will go against will be very powerful, I need to get ready to fight for my very life."

The woman looks at me for a moment. Then she asked me question.

"Do you do this for someone you care or for yourself?"

I thought about it, "It is both." She looked at me confused. "The man I seek wants destroy the people care about, in the same time I want prove myself I am strong." For the moment looked at him not knowing what to make out of me. Then she smiled and laughed. "What so funny?"

"Oh nothing, tell who is this man you seek for?"

"Well I highly doubt that you will know him but he is known as the Metal Prophet." When I mention that she froze and I knew something was wrong. Then she looked at me with a smile on her face.

"Are you serious? That's his name? It sounds like a book or something." We both laughed, but I laughed just not make any suspicious move.

"Well I have to go." She got turned around. "Let's meet again somewhere."

"Sure" I replied. Then she started walking off, however she stops again.

"Oh... And... I'm a boy."

I have to admit, I was pretty shocked to hear that.

"Whoa sorry about that! I hope your not leaving because of me calling you a girl." She or more like HE turned around and laughed.

"Don't worry, it's no big deal." Then he left.

End of Naruto's Pov

(Next Day)

It was nighttime, everyone was eating dinner, Sasuke was announced to start guarding Tuzana. While the old man was laughing happy that the bridge will be done by tomorrow. Naruto was finished his food, while Inari stared at him. Suddenly Inari got up and shouted.


Everyone looked at Inari except for Naruto, he only mind his own business.


"We'll see who gets killed kid" said the blue eyed nin.


This enraged Naruto.

"Inari... Don't act like you're the tragic star. Your father died trying to defend this country and yet haven't recognized that." Now everyone was looking at Naruto. "DON'T ACT LIKE A SPOILED LITTLE SHIT! YOU THINK YOU HAD IT BAD! THEN HEAR MY STORY!" Naruto began to explain how he grew without parents, then the incident in Grass that lead to them accusing him, and then the when he came back to Valley. When he finally was finished everyone was silent. Naruto stood up began to walkout, "I need to cool for a moment." (He lied about the Hidden Valley, and replaced it with a farming village. He didn't mention anything about Hitaro and other information that reveal him.)

Then Naruto stormed out with rage.

Inari was outside in the night crying some more. Kakashi came out asked him that he could join. "Inari, if you take a closer look at Naruto's past, you can see he is not very different from you. He even suffered the same pain as you. Tuzana-san told us about your father. I don't know Naruto very much, but I say he had a rougher past then you. Since he was adopted into this farming village and came back to find them all dead, that would be pretty rough. But Naruto seem to move on, he always stay calm and always keep his courage up. He probably knows what it really means to be strong. Just like your father."

"What?" the little boy looked up.

"Naruto may understand your feelings better than anyone else. Doesn't seem able to... not be concerned about you." After the speech Kakashi just gave, Inari could only stare at him with a blank expression.

(Next Day)

Kakashi Pov

Naruto did not come back last night. I'm pretty sure he's all right. However Sakura, Tsunami, and Tuzana seem worried. Sasuke doesn't seem to care while Inari, I haven't seen him all day. Well it is the last day of guarding Tuzana, however I am still curious what's Naruto doing.

"Goodbye and let Naruto know where we are." I said Tsunami. She nodded and she will, then we were off. Sakura was still trying to get Sasuke to talk to her while Tuzana was drinkin usual."

End of Kakashi Pov

(Somewhere Else)

"Is the ambush ready?" Gatou asked through the walkie-talkie. "Hey Zabuza!!! Are you listening? Hey!!!"

But Zabuza did not respond. "Shall we go Haku?"


(Inside a dark fortress)

"Gatou is launching attack on the bridge, Just in case Zabuza fails."

"What about the unit I sent back at Hidden Valley?"

"Dead. All of them, it appears that the Valley are still persistent."

"Hitaro must have killed them. Send in Kretall to the bridge." When Metal Prophet spoke of the name the man in the trench coat looked at him.

"Forgive me, but my ask why send him there? The Elite Blood Armored Samurais should be able to crush Gatou's men after he outlive his purpose."

"I have reports of the valley nin who defeated Yako is here McCain."

"I see. Then I will send him." With that McCain left into the darkness.

(Back to Inari and Tsunami)

"Inari help me with the dishes please."

"Okaaay but I'm in the bathroom right now."

Suddenly two Ronins broke through a wall; Tsunami only could stare at them with a shock expression.


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