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"So how many boys did you shock today?" Asked Naruto.

"Ha ha very funny." Haku replied annoyingly. "I say about five men tried to hit on me."

"They must so shocked they couldn't say anything, right?" Then the fox carrier gave a small grin underneath his mask.

"Say Naruto are you participating in the chunin exam?"

"Yeah I might as well in order kill time. Beside, maybe I might learn things from it."

"Light what?"

"You know helpful advice for my mission. What about you? What do you plan to do in Konoha?"

"Well I did learn some great information from some medical nins."

"Your really into these medic stuff aren't you?"

"You can say that." Haku smiled innocently.

The two boys continued to walk down the street until they noticed a rectangular box painted as stone. They looked at with confused face, and then they looked each other. They turned around, but kept they're eyes on the box. The second the box moved, the teenage nins turned around. "Okay Konohamaru we know you're in there." Then three little kids pop out of the box.

"Wow your amazing bro, you manage to find us!" Konohamaru shouted while the older boys sweat dropped.

"Okay Konohamaru, one it is not surprising me and Haku found you. Two you don't find large stone in the middle of the urban street. Three rocks don't have perfect corners; in fact they are not even in rectangular shapes." Naruto spoke the three common sense, while Haku nodded each one of them with agreement. Konohamaru and his friends, on the other hand they stared at him like he was a wise man.

"Wow! So that's how my grandpa discovers me."

(Man... Are children are this stupid?) Thought Naruto. Then he saw Sakura walking down the street with a glum look on her face. "Hey Sakura! What's up?" greeted Naruto.

The pink haired shinobi looked up and saw Naruto, and Haku, along with the three other children she forced Naruto play with that other day. She walked over to them greeted them politely.

"What's wrong Sakura chan?" asked Haku.

"Oh nothing, say do you guys think I'm useless?"

Naruto cocked an eyebrow while Haku stared blankly at her. "Did anyone say that to you?"

"No Naruto I'm just asking if you guys think I'm useless." Sakura replied frantically but Naruto was not convinced but decided not push further.

"I'll be honest with you, you don't seem to be a fighter type." Sakura looked down sadly when Naruto spoke his comment. "But you extremely smart Sakura, you are the first person who noticed that my skills requires lots of chakra. That is good, you'll still be a great kunoichi." When Sakura heard this her face slightly brighten up. But soon the mood changed...

"Say Naruto is that your girl friend?" Konohamaru asked.

"Naw she's friend. Beside she's way too violent to be my girlfriend." Then Sakura fist planted on genin who talked too much, which sent soaring through the air.

"Whose said I'm violent!?" Sakura shouted with an evil angry face on her. Haku and the other kids looked at her nervously. Konohamaru ran to see if his mentor is all right.

(She's scary when she is angry, better not make her mad. Or I'll end up like Naruto.) Thought Haku.

(Maybe I'm wrong about the fighting type.) Thought Naruto.

"Hey you ugly bitch! What's the big idea?"

Naruto eyes bulge out; he quickly stood up and covered little kid's mouth to prevent him saying more than he needs too. "Heh, heh kids these days, where do they learn these launguage?" Naruto a long cheap smile at the end of his sentence.

Sakura gave really ugly look and cracked her knuckles. "No mercy for those who insult my beauty..."

The next moment both Naruto and Konoharmaru lying on the ground dazed while huge lumps on their head.

Sakura walked away from the group. Haku and the other kids went to help them back up. "Naruto are you okay?" Haku kindly asked while he smiled nervously.

"Yeah, but I think am wrong about Sakura being physically weak." Naruto stated.

"Konohamaru are you alright?" asked one of his friends.

"Damn it, that ugly huge foreheaded, Is that really a girl, seriously bro?"

(DOES THIS KID DEATH WISH OR SOMETHING?!!!) Both Haku and Naruto thought at the same time.

Suddenly Sakura stopped walking, Naruto prayed the end of the world was not coming. But that didn't happen cause the entire group was running away while an angered Sakura chased after them.

Suddenly Konohamaru bumped into a nin who was dressed in all black. When Konohamaru fell back the nin picked him up. "That hurt you little piece of shit!" the nin shouted.


"Don't we'll get yelled at later!" A girl with a huge war fan that is slunged behind her back warned the other nin. But he ignored.

"I'm sorry we were messing around." Sakura tried reasoning them but nothing was happening.

"Let him go, or else..." Naruto narrowed his eyes at the nin that holding the kid.

"Or else what?"

"Or else you'll feel something more painful than the bump from him." Naruto growled lowly and drew his sword out.

"Please just let him go, he didn't mean to hurt you." Haku said with a blank tone while drawing his needles out.

"Lets play more before the boss comes."

Naruto charged at him, but he smiled and started to fidget his fingers. Then acupuncture needles flew towards him, he dropped young leaf child and defended himself. Naruto dashed towards him and kicked him while catching Konohamaru. The black nin fell back, then got up angrily. Konohamaru stood behind him while Naruto got into defence stance.

"I'll KILL you!"

"Kankuro stop it!" A voice shouted out of nowhere. Everyone looked up where voice came from, Sasuke was seen sitting on top of the tree but he was staring at another person. "He is too strong for you."

"G-G-Gaara!" Kankuro stuttered while Sasuke stared at him. "Listen Gaara they started it and..."

"Why do you think we came to leaf village? To watch you lose in a fight? How pathetic..."


"Shut up! I'll kill you!"

"Ok, I'm sorry..."

"I'm also sorry, really sorry." The girl stammered.

"I'm sorry about that." Gaara apologized to the leaf group.

"Come on lets go hang out somewhere else." Naruto said while lightly pushing the kids to a certain direction.

Then Sasuke jumped out of nowhere.

"Hey what's your name?" asked Sasuke.

"Huh? You mean me?" The girl with the fan blushed.

"No, you with gourd."

"Gaara of Sand. I'm also interested yours and the one in the mask."

"It's Uchiha Sasuke."

"Naruto, Uzamaki Naruto."

"Lets go." Gaara said as turning around while other sand nins followed.


It was the day of the Chuunin Exam. Team seven was heading towards the building to take the test. Sasuke did not show it but he was excited, Sakura was nervous but ready to take it. Naruto just stood wondering what will the test be like. The team slowly went inside the exam building, when they got inside they saw a crowd in front of a door.

(Hmmm I wonder what's going on?) Naruto thought while his teamate slowly got closer to see what's happening. They saw a boy with a bowl like haircut and thick eyebrows was knocked back by older genins who standing in front of the door. It is door that team seven has to go through.

"Hah you plan to take the chuunin exam with that?"

"You should quit now!"

"Please let us trough." A girl with a pink sleeveless shirt with her hair tied up as bun on each side.

The older genin smacked her face sending her back. Then they started to rant about how the chuunin exam is difficult and frustrating. They explain they failed twice and today were they're third time doing it. They also gave reasons why they should give up and to shorten the numbers.

Then Sasuke came up to them. "I agree, but... You will let me pass through. Also remove the surrounding created with genjustsu. I'm going to the third floor." The genins stare at Sasuke while he only stared back. People were confused and murmured around.

"So you've noticed." One of them finally replied.

After few speeches, one of the genins charged at Sasuke. Sasuke instantly responded by attempting to kick him. But both of the attack was blocked by the boy earlier from commotion.

(He's pretty good. He reminds me of Fuumaki sensei.) Naruto thought while flashing through his past.

"Hey, what happen to the plan? You're the one said we shouldn't draw attention to ourselves." A genin with white pupils and long black hair spoke while he stared at the other genin annoyingly.

"Well..." The genin with thick eyebrows turned and stared at Sakura with a wide grin. She stared back confused of what's going on.

"Oh no..." The girl with her hair tied as buns on her hair was shaking her head in a no matter.

"Hi my name is Rock Lee, so your Sakura... Let's go out to together. I'll protect to you till I die." Lee's white teeth glinted brightly as he spoke.

"No... Way..." Sakura responded as Lee's head dropped.

"Hey you!" Sasuke turned to see the other genin. "What's your name?"

"When you want to learn someone's name you should give yours first."

"You're a rookie right? How old are you?"

"Don't have to answer you." With that response they both turned to head towards their team. But then the genin notice Naruto.

"How about you? What's your name?"

"Uzamaki Naruto, and I am twelve years old."

"Hyuga Neji, I'm thirteen." Then Neji return to his team.

"Naruto, Sasuke let's go!" Sakura cheerfully dragged them along.

"So those are Kakashi and Gai's pupils, I guess they pass the unofficial first test." Then smoke puffed out; when it cleared it showed the genins were actually chuunins.

"I heard about the nin with the mask."

"Yeah me too, I'm eager to see what he'll do.

Back to Team Seven

Team seven was on their way to the exam until they heard a voice called them. They looked up and saw it was Rock Lee. (Some parts I be skipping cause there is no point in retelling it.)

Naruto watched as Sakura shouting at Lee while Sasuke looked at her.

(This is just getting weird, but that thick eyebrow genin is pretty tough. This might be interesting watching them both fight.)

Moments later Sasuke accepted Rock Lee's challenge, but Sasuke was losing and when Lee was about to release his final blow. A voice boomed across the room. When Lee stopped he than rush towards the turtle, he bowed in respect while it scolded him. Then a man that is similar to Lee but thicker eyebrows appeared in the room.

"Super thick." quoted Sasuke.

"Really thick." quoted Sakura.

"Did I just see something move in his eyebrow?" quoted Naruto.

"Hey stop insulting Gai sensei!" shouted Lee

"But something did move in his eyebrow!!!" Naruto shouted back.

"Lee." The genin turn to his master, then he received full hard punch to his face. "YOU FOOL!"

Team seven stood there shocked.

"Lee, you are... You are..."

"Sensei... Sensei... I... I..."

"That enough Lee, you do not have to say it!"


(I lost to him?) Sasuke thought.

The Gai was giving his student his punishment while Team seven was really weirded out. Then Naruto started leave.


"Naruto where are you going?"

I turned around and spoke to Sakura. "To the exam, this is getting weird."

"What about us?"

"Feel free come with me guys. But not staying here any longer." I continue my way back, however that Gai sensei called us. He asked us how's Kakashi was doing.

"You know Kakashi?"

"Know him...? Heh heh." Then suddenly the guy disappeared and reappeared behind us.

"People call us the eternal rivals..."

My team stared at him at surprised but me, Hitaro is a lot better at this disappearing thing. The guy started explaining his wins and losses while the other genin saying he's incredible. I saw Sasuke's face, he couldn't believe he stronger than Kakashi.

"You're pretty good but you're not the best." I quoted.

"What do you mean, is there someone stronger than me?" Gai lifted his eyebrows as he asked. Man those are thick eyebrows, and I still see something moving.

"Are you talking about that man called Hitaro?" Sakura asked me.

"Yup, you would have to see him yourself to believe me."

"No way, Gai sensei is incredible." The Lee guy spoke to me with energy.

"Well back to reason I'm here, is apologies for Lee. Well all of you should be going to exam now. Good luck Lee." Then he jumped off.

"Yes sir!" Lee replied while wrapping his hand with bandages. Before he left he told Sasuke some things. Then he jumped away like his master. After few minutes we headed towards the exam.


Somewhere in the corner two monks stepped out of the darkness. Both were wearing strawhats.

"Are you sure this is good idea? I mean our Lord told us not attack the valley nin yet." The monk asked.

"Don't worry I just wanted to fun with him. Besides, my old friend Kyuubi is sealed inside of him." Replied the other monk. (The same monk from the Wave Country)


"Huh" Naruto turned around peered towards back towards the direction that his team came from.

"What's wrong?" Sakura asked.

"Nothing I just feel a bit weird."

"Oh Sakura came too." Kakashi was standing there in front of them. "Now we can properly take the exam.

"What do you mean?"

(This part when Kakashi explain the Exam)

Kakashi smiled as Sakura and Sasuke enter the room. Then noticed Naruto who was looking back.

"Naruto is there something wrong?"

"Well... I feel something, I don't know what it is exactly."

"I don't sense any chakra."

"No is not that, it some thing more. Something familiar."

Kakashi looked at him for a moment, then he stare down the hallway.

"You know what Kakashi sensei, I think I'm just a bit jumpy."

"Hmmm." Gave him a your're sure look.

"I'm going to the exam now, see ya." With that Naruto went inside.

Kakashi stared at Naruto as he went in. He was about to leave, until looked down the hallway again. (You know now that Naruto mention about it. The hallway seems a bit weird if you look at carefully. It is almost as if ghost lurking here.) Then Kakashi shook his head. "Nah maybe I need to rest, I should read my book."

Then Kakashi walk off. As soon nobody was in the hallway some thing materialized. Three figures were standing in the hallway; one was the monk while the others had hooded cloaks over them.

"That close, I thought they surly would find us." One figure said

"I do not understand? Why are here if we are not here for the sword." Another added

"You know why. Now go! I want to see if it is the same." The monk responded while hooded ones nodded. They disappeared leaving monk alone in the Hallway.

"Very soon Kyuubi. I Koga shall destroy you." Then he started to laugh evilly, while laughing his eyes glowed blood red.


When Naruto entered the room, he saw a lot eyes staring at him. He saw many shinobis from various villages. Some from Rain, Stone, Cloud, Sand, and Grass.


Naruto stared at the grass while they glare at him with hate.

(I guess they really strongly believe I raised the dead in their country.)

Naruto sheepishly wave at them while they continued they're murderous glare. Then he heared Sakura calling him, he saw her waving at him. He rushed towards her leaving behind the angry nins.

"Why were you behind?" Sasuke asked.

"Uh just meeting some old friends." He responded.

They looked at him with strangely.

"SASUKE! YOUR LATE!" Ino jumped on Sasuke's back while he looked at her annoyed. "I haven't seen you for a while so I've been waiting in excitement."


"Why if it isn't Sakura. Big ugly forehead as usual."


Ino made face at her, while Naruto just stood and watched. Then Chouji and Shikamaru appeared. "You guys taking this test too? Don't die."

"Hey I met you guys back at the barbeque house."

"Uh, oh yeah the new guy on team seven. I'm Nara Shikamaru. This is Akimichi Chouji." Nara pointed while Chouji continue to eat. "That's Yamazaki Ino."

"Hello nice to meet you." She greeted with a smile.

"Nice to meet you too."

"Yahoo Found You."

Everyone turned to see it is team eight.

"H-Hello..." Hinata greeted nervously.

"Well well everyone assembled."

"Jeez you guys too?"

"Huh? Hey what are you doing here?" Kiba asked Naruto.

"What does it look like?"

"Your in the exam too? Where's your team?"

"He's in our team we don't have third member." Sakura filled in.

"Okay, just make sure he doesn't do anything stupid."

"Man you still whining about that other day?"

"I not whining, I'm just speaking the truth."

"Truth? You mean advice, and you say I'm stupid."

Kiba was about make a comeback until...

"Hey you guys should be more quiet." A man in glasses told them as he approach. "You guys are rookies just out of the academy right? Screaming schoolgirls, geez... This isn't a picnic you know."

"Who do you think you are?" Ino asked.

"I'm Kabuto, but instead of that look behind you?" All of the rookie teams turned around and saw Rain nins glaring at them. "Those guys are hidden rain and they have short tempers. Everyone here are nervous about the exam, quiet down before you case a scene."

"Kabuto-san right?"


"So this is your second time?"

"Nope seventh time. This exam is held twice a year so it is my fourth year."

"Wow so you know lot this exam."

"That's right."

Naruto just stood their not showing any kind emotion through his mask.

Kabuto explained his specialties such the nin info cards. He showed one of his cards that have the data of all the genins from each country. Then Sasuke asked him if he had information on individuals. Kabuto replied with a yes and show him the individuals that Sasuke wanted.

"Ok first it is Rock Lee. He is a year older than you guys. Mission History D rank twenty completed, C rank 12 completed. His teammates are Hyuga Neji and Ten Ten. Next is Gaara of the desert. Mission history eight C rank complete B rank completed. Wow B rank for a genin. It seem he comes back without a scratch."

Everyone is remained silent.

"Leaf, Sand, Rain, Grass, Water Fall, Sound, and many other outstanding genins came here to take the exam. Well hidden Sound Village was created last year there isn't much info on them, but the rest of the villages have many talented youngsters."

"M-Makes you lose your confidence."

"So basically... All the people here are..."

"Yup! Like Lee and Gaara, they are top elite genins from other countries."

Somewhere in the crowd three sound genins overheard they're conversation.

"Hidden Sound is a minor village?"

"Is that so?"

"Let's play with them for a bit."

"Good idea. Calling us leftovers. Let's help him add his data... That Hidden Sound Shinobis... Can be quite vicious."

The three sound genins charged at Kabuto. The spiky hair sound nin jumped in the air and threw kunais at him while the in bandages charged in from the ground. Kabuto dodge the kunais but when the other sound got up to his face, he threw his punch at him. Again he dodge it but his glasses broke and threw up.

"Kabuto-san?!" Sakura shouted.

This scene got a lot people attention.

Sakura rushes to him see if he is all right. Naruto eyed at the Sound nins.

"Write this down on your cards. The three hidden sounds ninjas are definite future chuunins.

"Quiet down you worthless bastards!!!" Several Examiner appeared in the room with smoke swirling around them. "Thanks for waiting, I'm Morino Ibiki the examiner of the chuunin first test. Hidden sound stop doing as you please before the exam, do you want to fail already?"

"I apologize, this is our first time... we got carried away..."

The examiner started to explain all the rules of exam. Many rules confused Naruto such as questions are not allowed. Second the point system left him all confused and it is team test. And third whenever someone cheats, they only take off two points, why not kick the person out.

"Realize that the pathetic ones get caught cheating will be destroying themselves. As a shinobis trying to achieve the level of chuunin. Be proud ninjas!" shouted Morino Ibiki.

Finally the exam began and everyone was scribbling away.


Hmmm these questions are hard answer. It would take genius and heavily experienced nin answer these.

Even these questions are beyond my Knowledge. Hitaro would probably answer these correct.

I looked around the room and saw a lot a people were in the same boat as me. Sakura and some other nis seem to be answering questions without a ease. Hinata is next to me, she answering question also.

But what bothers me is the second rule. There is something about that I haven't seen through. And the examiners they seem to be watching us as if any of us will cheat any second.

"How many teams will past this test?" I looked up and saw a genin from sand asking the question."

"It's not like knowing will help you... Or do you want to be disqualified?"

"Sorry." After the genin got shot down by that Morino guy, he sat back down. I look at the test again, atmosphere in the room feels as though it tempting me to cheat. But that would be sending me down the zero meter. But some how there some sort catch to this test.

This stress reminded me how I woke up late and forgot about my test during I was training to become shinobi. I failed the test, but Fuumaki sensei gave second chance. I was really relived to hear that but soon it turned out to be worse than the test I failed. I had spare him with everything got. I remember those punches and kicks he gave me, it wasn't pleasant and it really looked like he was going to kill me.


"WHAT!!!??? FIGHT TO THE DEATH!" yelled Naruto.

"If you want to think that, other like I said. We will fight and one of us most likely will die." Said the man with a red shinobi outfit. He wore a hat with a red cloth stick out behind; you can only see his face. "Consider this a second chance to redeem yourself for forgetting the test this morning. If you fight well, you'll pass. But if you fail or die, you get a F." The Fumaki said while drinking saki jug.

"I don't think it matter if I get a F if I die. How long do I have to last?"

"Whenever I say so." Then Fumaki charged at Naruto. He began doing several Taijustu on him while dodging his attack. "Don't be a puss! Strike back already!"

"Easy you for you to say! Even though Hitaro teaches me everything, I still can't beat you! You feel no pain and you are taijustsu specialist as well."

"Quit whining! So what I'm stronger than you!" Fumaki grab Naruto by the collar. "Kagata Renshou" Then Fumaki spun Naruto around and did a mid air double kick sending him far away.

When Naruto hit ground hard, he looked up. He saw Fuumaki in the air already creating seals. Then he started throwing multiple shurikens at him, Naruto immediately rolled aside while hundreds shurikens chasing after him.

When shurikens stop coming the blonde nin immediately got back to his feet. When he looked around for Fuumkaki. His senses picked up his chakra, which indicated that he was coming from behind. Naruto executed a swift low kick making him fall on his back on the ground. Naruto took out his sword and held it at his neck.

Fuumaki stared Naruto slightly surprised. "Damn... I think I slightly underestimated you."

"Fuumaki sensei, give up. There is no way you can beat in this kind of situation."

The only response from the red valley nin is a small smirk. "I said I slightly underestimated you... Not fully." While Fuumaki was speaking, he was fidgeting his hand until he got a little metal ball. Then he flicks the metal ball, which hits Naruto's hand making him drop the sword.

Fuumaki immediately got up and did a hard kick at Naruto. Naruto blocked the kick but he was still feeling the pain from the impact. He retaliated by jumping roundhouse kick to his face. When the kick landed on Fuumaki's face, his grin grew bigger. However this did not save Naruto from his next move. Fuumaki grabbed the fox boy's leg and threw across the sky, which made him slam really hard on the nearest wall.

"Ouch!" Naruto winced in pain while he was desperately trying to get back on his feet.

"Ouch? The fun hasn't started yet kid." Fuumaki took his saki jug and started to drink it. Then he put it away and got back to fighting position. "Hey kid! Don't just stand there! Attack already!"

"This crazy! Fighting to death!" shouted Naruto.

"Stop complaining already! Sheesh this is why you need to read the scrolls for the test."

"HEY! Your were a dropout when you were my age!"

This took Fuumaki by surprise. "Where did you hear that?"

"People who knew you back then told me!"

"Well I changed!"

"No you didn't! They said you act same as always!"

"Well I um uh... HEY! Wait minute I'm the teacher here! You shut up and fight or fail you when you're dead!"

Naruto ran towards with his fists ready. Fuumaki stood still to wait for him to be in range, then he sense a presence behind him. He did a quick back kick on the Naruto clone, and then other Naruto came throwing kicks and punches at him. But Fuumaki avoided all blows and quickly made another set seals.

"Valley Death Palm!"

Then Fuumaki struck Naruto at center of the chest with a destructive force. Naruto sped back to the wall he hit earlier except with a more painful crash. He was lying on a pile of rubble not moving at all.

"Whoa! I think I accidentally killed him..."

"Accidentally! You intentionally did that you bastard!"

Fuumaki turned his head and saw Naruto behind him. Then he turned back and saw it was clone he used his Taijustu on.

"I got you Fuumaki sensei!" Naruto shouted using his Rokusai no Jutsu. When Naruto got close to the red nin something unsuspecting happen.

BACK TO THE PRESENT...for a moment.

A kunai zoomed right past me! It hit a test sheet behind me. The guy behind was surprised and got up and shouted what was that about.

"You messed up five times. You fail." The examiner said.

"No, No way..."

"The two on his team, get out of here right now."

Damn sucks for him and his team.

"STOP!" Naruto halt his attack.

"Guess what. You pass kid!"

"WHAT!" Naruto jaw had hit rock bottom.

"Yup you pass." Fuumaki sat down and started drink his saki.

"Wait a minute! I didn't kill you yet!"

"Ah I but I didn't say that someone has to die. Besides if I killed you Hitaro would have my head."

Naruto was about pick on that sentence until he thought what said before duel. "You bastard! Then what was the point of the test?"

"It was to test your strengths, and see if you can see through words."


"You see Naruto being a ninja doesn't only mean fighting, but able to see through things. You see need to learn see things what normal people can't. For an example I want kill your wife."

"I don't wife."

"Just shut up kid! It's an example, anyway I threaten to kill your wife if don't I get one million yen. What are you going to do?"

"If that situation happen I would not risk anything. I do what they say."

"Bad idea."


"Listen again kid. I threaten to kill your wife if don't I get one million yen. I won't kill your wife if do get the money, but doesn't mean I'll release her. Or worse she's already dead. That was test, to see if you can see through my words. If wanted to kill you kid I would twist your neck at the beginning of the fight. I may not look like it I am pretty fast."

"I understand. This lesson did indeed teach me something."

"Good. Well I'm going now to buy more saki." Fuumaki was walking towards the nearest bar he can find.

"Fuumaki sensei!" Naruto called. Fuumali turned around. "The test questions, they were trick questions also weren't they." Fuumaki smiled.

"You're catching on kid."

"Wow a dropout like you can come up with something so tricky."

"Shut up kid! Get out of here before I really gonna kill you!" Naruto ran off not wanting feel anymore of his power. When he was out of sight, Fuumaki smirked. "Hitaro, you one hell of student." Then he walked off.


I have to admit, Fumaki-sensei maybe rough but he is a good teacher. It is too bad that two weeks later he had to go to mission in another country.

What am I doing? I should be focusing on test instead relating my past and the second rule... Second rule, my past, that's it! I'm supposed to cheat!

But how, those examiners are watching us test takers closely. I've got it! I'll use this ninjustu.


Morino Ibiki was watching the test takers eagerly trying to pass. Lot's of them were being caught and sent out. Then he notice Naruto was creating seals, but nothing happened.

(Hmmm what was that about.)

Hinata saw Naruto making seals, but didn't do anything. But she does see him keeping hold of his last seal underneath the table. Not only that he looks like he is stressing about something. "Naruto is something wrong?"

"I'm fine thank you for your concern." he replied.

Sakura and Sasuke also saw him also, they too are confused as well.

Another Naruto was walking around the room except nobody could see him nor feel him. This Naruto was not bushin but spirit form. The spirit Naruto looks back at the physical Naruto who was holding the last seal.

(I better hurry up. Even though this Spirit Form Justu take the least of chakra all techniques from Hitaro, it still takes a lot.)

He rushed towards the desk that Morino Ibiki was sitting at. As he got close Morino's eyes looking around.

(Crap he senses me.) The spirit Naruto stood still, he was looking around. Eventually he stops and returns focus on the test takers. Naruto continues his search for the answer sheet. He is now next to examiner searching for the answers to the exam. He finally found them, but his eyes widened, then smiled. (Hmmm intresting how this first exam, is similar to my past. Oh well might as return to my physical body.) Naruto stood up, as soon he does he found himself looking straight to examiners eyes. Naruto froze at that point he thought for sure the examiner see's him. But he notice he is doing anything but staring at him.

For the examiner all he can see is thin air. He senses chakra radiating next to him but sees or feels nothing. (What's going on? I sense the chakra coming next to me yet there is nothing. Have I been working to hard, nah it can't be there something here I just have to see it some how.)


Naruto was getting nervous, Hitaro told him that if someone senses you it usually means that they are very skilled. (Now is the time return the physical world.)

Naruto in the physical world had also the nervous look on his face. He let's go of the last seal he was holding. Then he let's out sigh of relief. "That was close, it looks like the examiner is confused what just happen. I bet if I did it again he'll figure out the next time."

"We will now start the tenth question."

Everyone remain quiet not making single movement.

"Now before we start the tenth question. I'd like to go over the added rules for this question."

Everyone in the entire room was a bit confused of this new rule.

"These are the rules of desperation."

Naruto just sat there smiling underneath his mask.

"First, for the tenth question. You must decide whether to take it or not.

"Choose? What happens if we do not choose?" Temari asked.

"If you choose not to, your points will be reduced to zero. You fail along with your teammates. If you chose to take the question, but answer it incorrectly. That person loses the right to take chuunin exam ever again. Those that do not wish to take it, raise your hand. Once your number has been confirmed, leave."

Naruto saw teams leaving, one by one was heading out the door.

(Even though this is an exam, this is pure pressure on the genins.)

"You in the mask?" Naruto turned towards the Ibiki. "I notice that your're feeling calm, do you believe that you answer the question correctly?"

Naruto moved his head down enough no one could see his eyes. "Yes, I have the confidence to answer the question. Even though I would most likely get it wrong, it will not discourage me from reaching my goal."

Ibiki rose his eyebrows. "Admire your courage, but if you fail this question you won't be take the chuunin exam ever again."

"Perhaps, but one great man told me words that urge me to press on."

"And what would those words be?"

Naruto looked up. "No matter who or what our enemy is. We will always meet them in battle, and we always rise victorious and glorious. No matter how many sharp teeth and claws our opponent has, we shall cut them. No matter how many of adversaries out there, we shall crush them. And no matter how overwhelming the challenges we face, we shall overcome them. The Celestial Dragons of the Heavens Gate has bestowed a gift to every good soul humans in this world. It is a gift that no evil being shall never have or take. It is a powerful gift called hope. It is a powerful weapon that no treacherous man or beast shall withstand." Everybody remained silent in the room.

"These words not only to boost morale in wars, but also encourage people to not run away from situation that could cost them dreams, or even they're life. These are the word that keeps me here in this room. (Not really, that last part was all talk. But maybe people will stay. It encourages me to do a good job on my mission.)

The remaining genins remained in their seats. Those who were about to give up, sat back down waiting for the next question.

(Nice words. I have to say, they gave me more confidence than ever.) Sasuke thought while smiling.

(Naruto, I am glad to have you in our team.) The cheerful Sakura thought.

(Interesting kid. He blasting everyone's worries away. So he's the fourth's son, whatever villiage he came from they did a good job of raising him. Seventy eight left, ore than I expected...)

"Good decision, I congratulate you on passing the first test." Morino Ibiki declared. He explained the true purpose of the test and it's reasons. He showed them his burns and scars he received from torture from his enemies. Almost everybody cringed at the old wounds.

"You have made through the entrance, the first test of the chuunin selection exam is now finished. I wish you all good luck."

Suddenly a strange black ball crashed through the window rolling in the front of the first examiner. A flag was held out with kunais recently attached to the ceiling.

"You guys! This is no time to be celebrating!" A woman trench coat stood in front of the class. The flag had a message painting on. "I am the examiner of the second test! Mitarashi Anko! Let's go!"

"Bad timing..." said Ibiki.

"Ibiki you left twenty six teams?! The test was too easy!"

"This time... there a lot of outstanding ones." He replied with a grin.

"Bah that's fine... I can cut them in half in the second exam." Soon everyone left the room leaving the first examiner behind.

Morino Ibiki was picking every paper that was left behind until he came across Naruto's paper.

(There's a guy here who got through here with a blank test. Uzumaki Naruto, a very intresting guy.)


I hope you guys enjoy this chapter.

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