Well, Here I am, with the Remake of 'The Bureau of Extraoridnarys', I have tried to be more careful about Spelling and stuff. This chapter is very much identical to the first chapter of the recetly-removed original fic, but the setting has been alterd from France to England.

London 0400 Hours

He was walking down the Empty streat at the Crack of Dawn, he felt tired, thirsty and Nearing his End, but he wanted to Reach that building before it was too late, He started remembering all the Events leading to his condition, Joining the Special Branch, Accepting that Mission, the Procedior that shall cause him Agony and a horrible Demise and probebly the extinction of Humanity, his Mentality wasent all that Much, if he had it a little more togeather hed figure out the solition, to take his own life, but as it were, all he could think of was getting back, and letting every one else figure it out.

He walked up the stairs leading to the Makeshift Operation Management Station, an Attic Apartment in a low rent Apartment Building.

As He enterd, his collegues looked up at him in Suprise, his superior Major Samson looked at him ready to berate him for his Unschedualed return, but when he saw his apperance, all anger turned into suprise.

"Simon! You look like Sh.." said the Man in a typical cockney accent before he was iterupted by the collapse of the Agent.

His partners rushed over to check on him, Samson yelled to a random Agent, "What are you looking at? Get an Ambullance for Christ's sake!"

As the Agent went to call an Ambullance, Samson turned to the Fallen Simon, smacking him lightly on the cheack, he caled his name "Simo. Simon. SIMON!!"

But to no avail, the Agent has already slipped away from our relm.


Simon caughed as he was laid onto a Hospital Bed, Samson and some of his partners were around him, his Moving to the Hospital was Done Secretly, a total of Fifteen people Including them have made contact with him.

"Is he going to be OK?" asked oe of the surrounding agents.
"Well, for starters, we dont really know what hes got, he looks as if hes been torcherd, but there are no Bruises or cuts worth mentioning." answerd the tending Doctor.
"What do you mean?" asked Samson "His problem is Medical. Once we know what it is, we will be abel to help him."
"You must realize, Nobody must know he's here, he's from now on your only responsibility, only a small Number of Orderleas and Nurses can come in contact with him, and those do not leave til whats wrong with him is revealed. Understood?"
"Yes sir." said the Physician as he left.

"Whats wrong with him?" Samson thought to himself, he was not a very compasionate man, and he didn't think of his Underlinks as his sons or brothers, he thought of them as his Friends if anything, and usually he didnt care about there personal bagage as long as they did what he orderd them to, But when his Finest Agent comes back looking the way he looked, His health the way it is, it made him Uneasy and Very Upset, and it made him determin on bringing down whoever was the reason, and so he will, just as soon as his migrane is over. He turned to an Agent and orderd, "Get me some Aspirin."
"Dave already went to get some for himself and I, are you alright sir?" answerd the Agent.
"I'll be fine, and get someone to check the Air-conditioing, It's hot as hell in here."

Ten Days later.....

Newyork 1550 Hours

Men and Women of All Races, Nationalitys and Creeds gatherd in a secret Meating in a conference room in the UN Headquarters in the City of Newyork, the center of the dicussion was a recent outbrake of an unknown Illness that appeard in Paris, Representatives of Most Countrys or Regions were there to discus how to stop this Outbrake from becoming a world wide Epidemic.

"We need more time to find an antidote!" said the German representative.
"America can't find it, why do you think you could?" asked the American representatives.
"I bet you would if you could make profit of it!" "You're out of line." "AND YOU'RE OUT OF YOUR MIND!"

The two men continued on with their childish bickering, very soon evreybody was vulgarly attacking the other, the conferrence turned into what resembled an argument between drunken partons at a sports bar..

A beautiful slender woman of sixty who's kept silent seemed to find the whole situation very much a waste of time as she stood up and leaft.

After the Meeting was adjorned, the UN secretary Mr. Koufi Anan who was attending the conference exited to the corridor outside of the room where the woman of sixty was siting and reading a newspaper, he approached the woman of Sixty and greeted her saying "Dame Archer.."[1] "Sir...." she said in a sophisticated british accent as she took notice to him.

The two then walked down the corridor as More Men and Women poured out from the Conferece Hall.

"What do you think?" asked Mr. Anan.
"They're going to Pay the Ransom, Bravado isnt their strongest point." answerd Archer.
"I agree."
"To pay means that a lot of countrys economoy wil be effected, which will have a unwanted effect on Politic Policys world wide. And we can not condone such actions even if it was secretive.."
"All I need is your Order Sir."

They both stop as they Reach the Elevator, Mr. Anan Pushes a button and turns to face Archer as he waites for the elevator to arrive.

"You must understand that I can't order you to do it. The League dosn't officially exist, that's why it has worked well over the years... Even your desigation does not exist.."
"That I know very well, and I know that officially I am just a member of your staff.."
"...so you understand me when I say that I can't order you to form a new league. However, ...." said Anan as the elevator arrived and it's doors opened, "...I'm granting you unlimited funds and full anthority to do what you might seem fit." contiued Anan as he stepped in.
"That's good enough for me." said Dame Archer who stayed outside the elevator. Anan pushed a button on the inside and the doors went to close as he finished "Stop him, by any means necesary."

The Doors were shut, and the Elevator started to descend as Archer Mutterd in a firm and determin voice "And so I shall."

::::Authors Note::::

[1] Some of you might recogize Cate Archer, she is the Operative in the 60s style spy video game "No one lives forever". She was a pionearing female spy that worked for a counter-terrorism organization called UNITY, the idea is that she have eventually earned the title of Dame and got a job semilar to M's in a time that the League is unofficialy attatched to the UN much like the Old League was attatched to the British Special Branch.

Hope you liked my work, I hope to have the next chapter up within afew days. Your reviews are most welcomed, I would be Interested in finding what you think of all aspects of this chapter; In other words, don't rant on about what you didn't like and Ignore the rest.