0348 Hours

"Ock, are you there?" asked Skinner through his ear piece.

"Yes." answered Otto, as he followed Mina, as they walked through the sewers, it was pitch black, but they managed to see nonetheless, Mina because of her vampirism and Otto because of his Infra-red cameras on his tentacles.

"At 0450, proceed as planned."

Mina stuck her ear to the wall they reached, and listened carefully, she could hear a faint buzzing sound, caused by the security system wires placed within the wall, she finally found a spot where nothing could be heard, and put an x on it with a peace of chalk.

"Alright Otto, go ahead."

Otto produced a cone-like screw from a toolbox he carried, about ten inches in diameter, held it with a tentacle, an positioned it's tip against the brick wall, and started spinning his tentacle along with the screw, and drilled for several minutes, at the end of which, there was a 10 inch wide hole in the wall.

"The Gate is installed." said Otto.

"Blood, proceed as planned." said Jack.

Otto stepped aside, Mina a.k.a Blood walked ten feet back, took her ear piece off and handed it o Otto, and dissolved into a flock of bats, which all flew around before going through the hole, one bat at a time, it took two minutes or less, until the bats blended into Mina on the other side, Otto passed her the ear piece back.

"I'm in." she said as she put the piece back on.

"Head to the lobby." ordered Jack, who then switched to Otto and said, "Ock, you'll have to stay put."

"Oh Goody!" scoffed Otto, who'd rather call it a day and go home than to hang around in a sewer tunnel.

It was the night of the brake in, Jack was stationed inside the car. While John was stationed above a building adjacent to Biocyte, with a telescope rifle.

"How are you holding up, Leprechaun?" asked Jack.

"I'm naked and it's the middle of the night in London, what do you think?" answered Marcie through her ear-peace.

"Don't worry, we'll get you warm and indoors soon."

It took Mina under two minutes to head to the lobby, coming through the air vents, at the lobby she scaled the wall quietly and crawled on them like a spider, slowly making her way to the security camera, doing her best not to catch the guards' attention, she unscrewed the side of the camera with a small screwdriver from the kit and revealed some wires, which she rearranged causing the camera to show an in loop.

She looked down to see the two guards with their eyes fixed on a portable TV playing 'Parkinson', and occasionally glancing at the surveillance monitors. She crawled to the other camera, and repeated the process, however the kit slipped form her hands for a second, and it fell to the ground and caused a sound.

"Bloody Hell!" said one of the guards as he saw her on the wall and raised his gun, the other did the same.

"SHHHIT!" she hissed as she leapt from the wall.

"Blood, Come IN!" asked Jack.

The first's bullet, caught her in the arm as she came down, but it healed quickly enough, she landed before them and punched the shooter, caught the other's hand that held the gun and flung him over the desk, then threw the first ten feet in the air and he fell unconscious, and then grabbed the second by the neck as he came up and choke slammed him to the floor.

"Blood! What's happening?" hissed Jack.

"I was harassed, but defended my honor quit well." answered Mina.

"You had me scared." said Jack with a sight of relief.

"Oh Jack, I didn't know you cared." she said playfully.

"You didn't? I've fallen hard for you, Luv! You're everything I never thought I ever wanted. Now quit soding around, and the name's Goblin."

Mina tied both the guards with a TV's electric cord and headed to the desk and unlocked the front door.

"Its clear." said Mina.

"Leprechaun, you're set."

Marcie walked to the front door, and entered into the warm building,

"Now, ladies, I'll be there shortly."

Jack got out the car, seeing Otto in the distance coming, he made his way into the building and tossed both Mina and Marcie two cards connected to a device in the size of a cell phone, they headed off and he sat at the desk, just in time to hear the radio come on.

"Hello? Can you hear me." came the sound on the other side.

"I can hear you loud and clear." said Jack through the radio.

"Jones? Is that you."

"It is, what do you want."

"Us on the 11th floor just heard a noise."

"The firecrackers? That made me flinch too, it's all tip-top now though."

"Where's Chandler?"

"Let's just say he's cleansing himself."

"Good god Jones! That's discussing!"

The man signed off, and Jack leaned back in is chair and said, "Ladies, where are you?"

"I'm at the labs." said Mina.

"6th floor, quadroon 7." said Marcie.

"You both are clear," said Jack as he looked at the monitors, "Call me if you need anything."

Jack turned back to the fallen guards and took one's hat, and put it on him as he took a deep drag.

This was going to be a long night.

0410 Hours

"Goblin, I think I'm on to something." said Marcie

"What's your coordinates?" asked Jack.

"B - 12 - 1"

Jack switched the monitors to show the sector she referd to, it showed two guards, coming at Marcie's direction which was disclosed by her floating ear peace and equipment.

"Two Guards are approaching from 7 and 2 O'clock, at my command, head to 9 O'clock."

Jack waited till it was the right moment, as the guards were almost near her, then ordered her to move, shielding her from the guards.

"Stay in place for 30 and then move on."

Jack heard the guards starting to stir around, so he turned in his seat and aimed a pair of kicks to their heads, knocking them out again.

0317 Hours

"Dragon, how are you holding up?" asked Jack.

"I was hoping I'd get a chance to get my gun off, but I have to say I'm not complaining." answered John, as he rubbed his hands together.

"Hopefully that would be the case for the entire night."

Jack then switched to Otto, "Ock, how're you holding up?"

From the Sewer, Otto answered "I can complain." as he took a swig of Bourbon from his flask.

Jack exhaled in nervousness, he wasn't used to this, he was more accustomed to being in the trenches himself, figuring things out as he went, rather than guiding a pair of women with no experience as thieves, it's true they were not like most women, but still...

He put out the last of his cigar and came to realize the shocking truth, he was all out, he started frisking the unconscious guards in search of any kind of tobacco products, but all he found was bubble gum, which he chewed in frustration.

This was going to be a very long night.

0325 Hours

Mina walked through dark corridors, with amazing stealth, she finally reached the lab Marcie first found a few days ago, she entered by inserting the card into the slot and the device attached to it issued every combination possible, in a few second the door was open, and she waltzed in.

It took her 20 minutes to comb the entire alb, and to find that any evidence was moved, in frustration she headed out of there.

"Come today at afternoon, we'll all be gone." she heard a vice say, so she walked into the shadows and remained at an ear-shot, listening at the two voices converse.

"How long will we be there?" said the other.

"24-30 Hours, after that we leave for the final station."

"Have you..."

"Not yet, but..."

Mina heard Jack's voice come through the ear-peace, so she walked away so the men couldn't hear, and as she did, she didn't help but feel that one of the voices was familiar.

"Dragon, come in." said Jack as he loaded a syringe with the contents of a small ampoule, that would cause the Guards to loose the memory of what happened that night.

"I'm here Goblin."

"Any progress?"


"Leprechaun hasn't found anything yet."

"I suggest we skip to the mother load, as long as we have a good hour of nighttime, what do you say?"

Jack pondered for a second.

"Fine, let's all regroup in there."

0400 Hours

Biocyte's main vault, where all the secret matters were securely locked away was where the Jack, Mina and Marcie headed, it was a door similar to the doors the have bypassed all bight, but had a key lock as well, Jack kneeled down next to the locks and examined them.

"What is it?" asked Mina.

Jack waited for a few moments before giving his verdict, "These locks are different than the others."

"What do you mean?"

"The Key lock is a little deeper than others, and the electronic lock has 12 Digits rather than the 7s you've seen all night."

"Can you do it, or not?" asked Mina impatiently.

"Don't get your blood soaked knickers in a twist, I can do it."

Jack opened the card-device Mina had and switched some of the wires around, then re assembled it, he put the card in the slot and started tampering with the lock.

"Go keep watch."

The Device went on trying to find the right combination, while Jack continued maneuvering the locks with three wires, working in silence except for the sound of a guard resisting Mina's assault, it took eight minutes, but Jack eventually opened the lock, and a few seconds later, the combination was found.

0410 Hours

Jack turned the knob and the door was opened, and a dimly lit room appeared, at the end of which was a big vault.

"Is it clear?" asked Mina.

"Wait." said Jack as he looked in the room, noticing tiny holes in the walls, and a console on the wall, and a small box on the other side by the vault, and another console on the other side of the vault, he then took a small vile from his pocket and poured some of it's contents into his gloved hand, a grayish powder which he sprayed into the air, revealing for less than a second a group of red lines moving in the room, "Laser Beams." he said and then turned to Marcie and said, "It won't detect you, take off your ear-peace and just waltz in there, open the box."

Marcie did as he said, and walked silently through the room, without setting off any alarms, and opened the box at the end, revealing a group of wires, from the door, Jack put on his eye-glasses and looked for a minute ad said, "What the 'ell, it's usually the yellow one. Rip the yellow wire out."

Marcie hesitated, but Mina ushered her to do it, and she did, then Jack sprayed some of the powder again, and no red lines were seen.

0411 Hours

The three gathered in front of the vault, Jack put on a stethoscope and stuck the round peace to the vault is ear to it and observed it while aiming a flashlight, it had three combination locks, Jack turned the locks around for a few seconds and said, "I can't hear anything, It must be a foot thick."

"We can get Otto hear, get him to rip it off in less than minute."

"I think we need something more subtle." said Mina.

Jack handed Mina the stethoscope and she put it on, and stuck the peace to the vault, Jack turned the locks a few times.

"Put this on, can you hear anything?" Jack asked.

The stethoscope magnified Mina's already intense hearing, and she heard clear clicks.


"You'll have to be my ears, press on my foot whenever you hear a click, depending on how intense the click is." said Jack as he took off his shoe.

The two went on, while Marcie kept watch, after a quarter of an hour the first locks was opened.

0426 Hours

Midway during the opening of the second loc, the guards' radio blurred, "Jones, come in."

Jack was very unhappy with the interruption, he picked up the radio and said, "Jones here."

"Where's Chandler."

"He went out his car to get his cigarettes."

"Didn't he quit?"

"Apparently not."

"Have you heard from Charlie?"


"We haven't heard anything from him for twenty minutes."

"I think I knocked him out." whispered Mina, remembering the guard she knocked out during Jack's handling of the front door.

"I heard from him a few minutes ago, he said he's had some problems with his radio. When will you be done from your shift by the way?"

"Not for another hour or so. Goodbye."


Jack dropped the radio, upset by the severing of his concentration, it lead to him slowing down, taking ten minutes longer than the last time.

0451 Hours

The second lock was opened, "What's the time?" asked Jack.

"4:52" answered Mina.

With only thirty minutes left of nighttime, not wanting to loose Mina's protection, Jack quickened rapidly, racing against the lock, and out did himself as he finally was over with the third lock.

0500 Hours

The vault opened with a loud sound, the three steeped back as the 10 inch vault door slowly swung open, and look at the interior filled with files and tubes, there were a few odd looking screens on the walls.

"Blood, those are heat sensors," said Jack, "Be a kind, body heat-less, undead being and go in there and rip off that screen of the wall."

Mina did as he said, and after she ripped the board off, Marcie and Jack walked in, as Jack gleefully said, "Ladies, the Lunchbox is open."

It didn't take them long to find what they wanted, several documents incriminating Biocyte, evidence showing that they had conducted internationally forbidden experiments, the three photographed the documents with little cameras they had, while Jack chuckled and said, "I'm so proud!", and then frowned and said, "But no actual loot."

0510 Hours

All three cameras' contents were extracted and handed to Mina, "It'll be sunrise soon, get out." said Jack.

"I'll meet you by the car, be careful." said Mina as she jumped out the window and turned into a flock of bats.

0513 Hours

Jack walked through the lobby, casually glancing towards the front desk, and was shocked to realize the guards were gone.

Jack froze, the syringe was still full on the desk, a sinking feeling in his stomach grew; drugging the guards had slipped his mind.

As he tried to head for the door, a fist collided with his face and he fell to the ground.

Jack looked up and saw Chandler and Jones approaching him, he stood back up as Chandler attempted a kick, Jack caught the foot and twisted it violently, braking the man's ankle and pulling his gun out of its holster simultaneously.

Candler fell screaming, while Jack aimed his gun at Jones, "Don't even think about it, sonny Jim."

Jones froze as he was going to get his gun, Jack approached him and pulled the gun out, "Turn around. TURN AROUND!"

Jones obliged as he went pale, Jack slammed the back of the gun into the back of his neck, and then buried the syringe into Chandlers arm, and then left out the front door.

Jack walked around the building, in a few minutes, the place would be swarming with policemen, and he had to leave right now.

"Jack, jack," came the voice of Marcie through the ear-peace.

"What is it Leprechaun?"

"Help!" said Marcie, and then a thud was heard, "I'm at the second flight of the back stairway."

"I'm sorry." he apologized.


"I'm sorry."

"You're not coming?" said Marcie as sounds of battery could be heard.

"Good lock."

Jack turned the earpiece off, but it didn't take more than seconds for the guilt and shame to settle in and for him to turn it back on and started running to the other side of the building, "Dragon. Come in!"

"Goblin." said John.

"Are you still stationed?"

"Yes, Murray.."

"I need you to off the guard at the back door."


"Do it!"

Jack was running to the back door, the massive guard saw him and ordered him to halt, then pulled out his gun, he would never use it as John's bullet caught him in the head and he fell on the ground, Jack picked up the gun as he went bursting through he door, leaping up the stairs, finally arriving at the second floor. There was Marcie, her presence only known by the floating blood on her face, there were two other men, Kraven, who was pulling her by the hair, and a short stocky bald man.

"Let her go." he said firmly.

The two men turned and looked at him.

"Sir Curtis, or is it Mr Skinner?"

"Call me Jack."

"Jack.." hissed Marcie.

"Don't worry, Kitten. We'll be gone soon. Just let daddy and the gents have a chat."

The stocky man approached Jack, who held up the guard's gun, "That's close enough." he said, but the man kept coming, "Bloody Hell." mummered Jack as he pulled the trigger, the man was hit, he was fazed for a second but ignored it and kept going, Jack was shocked but kept firing, as Kraven walked away pulling Marcie by the hair.

"This is a three-hundred dollar shirt, PRICK!" barked the man as he grabbed Jack by the neck and raised him in the air, Jack kept firing, till the gun went CLICK, he was being chocked to death, there was only way out.

"What a waist of three -hundred dollars." said Jack as he produced a Cigar from his pocket, of the ones Q provided, he turned the label-baring end counter-clockwise, dropped the cigar and closed his eyes, not wanting to be blinded by the light.

Jack heard screaming from the man, and the smell of scorched flesh, some heat on the fist around his neck, and him falling down.

Jack opened his eyes, there was no bright light, only the burning corpse of the stocky man and Marcie on her back in the corridor, while an Elevator door closed.

'Revolve the label-baring tip clockwise and it emits a bright blinding light, turn it counter clockwise and it emits UV rays' Jack remembered Q say, he did not activate the light, but the UV rays by accident, which caused the man to go up in flames, he guessed the same would Happen to Kraven, so he dropped Marcie and hid in the Elevator; speaking of elevators, there was another one arriving from the first floor, loaded with guards no doubt.

He helped Marcie up, "Where did they go?" she asked.

"I murdered one, with UV rays. Kraven escaped."


"I would love to know, you know what I'd love even more? To get the 'ell out of 'ere.."

He picked up a metal waist can and threw it at a window, it shattered as the sun was beginning to rise.

"As soon as you land, run!"


Meanwhile, Mina told John to drive away, with Otto in the backseat.

"But.." said John.

"They've been made, the cops will be here. There's nothing we can do."

John was forced to oblige, he hit the gas and the car sped away, the three left the seen with bothered consciences.

Jack pushed Marcie out the window, she was so confused she didn't scream, and just fell till she landed inside a dumpster, she climbed out and ran to where she thought the car would be waiting.

Looking back, the Rogue saw the elevator doors open, he jumped to the frame of the window and looked down, a moment of hesitation cost him dearly, as the guards who weld taker guns fired at him, the chains linking their guns to the hooks that plunged into his back discharged thousands if volts of electricity.

0520 Hours

Jack fell back to the ground, no longer able to see anything around him, all existence disappeared and all was left was the spiral of pain inside him, it soon ended, leaving him panting on the ground, but it wouldn't be the end, as the guards started kicking away at him, and he became unconscious.