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Season 1, SPANGEL!

What if "Toubla Rosa," and not "Spin the bottle" had happened at Hyperion? What if Spike was there? What if I wrote this story, and stopped asking questions? : )

"Spike? What are you doing here?" asked Cordelia, as said vampire entered the offices of Angel Investigations. "Here on official business chit" Spike smiled. Said Chit, was not amused.

"Go away." she said, stepping out from behind her desk, stake ready. "Geeze! I come to see my bloody poof of a Sire, and this is the welcome wagon! No wonder you guys are so poor!" Spike laughed. Cordelia's eyebrows knitted together, and raised the stake.

"Whoa! Angel knows I'm coming here!" Spike said, holding up his hands in defense. "Fine, just don't break anything, CHIP BOY!" she hissed at him.

Spike glared at her, but went into the office. "You know, your secretary bites!" Spike said. "I'm sure it's just you" Angel said, setting down his book.

"So, when does she leave?" asked Spike, eye brow cocked. "Not soon enough" Angel smiled.

Meanwhile, Wesley walked in, carrying what looked like some wired shaped vessel. "Hey Wes? What's that?" asked Cordelia.

"An ancient Inca pot, I bought in a pawn shop, believe it or not!" he laughed.

Then he dropped it. "Good going, Wes." Cordelia said. Then some sort of steam started pouring up from the remains. Before Cordelia could say yet another quip, she was out. Soon to be followed by Wesley, and the two vamps in the other room…

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