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Downstairs, the two humans were awaiting the arrival of the two vamps. Cordelia sat on the rounded couch, Wesley had the front desk, leaning over it.

"Wes, I can't we could have…" Cordelia said, turning away. She remembered it as if it were a painful vision. "I know." Wesley solemnly said, his eyes narrowing at the thought.


Spike and Angel were silent upstairs. Too shocked at everything that had gone down.

The silence between him and his sire was killing Spike. They had been so close, and now Angel was too disturbed to even look at the bleached blonde's half of the room. Well, Spike was going to put a stop to that…

He walked to the older vamp, and sat on the bed with him. "So, how's it going?" he asked. "Spike, I'm so sorry. I shouldn't have acted that way when we weren't ourselves. It was wrong. So very wrong…" Angel looked down, ashamed.

"Bloody hell! I wanted ya to! Unless, you think it's wrong to have wanted me? To have touched me? To have, loved me?" Spike wasn't sure if he wanted the answer. That's why Angel wouldn't look at him, he was disgusted. Spike felt like dying, yet he was already dead, so it'd be way less dramatic, but he still felt terrible hurt.

"That's it, isn't it? Mr. Poofy sire has had it with the bleached wonder eh? Well you, suck!" Spike said, almost crying. He was about to get up from the bed, when Angel grabbed his wrist.

"Never think that." Angel said, ere inches from his lips. "Then why?" asked Spike, confused, yet not sad.

"Because, it was wrong of me. We didn't even know who we were. Doesn't that bug at least a little?" asked the dark haired vamp. Spike smiled cockily, creeping up closer on the bed. "No, know why?" asked Spike, his crystal eyes shining. "Why?" Angel asked, his eyes had lidded. "Because it felt so right" Spike breathed as they kissed.


"That's it! It's been a whole freaking 20 minutes! Let's just go there already!" Cordelia screeched. "I do agree with your incisive yelling…" Wesley mused. So they left. Cordelia thwacked up the door. "Not again!" she groaned.

"Oh my!" Wesley said, clearing his specks.

"Oh that is so bloody it!" Spike vamped out, leapt off the bed, and roared. "Watcher! I'm starting to think you like interrupting Spike's happy time!" Spike was not happy, so yes, it had been interrupted. "I" Wesley gulped out. "I'm gonna bite yer bloody neck and kill ya!" Spike ran after Wes around the hotel.

"Shouldn't you do something about that?" demanded Cordelia. "Why? Wesley runs pretty fast. Spike will get bored and he'll just let Wesley be." Angel said, sitting up on the bed.

"But!" Cordelia said. "And you can have the rest of today, and tomorrow off…" Angel said. "Bye!" Cordelia said, happily skipping out of the hotel.

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