"No" Leonardo whispered, the weight of realization on him.

"I'll kill 'emâ€So help me, I'll murder those sons of bitches!" Raphael roared in a white-hot rage, hurling his sais across their mangled den.

Donatello had dropped to his knees and was weeping silently into his hands.

Michaelangelo literally could not speak; he kept hearing Splinter's gentle voice, "â€but one day I will be goneâ€one day I will be goneâ€goneâ€gone"

"We gotta do something!," Raph exclaimed, almost panting in fury.

Leo reached out to his brother, hit with the realization that for the first time in his life, he truly did have to be a leader, and act as such.

He didn't know if he could do it.

"Raph..." Leo said softly.

Raphael stood tensed, jaw and fists clenched, and shrugged off the hand his brother lay on his shoulder.

"We haven't got time for this Leo!! We hafta get out there and find him!" Raph hissed through his teeth.

The four were fully aware of how alone they now were in the world. They were a family of five and only five.

They lived for each other, with a love beyond measure, and that their father, the one whom without they wouldn't be here, the one who'd taken them in, fed, loved, protected, and cared for them their entire lives, was gone, was almost beyond comprehension.

Leo wordlessly took Raph's elbow and turned him to face their younger brothers.

Mikey had knelt to Don's level and the two clung to each other, Donny racked with huge, gulping, body-shaking sobs, while Mike stared wide-eyed, unblinking, at nothing, like a creature caught in strong headlights.

It just about killed Raph to see his little brothers in that state, as it did Leo.

"Oh Donny...Mike..." Leo whispered, his voice ragged with the grief he tried to keep back, kneeling and slipping an arm around each brother.

Don sniffed and gulped and tried to say something.

"Do-do you know...what they're going...going to do to him?" he jerked between sobs.

"They'll beat him...torture him...make him tell us who... and where... we are..."

Raph silently joined his brothers and the four embraced as though they'd never let go.

"We will find him." Leo stated quietly, his voice filled with the steel of determination, and the true authority of a born leader.

"April..." Mike said tonelessly, and the three turned to him.

"We have to go to April...she's the only friend we have..." he whispered.

Friend. The word hung in the air like a beacon of hope.

They'd never had a friend to rely on, only each other. A tiny ray of sunshine seemed to break through their dark and hopeless thoughts.

Silently they made their way to her apartment, subconsciously staying as physically close to one another as possible.

Leo heavy with sorrow, Raph making a tremendous effort to leash his temper and conceal his grief, Donny still in tears and Mikey still dazed, they tapped on April O'Neil's door, not knowing what the immediate future would bring, but knowing things may be just a touch easier when there's someone on your side.