One Day, One Night, One Afternoon

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Author's Notes: First TFTF fic, first SWAT fic. I just watched both movies again--same night, no less--and this thing popped up. If you're reading my Voyager fic--yes, I'm working on it. Yes, it has an ending. Anyway, I'd love some contructive crits and maybe a beta reader for this. Anyone available to help me out? :)

I used to wonder how Dom could do this.

Fuck and leave, I mean.

I don't have much experience in bed. The only man I've ever been with was Dom. I never wanted anyone else, never even considered it.

I've loved Dom all my life, and I know he loves me. I don't doubt that, which is why his infidelity confuses me.

He loves you Letty, it doesn't mean anything. He just can't stay away from the women, they all want him. It's a guy thing Let, he'll grow out of it.


One night it's him telling me that I'm the most important person in his life, and the next he's coming home with a bite on his neck and reeking of skank perfume.

And we'll fight. I'll get angry, throw things. And he'll yell back, maybe throw a couple of things. Then I'll try and walk away and he'll apologize.

Tell me it doesn't mean anything. These women are nothing. It's just sex. He will never leave me, he can never leave me. He loves me.

It's just fucking, right? Get your wick wet and then boom--done, no hard feelings, no questions asked.

Meaningless sex…

The night is almost over. In less than an hour, the sun will come up. I have to leave otherwise Dom will come looking for me.

Outside, I hear the crashing of the waves as the tide begins to recede, rolling back into the ocean.

Something brushes my hand and I look down. Notice the warm skin, the long lean back, how my caramel complexion stands out next to his light skin.

He's so different. I don't know much about him, but I can tell. He'll be different.

Maybe it is a guy thing, because I have no idea how to walk away from what I've done.

1 Year After The Heist

It's a hot day. Burns like a bitch. The garage is like a boiler room, and everyone's patience is hanging by a thread.

Brian and Mia are in the store, stocking the fridge, the shelves. The place is empty, and all the fans are pointing at them. Lucky them.

Leon and Vince are bickering next to a gutted Supra. Both of them are sweaty, grubby and shirtless. It's not an unusual sight, but to see them arguing over a mere decal is pathetic. Vince takes his whining up a notch and I can see Leon almost approve.

They want to get Dom to close down early, like I do.

But Dom, good ol' Papi Dom, is in the zone.

His boots are sticking out from underneath a Honda, a foot tapping to the beat of some hip-hop tune. Don't bother remembering who it is, too hot.

He's not hearing anything, not seeing anything, but the piece of machinery in front of him. It's not scheduled for pick-up until Friday afternoon, but he wants to get this done early. After everything that's happened, he feels he has something to prove.

Prove what, I don't know. Everyone knows that Dom can do the work, but now I guess he wants everyone to know that he can do better.

Leon kicks an empty coke can and Vince lobbies it back. They're still at it.

The combination of noise, heat, and loud music is making my head spin, and I roll out from underneath the car I'm detailing.

"Will you boys shut up!" I yell "I'ma trying to work here!"

"Then tell this cross eyed freak to mind his own business" Leon yelled

Vince raised his good hand as if to punch and Leon just pushed him. They were scrapping on the floor in mere seconds.

Over a fucking decal. Great.

I wiped the sweat out of my forehead and got back into the car.

Welcome to Hell, California.

Just when I thought that I'd have to go three more hours of this fucking noise and heat, Dom threw his wrench and shot out of the Honda.


All heads turned to him, hopeful. We didn't have a rush job, no one was at the store, and we all knew that no one in their right minds would even come out in this fucking broiler.

Dom was ready to blow, but so were we.

"Don't wanna work? Fine. Just shut up. This heat is already making me lose ma concentration and you're not helping any!" he sighed "We'll finish the hour. Don't think anyone's coming in today and I could use a shower."

We all sighed then gave a collective whoop.

Mia started clucking about dinner while she helped Brian close up. The boys started packing up tools, while I started putting away rags and oil cans and all the other crap that you use when working on a car.

After storing all my stuff, I took a moment to stretch and take in the lingering smell of performance race fuel and engine grease. Not a lot of people may agree, but it's one of the best smells in the world.

I was on my way to clean up when we heard a car pull up next to the store.

It was an Escalade, not the kind of car that we usually saw in our garage, but not unusual enough to cause trouble.

The driver stayed in for awhile, probably sucking in the AC before stepping out into the heat.

I went into the office and stepped out of my work clothes, pulling on a clean wife beater over my ripped to shit denim shorts. I felt like dunking my head in a drum of water, but I knew a clean shower was waiting for me at the house.

I could hold out a few.

The boys stomped in the office next, and I wove my way out of a tangle of elbows.

Outside, I could see Brian talking to the driver of the Escalade. I couldn't see who it was, but from the way Brian's back tensed, I could see that this wasn't just another customer.

"Brian?" I called out, walking towards the store.

Mia had this odd look on her face as she listened in on the conversation. Not good. I could feel Dom following me as I hurried up, anxious to see who this was. My heart was pounding out of my chest, even though I knew we weren't doing anything wrong.

Six months on the run can do that.

Dom pushed past me and jogged to the store. "Something wrong O'Connor?"

"It's alright Dom" Brian answered, calm. Maybe too calm. "A friend of mind just wanted to say hi to Letty."

As soon as he said that, I felt my heart jump from my chest and land on my feet.

I knew who it was. I didn't even need to see it, I already felt it…felt him.

Brian stepped back, his face happy but nervous. Beside him was a man I thought I'd never see again.

He was looking at me, flashing me one of those boyish grins.

"Hey, Letty."

My mouth turned dry as I tried to get the word of my throat. "Jim?!"