Entwining Of The Times by Anabelle Lael.

True love reaches out beyond time and space for those who welcome their own fate........

Carolyn woke up the following morning with a fleeting moment of doubt. She knew she was doing the right thing in marrying the Captain but, what about her family?.

Candy, Jonathan and Martha would wholeheartedly approve but, what of her parents? Yet, somehow deep inside she knew everything would turn out alright.

The day took an eternity as finally the hour grew near. Carolyn prepared a small suitcase with a few essentials. She took a leisurely bath hoping to steel her nerves, as she sprayed on Daniel's favorite fragrance.

She couldn't believe her eyes when she walked out of the bathroom and into the bedroom.

On the bed was a gown of the palest cream color, with pearls and lace at the neckline and on the sleeves. Next to it was a bouquet of pink roses with a note that said,