Special People: 'Special' Chapter

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Part 5: An Aeon Flux

I suppose it must be some horrible unwritten rule passed through out the generations. It clearly states, 'Special' people must and will be attracted to other, sometimes, 'even more special-er people'. Until now, I have been telling you tales of some of history's most 'special' people, but today I will end my memoirs with a short rant on the 'special' creatures know to Spira as the holy Aeons.

Through out the world of Spira, there are eight identified and accredited Temples spewing the teachings of Yevon. I will not go into my opinions or feeling towards this teaching for two simple and hopefully obvious reasons.

From these Temples, Summoners (if considered worthy, which almost all seem to be, considering Lady Stupidness) seek the assistance of those called Aeons.

The first stop on almost all Summoner's journey is on this isle of Besaid, where upon completing the excruciatingly simple cloister of trials, a summoner will gain their first Aeon: "Big Bird"

"Big Bird" can best be described as a large multicolored bird with the deformed body of a naked woman. Considering Yevon's policies on half-assed political correctness and censorship, one would not expect such a creature to be accepted as appropriate.

After visiting Besaid, Summoners next travel by sea to Kilika Island, prayer ground to Blitzball players world wide. Here, Summoners can enlist the aid of he who shall be called "Fido" the beastly fire Aeon. Like in my before stated sentiments towards "Big Bird", after seeing "Fido", I am forced rehash my opinion on Yevon's censorship policies. You see, "Fido" is almost completely naked except for a patch of fire (?) at his crotch. What. The. Hell? No pun intended…

Moving on, after Kilika, Summoners travel to Djose temple to pray for the aid of the thunder Aeon, who I have come to nickname "Sparky". Unlike with some of the other Aeons, I really do not have much against this particular creature except for his striking resemblance to a "My Little Pony" figure I had as a child. Ah, memories…

Our next example has to be the epitome of Aeon Specialness. After Djose temple, summoners journey to Macalania Temple, my temple. Now, I know you that after I say what I have to say about the following Aeon, you are going to question my sexuality more than ever, BUT I assure you that I had no part in the creation of this Aeon or hand in the form it takes.

To understand what I am to say, I shall give you some background information. The Macalanian Aeon's real name is Shiva. Shiva was originally a male. Look it up. Yet, when this Aeon, who I termed "She-man" appears to assist a summoner, it take a form that is clearly a female. A scantily clad female, in fact.

Please understand, I have no problem with such people who decided against their birth gender, but once again, this is Yevon's work we are talking about. Yevon: the anal uptight hard asses with questionable and too easily changing—though I admit that most of the time it is in my favor—policies. Please tell me you agree, or I will be forced to hurt you.

The final 'official' Aeon is found in the citadel of Bevelle. As of now, I am unable to come up with a suitable name for this dragon Aeon, but I do have a few words about the Fayth who creates him: size and self visualization issues. That's all I need to say.

After gaining the aid of these five mandatory summons, Summoners are given the choice of searching for and applying for the aid of three additional summons.

"Yoncheapo", a summon you need to pay for. How lame is that? One would think with the rates he dictates, he would be found in something slightly more glamorous than a hole in the ground. And besides, what does an Aeon need money for?

"The Mosquito Sisters", a set of three bug sisters who are pretty much useless if separated.

"Anima" also known as "Mom".

These—with the exception of Anima, of coarse—are the 'special' Aeon summons used by Summoners to defeat the un-defeatable Sin. With those things said, I will end my stories for now and maybe we shall continue one day, perhaps not. These I do not know, but rest assured that whatever the outcome, I will be here in the Farplane, waiting for those who wish to know the stories of those who are and will always will be SPECIAL PEOPLE.

Or in this case, SPECIAL AEONS

A/N: So that pretty much ends it.

Also, I just want to say I have no problems with Trans-genders, Transvestites, Gays, or Lesbians what so ever. I was just trying to bring up the fact that the original god Shiva was a guy yet always made a woman in the series.