You don't seem to happy to see me am I right? Eric asked the two girls.
Would you be if your father ran out on you? Kelsey asked there it was again- talking without thinking first it sometimes landed her in deep trouble or just plain deep water. So how long has she been-? Eric asked them. They dated for six months and then the next year got hitched. Darcie smiled. Eric said quietly. What? Should have stayed with us? Oh c'mon! Look at her! Pretty tall! Sexy nice figure. Oh and one hell of a sex- Okay! I get it! Eric said waving his hands. Well you would have known this and us if you just stayed got to know us.
Kelsey glared. Oh and I'm seventeen. Darcie said sarcasticly. And I'm sixteen. Kelsey said.I still got my voodoo doll kit back at home. Kelsey said very quietly to her older sister. Good still have that long knife? Darcie asked. You bet I do. Kelsey chuckled evily.

Why didn't you tell them? Mitch asked Cheyenne. They would have never agreed to it you know that. You know them better. She said. They need this, and I do too.

I didn't expect you to like me in all when I got here but I wanted to talk with you two girls. I knew that you two would probably wouldn't want to have nothig to do with me and I understand that. Eric said letting the words tumble out. I would like to get to know you girls again, if you will let me that's something that I think is important. Eric said. For right now? Darcie asked. No! Not for right now! Lis- You didn't think we or mom was that important when you left Sydney. So your not important to us right now! She said angrily, Darcie was usualy the more quiet of the two- but if provoked she could get right up in your face I mean right up in your face. She wasn't the type of girl that you should get angry at. Kelsey was more the confidant one, and the out spoken of the two, of course Eric would have known that if he had stayed wouldn't he now?

Darc- Eric began. Let's go Kel. Darcie said shooting death glares at Eric and grabbed her sister's arm and dragged Kelsey towards the Silverado.
Hun why don't you go with the girls, I think I might just have a chat with Eric.

If you going to chew my head off like those two then go ahead. Eric said quietly. No I'm not I see that your talk with the girls didn't go well I see. She said looking at the two very quiet girls in the pickup. Well it would have been weird if it went very well now wouldn't it? Eric said with a small smile. I didn't think that they would run up into my arms and want to hug. I knew that they wouldn't be too happy to see me. Hell I'm not too happy to see me in the mornings. Eric sighed. Well I knew that you weren't the best example of men when I first dated you and married. Cheyenne said. And then why did you marry me then? If I wasn't the best of example men could give out? Eric asked her. Well you were nice cute and well I loved you. But then you met Sharon. You could talk with the girls they will have calmed down in a couple of days or so. Cheyenne said. Well I really came down here because of a Medical Convention and then I have to go back to my practice. But I think I might just do that. Eric said. Good I would like that and the girls need that too, and just make sure either me or Mitch is in the room. I don't want to think about what those two girls mgit do to you. Cheyenne said. She turned around and then stopped but thought better and walked away back towards the truck.

The girls were quiet the whole way back towards home, the two adults knew better then to try to make conversation the girls would just go deeper into quietness and shoot death glares at the two adults. Once they got home Darcie jumped into watching her subbed Sailor Moon DVD's on her computer. And Kelsey decided to shoot down enemy airplanes while having her Sawyer Brown CD's volume up blast. That's how they vented.

A quiet knock was heard on Darcie's door a loud what is it? was the answer Cheyenne walked in and Digger the male tabby padded in as well. You want to talk? Her mother asked. No not really. Darcie said turning her gaze back to the computer the image of Sailor Moon fighting a season one youma sounded much better then talking about Eric Blackcomb. We need to talk, your father's talking with Kelsey. Cheyenne added. A smile came up on Darcie's face. That's cause he knows were she keeps her voodoo doll kit. Darcie laughed.

Cheyenne smiled at the comment. Would you care to tell me were your sister hides it? You wanted to talk mom? Darcie asked advoiding the question. Yes, and it's about Eric and before you got back to your anime, we need to talk about this. Eric's coming back in a week, and he wanted to chat with you and your sister. Her mother repiled. And why would we need to talk with him? He made it clear when we were young that he didn't want to be in our live so why should we? Darcie mumbled.

Her mother sat on her bed and turned the chair on wheels so the girl could face her. We really need to chat and he's going to come back whether or not you two like it.Don't come any closer! I'll do it! Kelsey warned holding up a red voodoo doll and a knife in her right hand. You wouldn't. Mitch said. Oh- wouldn't I? Oh right yeah I wouldn't. Kelsey sighed and threw the two items on her bed and sat down on the edge of it. We need to talk about Eric. Why? He's not even a person! He's evil! He's an abandoner! Yeah! Kelsey said firmly. I'm sure that's not even a word Kelly. Mitch sighed. Well even if it isn't it should be! Kelsey said nodding her head in her own agreement.

Eric's coming back in one week and he wants to talk with you and your sister. He said. Oh? I'll just- I'll just- about what? She asked him. I'm not going to get to know him! He didn't bother to get to know us! I bet he doesn't even know our favorite colors! Kelsey said folding her arms looking at her posters- which was kinda hard if your eye's were closed.

Her itunes was replaying itself with the sound paused she opend up her eyes and then said: he left us in Sydney- and then he took up pratice in Malibu, just so he could be with that bimbo Sharon! But what I find is justice she was banging another guy behind his back! Kelsey laughed.
Mitch said his voice high- father authority. Said a tall handsome boy who walked by. Look who's talking! Kelsey shouted to the disapereing form. He threw is hands up and sighed I give up. He moaned.

Kelsey got up, don't beat yourself up dad. She grinned but then she sighed. Okay I'll talk to him! Just make sure I don't bring my voodoo kit.
I hate him. Kelsey said quietly and left her bedroom.

So what did the girls say? Eric asked over the phone. Just make sure that your in a public place with a lot of people okay Eric? I don't want to see any CSI's there when I come to pick them up. Cheyenne sighed. A audible smile was heard, so they agreed to talk with me? Eric asked.
Yes, but one thing- don't get up on Darcie's ire okay? You may not have been here to learn of it- but me and Mitch have to live through it when it's spiked. Cheyenne said. She said goodbye and hung up. Just think of it as uh- double date kinda thing. She heard her husband say. Dad! I'm not gonna baby-sit my sisters! Hobie moaned. I hated it to come this way, kay if you agree just to watch over things and the girls I'll tell you were she hides her voodoo doll of you. Mitch said. Hobie sighed. Okay dad I'll make sure that their fine, wait a minute- she made voodoo doll out of me!? Hobie said his voice high.

Thank you Hobie, and it's next week on Tuesday at 12:00. Cheyenne said happily giving him a hug. You don't trust him? Hobie asked. Let's just leave it at that shall we? Cheyenne said.

Someone help! Kelsey screamed as they saw the terrified girl come running out of her sisters room apparently Darcie had found her sisters voodoo doll collection and just happed to find a small needle. Poor Kelsey screamed. Someone help meeeeeeeee!
Should we? Hobie asked. Mitch waved it aside. No I think they need to vent this one out. Cheyenne said and the two walked off leaving the poor young adult wondering whether or not his two step-sisters would kill each other.

Author's Note: I will write up the second part of this when I strike the mood. And that would be a one shot fic. : ) I'm working on another one soon. I was thinking of writing another Martin Mystery fanfic, but I need my inner muse to strick and prick me with good ideas. And since I have three day's off from my job who knows? : )