Author: April

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Rating: Some parts PG but later on it might be R

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Summary: Spike and Buffy have been placed in a maze by two Gods and has to learn to work together to get the next clue to get out.

Part 1

" What are we going to do with those two? They are always fighting. We have to do something." "All in due time my dear. All in due time."

The Gods were watching Buffy beat on Spike yet again. She had him pinned to the damp ground.

" Why are you always trying to see me? I don't want you. I broke it off. It just hurts too much to have you doing this to me." Buffy was yelling.

" I am not trying to see you on purpose. You are always patrolling. I am out at night minding my own business and then 'Wham' there you are. Playing beat up on Spike." Spike was saying as he was blocking her blows.

" That is just a lame excuse. You never used to always be here. Why can't you just find somewhere else to be when you know that I will be patrolling?"

"Fine if that is what you want then fine, I will leave." Blocking another blow.
" I just thought that since you were out patrolling alone that you would like someone to watch your back in case something went all wonky."

" That is what I want." Delivering yet another harsh punch to the ribs. " And I don't need your help. I was doing it alone long before you ever came into the picture." Drop kick, face punch. Spike landed on the hard ground and Buffy straddled him. How can he still take this? It has got to hurt. " Why are you not gone!" She yelled.

" You have to get off me so that I can get up. Then I will be on my way!" He yelled at her.

Right as she was getting off there was a bright flash.

"What the hell?" They both said.

"What should we do with them?"

" Lets keep them in limbo for a while and think of something."

"Won't that be bad for them to stay in limbo for a long period of time?"

"It will feel like mere seconds to them"

" This is what we are going to do. We are going to place them in a maze and make them work together to get out it. They will be given obstacles that require both of them to work together."

" Ok. How are we going to convince them?"

" When we send them back they will have no knowledge of what has just happened to them. I will possess the male and make him take the girl. I will meet you in the Oracles room and we will go from there."

"Wait, that is your plan? Sorry but that sounds just a little too easy. I think that we should do it this way. Neither of us possesses them but strongly suggest to the male that he needs to get the girl somewhere where they can talk. Have him kidnap her. Tell him where to bring her and go from there."

"Care to make a wager on whose plan will work?"

" That would be a fine idea. How about whoever wins gets to rule for one year."

"Agreed. Prepare to lose.

" Are you going to get off me anytime soon or have you changed your mind?" Spike said.

"Did you see that? That bright light? Come on you had to have seen it. It was really bright."

"I have no idea what you are talking about. Slayer. Maybe you took one too many blows to the head." Spike told her.

" What? If anyone took too many blows to the head it was you." Buffy replied.

" Alright I saw the bloody light. Now will you get off ? You have a boney ass and it is starting to hurt."

Buffy scrambled to her feet and started to walk away when Spike grabbed her arm and turned her towards him.

"Buffy we have to talk. I let you do all the talking when you broke it off but now it is my turn. That is the only reason that I am out here."

" I have nothing to say to you. I also don't have time to listen to your
bleeding heart crap. I have to finish patrolling and then get home to Dawn." Buffy said as she jerked her arm free.

" Why do you have to be so bloody impossible. All I want to tell you that I agree with you. We should break it off. What we were doing was wrong, we were using each other and it isn't healthy for you. You need to find someone that is breathing. Someone that will understand who you are and what you do. Don't go and find the first nancy boy and get all hooked up. Shop for a while. That is all I wanted to say."

" Are you out of your mind. Are you trying to say that you were going to break up with me! I broke up with you! Where the hell do you get off saying that? Thought you would get me to change my mind. Well you are very wrong. After I walk away I don't ever want to see you again. No more showing up at the house claiming to see Dawn and helping her with her homework, no more showing up while I am on patrol, nothing." Buffy said before she turned around and was walking away.

" Oh no you don't!" Spike yelled and grabbed her. " You are coming with me and we are going to have this out once and for all." He knew just the place to go where there would be no distractions.

" Well it looks like I won. I guess that I will be ruler for a year. What should I do first?"

" Not so fast. We have just begun. They need to talk out their problems,
realize that the feelings they have for each other are deep. They will be put to a test which will require them to work together. They will be given obstacles that will test them. After they get through then that will determine the winner."

" Where are we?" Buffy asked.

" I have no clue."

" You have no clue? You are the one that brought us here."

" No I was just going to take you to a different crypt where we could be alone and not be disturbed."

" So you have no idea where we are? How did we get here then?"

" I don't really remember but I believe it has something to do with this bump on the back of my head."

A strobe light was turned on and a voice started speaking. " Welcome, Spike and Buffy."

" Let us out of here you nut!" Buffy yelled.

"Silence! You will listen and you will follow directions or you will never see the light of day again. Is that understood?" The voice boomed.



" This is all your fault Spike, if you would have just let me go when I first tried we wouldn't be in this spot."

" My fault? You're the one that broke it off and didn't give me a chance to reply to your statement. All I wanted to do was talk it through. But no the almighty Slayer had to have the last word."

" For the love of all that is normal would you two shut up! These are the rules. You have to get to the other side of this maze. You will have to work together to get out. If you try and cheat you will be sent back to the beginning and you will have to start over. If that happens each of the tasks will become harder so I suggest that you cheat. There will be no climbing over the walls. There is a lid to prevent that. If you try to break through the walls you will be punished. There will be obstacles that you must accomplish to be given the next clue. This could take you as short as a few days and as long as a few years. Your choice. Are you ready to begin?"

" Yes" They both answered.

" Then let the games begin."