Saturday Night – Chapter 4 (alternate ending)

All right! All right! Some of you didn't like the ending I gave this story. And to be perfectly honest, it wasn't the ending I was expecting either. But I am still leaving it up because I do like it anyway. Gave me quite a chuckle when I was so stressed :D But I do understand the desire for a more romantic ending, so I decided to write an alternate ending for you. It will take off where Shane attempts to leave Cross's office. Hope you enjoy! And thanks so much for reading!


"Well," Shane clapped her hands together as she got up from her seat on the edge of his desk. "I guess I'd better be off. Maybe Duncan needs someone to try on his suit," she hurried past him.

"Miss Philips."

Shane froze but didn't turn around.

"I think we need to have a little talk."


"Yes. Regarding a certain conversation we had the other day."

Shane smiled. "Oh yeah! When I asked you whether you preferred moo goo guy pan or the poo poo platter?"

"I was thinking of a different one."

Shane sighed. "Look, Mr. Cross, you don't need to worry. I thought about telling Cassie about the rings, but I realized that it wasn't my place. When you're ready to tell her, you will. Right?"

"I hope so."

"What do you mean, you hope so?"

"It's not that easy, Shane. I'm her boss. We deal with life threatening situations every day. And I don't even know if she feels the same way."

"Look, believe me on this, she does. Even a blind man could see that. And of course it's that easy! Sometimes you just need to take a risk. Life's too short." Shane made her way to the door. As she went to close the door behind her, she turned back. "Remember the saying, 'Better to have loved and lost than to never have loved at all'."

Quentin stared at the door for a long time after she left.

"Maybe you're right, Shane. Maybe you're right."

Later that day, he was sifting through his mail when an envelope caught his eye.

That was it. It was perfect. The Chairman was having a banquet. He could invite her. It wouldn't necessarily have to seem like a date. Purely plutonic. No big deal. So why was he so nervous? He could do this.

Mustering up more determination than he had ever needed during his days as a field agent, he got up, straightened his tie, opened the door to his office, and decided to take a chance.


The End!

Okay, did you note my attempt at including that episode where Shane loses her memory? Where we see Cross and Cassie coming back from an event? Though I couldn't remember what the event actually was... But let's pretend there was a connection :D Thanks so much for reading! I hope you enjoyed this extra little chapter. Oh, and the weekend ahead is looking good for writing. Hopefully that means some more stuff coming your way soon.

Lots of love!