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Summary: Draco and Hermione meet at a gig five years after Hogwarts when Hermione's cousin asks her to take her to see a hot band.

Five years ago

"Can't you two at least try to get along" stated an annoyed Professor McGonagall

She had just caught the head boy and head girl in yet another insult match.

"How is it going to look if I have to place the heads in detention for insulting each other? If you don't sort this out we'll have to start thinking about other arrangements"

The two students looked at her, they knew this meant the possibility of losing their positions.

"Sorry Professor" Hermione answered quietly "we'll sort it out" she continued shooting a glare at the head boy who was none other that Draco Malfoy

"Of course Professor" he added smoothly making Hermione roll her eyes "you won't have any more trouble"

"I should hope not, this is most immature behaviour" she commented and walked off leaving the two glaring at each other.

"Ugh" Hermione huffed and stormed

Draco smirked at once again managing to piss off Hermione.

As they sat studying in their common room sending the odd glare at each other both knew things had to change.

"So, what are we going to do?" Hermione asked

"No idea, we've never got along" Draco replied impatiently

"We could try to be civil" Hermione conceded

"Like that will happen, I'm a Malfoy" Draco sneered

"Fine! But I suggest we pretend in public unless you want to lose your position"

"Whatever! How about we don't speak at all except at meetings and for official head duties" Draco huffed

"You're unbelievable" Hermione shouted angrily

"Thank you" came the smooth reply

Hermione stormed off in frustration again as Draco smirked at her retreating figure.

The next few months went on in much the same manner, they only acknowledged each other in public and the odd argument in the privacy of their dorm. Christmas had been and gone and the new term saw no difference in attitude.

"I absolutely hate him" Hermione fumed at Ginny

"No better huh?" Ginny replied

"No, you'd think he'd be civil just to make life easier but no, he has to make snide remarks and be deliberately difficult"

"You shouldn't let him get to you. You know what he's like" Ginny tried to say to calm Hermione

"I know, but I can't help it. It's as if he knows every button to push. Ugh"

"Are you sure you hate him?" Ginny asked mischievously

"What? Of course I hate him" Hermione fumed again

"Well I'm just saying there's a fine line between love and hate"

"I'm not even going to dignify that with an answer"

Ginny listened for a while longer to Hermione ranting on about Draco, thinking that they'd make a good couple, they both had intelligence, wit and a spark that could ignite any flame if they could just see past prejudices.

In the Slytherin common room Draco was having the same rant at Blaise

"She's a bloody nightmare" he huffed

"You mean she's not falling all over you" Blaise commented

"No! She's just impossible, at least she's stopped asking me to be civil" Draco replied

"Why couldn't you just be civil for the sake of peace?" Blaise asked in exasperation, tired of hearing Draco go on about the head girl.

"Get real" Draco looked at Blaise incredulously

"Seriously, why didn't you give it a go?"

"That would have gone down well with my father" Draco answered dryly

"You've got a thing for her, haven't you?" Blaise asked directly

"No, don't be ridiculous"

"Yeah, right" Blaise replied with a knowing tone

"I've had enough of this, I'll see you later" Draco huffed and walked back to the head dorm

When he got there Hermione was already there, they looked at each other, huffed and went to their rooms.

Another couple of months passed and it was coming up to exam time, so stress levels were even higher than usual. One particular evening Hermione was studying in the heads common room after a particularly stressful day and the last thing she wanted was a confrontation with Draco. He however, had also had a bad day and came storming through the common room making a lot of noise.

"Malfoy, could you please be a bit quieter I'm trying to study" Hermione asked politely

"Then use the library, that's what it's there for" he snapped back "thought it would have been common sense to a know it all like you"

Hermione took a deep breath and sighed, she didn't have the energy to argue with him. Draco noticed this sigh and thought it a good way to lighten his mood

"Realised I'm right, as usual" he sneered

"Malfoy, leave me alone" Hermione stated

"Why I'm just making conversation, don't know why I bother though" Draco spat

"Will you just piss off and stop trying to wind me up" Hermione shouted

"Temper, temper mudblood, its no wonder Potty and Weasel don't want to be around you anymore"

With that he left for his room feeling a bit guilty, he hadn't meant to say that but she just infuriated him so much. The truth was that he did find her fascinating, but couldn't attempt to be nice to her incase word got back to his father. It wouldn't be soon before Lucius was in Azkaban as there was a major death- eater clamp down going on, but it wasn't soon enough!

Hermione sat with her head in her hands, why did he have to be so mean. Hermione had to admit that he did look good, and did have a bit of a thing for the Slytherin bad boy. She had hoped that he may be different in private, more open but no he was worse if anything. At that moment she hated him and decided to give up any thought of being polite.

As the next month went on Draco and Hermione barely said two words to each other except for appearance sake at meetings and when absolutely necessary. This meant they didn't argue anymore just sent hateful glares and maybe a snide comment. The professors thought they had come to some understanding and left them alone.

It was the last month of school when Lucius Malfoy got sentenced to Azkaban. Draco couldn't have been happier to finally get rid of his father, now he could do what he wanted, which was to have some new friends, not just brainless morons. But this was going to be hard.

Blaises father had been put away days before so he had already started making friends with other houses and was quite well accepted, but he was never as cruel as Draco. Draco's first mission was to try to make peace with Hermione.

"Hi" he said softly as he went into their common room

"What do you want?" Hermione said impatiently

"I ...um...well" Draco stuttered

"Well spit it out" Hermione stated

"You know my fathers gone, I was just wondering if maybe we could try and work things out"

"What? Are you kidding?" Hermione looked at him with raised eyebrows

"Look, I know I've been a complete git, but.." he started but Hermione cut him off

"That's the understatement of the century, if you think that a few simple words are going to erase the past six years think again"

"I don't expect you to forget all that, just hear me out and try to understand my reasons"

"I don't believe you, we have under a month left of school ever and now you want to be friends"

"Well, I was sort of hoping you'd hear me out"

"Sorry Malfoy, you blew you chances a long time ago" Hermione hissed

"Hermione please..."

"Look, if you want to do something nice, stay the hell away from me" Hermione yelled and stormed off.

Draco stood in the common room regretting everything bad he'd ever said to her. He knew it wouldn't be easy to get Hermione to listen to him but he thought she might have at least heard part of what he had to say. That was something he had secretly admired about her, she always gave someone a chance, she'd even been polite to him a few times but he'd shoved it in her face, afraid to stand up against his father. He'd admired her fiery spirit, and compassion as well as her intelligence, now she wouldn't even look at him.

Hermione sat in the Gryffindor dorms with Ginny talking again about Draco. But Hermione wasn't happy when Ginny had given Draco chance to explain.

"He really is OK Hermione" Ginny said honestly

"I can't believe you. After all he's done to us" Hermione fumed

"You should hear him out, he had to be like that" Ginny pleaded with Hermione

"No way, he had his chance"

Ginny looked sadly at Hermione, it was ironic, she knew Hermione had secretly hoped Draco could change and now he has the chance she doesn't want to know. Also Ginny had become quite good friends with Blaise, who had hinted that he thought Draco might have had a thing for Hermione, but it was just too late.

It infuriated Hermione how even Harry and Ron managed to have a decent conversation with Draco, had everyone gone nuts!

A few nights before the end of school Hermione went into the dorms late and saw Draco asleep on a sofa, her heart skipped a beat as she realised how handsome he really was. Her resolve almost slipped a little as she thought of maybe giving him one more chance, as she'd seen him be nice especially to younger students who were terrified of him, but her stubborn pride kicked in.

Ginny, Harry and even Blaise had tried to reason with her but to no avail.

Draco looked sadly at her as she said goodbye to her friends on the last day and wished he'd had the guts to befriend her earlier.

Hermione also glanced at him as he said goodbye to new friends. She wondered what it would have been like to be his friend seen as they had the same quick wit and intelligence, but once again, that annoying streak of hers kicked in reminding her of all the hell he put her through.

They left Hogwarts without a word to each other to two completely different lives.

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