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Summary: When Marik was a child his father arranged a marriage to a girl from another clan. Marik thinks she is very plain and makes fun of her appearance. He constantly upsets her and she hates him for it. Years later and the time for the marriage draws closer. Anuket runs away with her guardian Ipet and they begin a new life in Domino.

A year later battle city begins and she is seen by her intended. He's stunned when he realises it is the same girl he used to taunt all those years ago.

He becomes very attracted to her but she still hates him for how he treated her when they were young. Now Marik is trying to win her affections. Will he be able to repair what he destroyed?


Unrequited Love

Chapter 1: Preparations

Preparations were being made in the great hall of the Ishtars underground home. A young boy with sandy blonde hair and violet eyes was wandering the passageways watching all the chaos surrounding him. They were expecting visitors, that much he knew, but he wasn't interested in the reason behind it. He was nine years old and all his young life he had been told by his strict, slave driver of a father to study about a dead pharaoh and the ancient history of Egypt. He felt bitter at this thought because all he wanted to do was play with other children his age and go to the upper world and explore. There was a problem though; because he was the first born Son of the Ishtar family he was condemned to spend the rest of his life in this underground prison.

'This is going to be so boring! Why is he even inviting these people? What's so special about them anyway?'

His thoughts were interrupted by his 'brother' Odion calling his name.

"Master Marik! What are you doing down here? Your father told you to go to your room and prepare for the arrival of the Benu family!"

Marik looked at his brother warmly. He had always been there for him since he was a baby and loved him just as much as he loved his sister Ishizu. He couldn't understand why his father treated him the way he did.

" I just wanted to see what was going on. Do you know? Who are the Benu's?"

Marik decided just then that he wanted to know the reason behind their visit. Plus when Odion said 'the Benu family' the thought came to him that they might have a child as well that he could make friends with.

Odion looked at his little brother wondering if he should tell him or not but decided to play it safe and give him a little information to satisfy his curiosity for now, but without giving away the exact reason for their visit.

"The Benu's are the leaders of the Heka Clan" he explained to Marik.

Marik looked interested now, he didn't realise that there were any other clans out there besides themselves.

"What do they do?" he asked looking up at Odion with his big violet eyes.

"The Benu's are a very important high class family like yourself that protect the ancient texts of Egypt containing written magic. They have the ability to protect and even heal using these skills"

Marik looked very interested.

'maybe they've come to show us how to use some of this magic!' he thought growing even more excited.

He was about to ask about this when out of the corner of his eye he saw the angry form of his father coming towards them. If you were to stand them next to each other you could tell they were father and son. They both had the same hair colour and hair style and Marik obviously had his father's eyes.

"Marik! I thought I told you to stay in your room and get ready! I've been looking for you all over the place! They'll be here any minute now!"

Mr Ishtar grabbed Marik's hand and dragged him to a chamber that was essentially a living/dining room.

"Sit!" he ordered

Marik sat down quickly not wanting to cross his father. It wouldn't be very wise of him to disobey him twice in one day. Marik watched his father pace back and forth glancing at his son every now and then. Eventually he turned to speak to his son

"I'm sure you're wondering why I'm going to so much trouble to welcome these people" he stated.

Marik nodded slightly.

"As you are well aware, we tomb keepers are restricted to stay underground until the pharaoh returns. This could happen at any time, it could happen tomorrow or hundreds, maybe even thousands of years in the future. Because we don't know, we must prepare for that scenario. That is why I have invited the Benu's to come here. I have found you a wife to ensure our family line continues"

Marik didn't expect this. His eyes were wide with shock and his mouth was hanging open slightly.

He didn't want to get married! He was only a nine! He wasn't supposed to even like girls at his age. They had germs! You could catch something fatal! And while he knew he would have to marry someday, he would prefer it if he got to choose who he married. He knew better then to argue with his father though; if he did he would surely pay for it later.

Just at that moment Ishizu walked into the room with three people following behind her. One of them was a little girl wearing a white dress. She was quite plain. She had black hair that fell down just below her shoulder blades, she had tanned skin and big green eyes. She was quite skinny too. The girl looked no older then seven.

"That must be her!" Marik thought to himself heatedly. "Well I'll make sure she knows what I think of this marriage and her! She's probably looking forward to it! She's not even that pretty! She looks a little scruffy too! How do they expect me to marry this girl?"

During the time he was thinking all this, their parents had sat at the other side of the room and were talking and signing papers to complete the marriage contract. The girl had a feeling he was looking at her and glanced up to see the most vicious look she had ever seen on a person.

"why does he keep looking at me like that for? It's not my fault! I don't want to marry him. He seems so arrogant for someone so young. I bet he takes after his father. Oh joyous" she thought sarcastically

A few minutes later after the signing of the contract the adults stood up, shook hands and walked back over to the now betrothed couple. Mr Ishtar began the official introductions and looked at his son.

"This is your future wife Anuket Benu" he turned to face the girl "this is my son and your future husband Marik Ishtar"

They both bowed their heads as a sign of greeting and muttered a quiet hello to each other whilst secretly thinking to themselves "how am I ever going to get out of this?"

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