My review page this is where I will put all of my review answers o.k. So here goes!!

Charlie girl review on ch. 1: O.k. First off I was not threatening. It was a statement that was saying I do not write more until I get more reviews. Only because I do not wont to write if no one is reading. I don't mean for it to sound like a threat and I'm sorry if it does.

#2 Thank you for telling me about the run-on sentences I will fix them. But The Claidi Collection is what they called the book that had the first three Claidi journal books in it I'm sorry if I did not make that clear I will try to change that as well.

#3 Also I will take out the part about herself and put that when it needs to come.

#4 I named her Jezell because that was the name of the Jewish New-Yorker in Mona Lisa Smile. Me and my mom loved the name so much we were going to name the baby we were going to adopt, who we ended up not adopting, Jezell. So I have named almost all my made up characters Jezell. Plus she WILL NOT fall in love with any of the boys in this book! I can't tell you why though because it will come up later.

#5 Thank you for telling me to change that. #6 O.k. I will change the description.

#6 She has reads the back of the book which somewhat describes Claidi's would and calls it the House. But I will change something about that.

#7 Uoff is an onomonapia, I know I didn't spell that right but no one in my family knows how, so technically she is saying those things...I think please correct me if I'm wrong with that. But I did change some things so you could tell.

And finally #8 I LIKE criticism so please I am thankful you pointed out my mistakes! TA