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Chapter 37:

Kagome watched as a wall of light surrounded her enemy. She couldn't figure out if it was a shield of if he was powering up for an attack. But she didn't have the time to wonder. So she clapped her hand together and started chanting some words before a bright light shot from her hands and hit the wall, only to be absorbed by the wall.

"What the...?" Kagome asked as she looked at the wall. She could see the power she just sent at him, but it looked like it was about to come back at her! Kagome flew into the air just as the energy shot out from the wall at her, but it followed her and hit her. She fell to the ground with a loud thump.

"Ha!" The fairy before her laughed. "You obviously have never seen this power used before!" He told her. "This is my special attack of Joni Kumo. It puts up a barrier and absorbs all attacks of the enemy before shooting the attack back, double the strength."

"You... basturd..." Kagome could barely say as she struggled to stand up.

"Tired already my queen?" The fairy asked.

"Shut-up!" Kagome yelled at him as she ran at the wall and kicked it hard, but nothing happened, except that Kagome hurt her foot in the process. "Damnit!" Kagome yelled as she hopped on one foot.

"Kagome!" She heard a male's voice call her name.

Kagome turned around to see Inuyasha pushing through the crowd. "Inuyasha? What are you doing here?" Kagome asked.

"I was worried about you. What's going on?" Inuyasha asked.

"He challenged me. I win, we leave. He wins, you leave but I stay." Kagome said.

"I'll take care of it." Inuyasha growled as he stepped forward, unsheathing the Tetsusaiga. But before he could do anything, he felt Kagome grab his arm. He turned around to look at her. "What now?" He yelled.

"No Inuyasha. This is my fight. It's my responsibility to put these fairies in their place, not yours. You go back to the hut. I'll be back after the fight." Kagome said looking at him, but recieving an unsure look from Inuyasha. "I promise." She said before she quickly kissed his lips.

Inuyasha only nodded. "Don't you dare lose." He told Kagome before he dashed off into the crowd, leaving Kagome, but not going to the hut. He ran to one of the huts near the fight and jumped on top of it and sat there watching the fight where Kagome couldn't see him from.

Kagome turned back to her enemy. She had to win, for herself and for Inuyasha. This wasn't just about getting out of here anymore though. This was about avenging her mother's death and staying with Inuyasha. She couldn't lose. She wouldn't give up. She was tougher than this, and she had a plan.

Kagome circled her enemy. His sheild was still up, so she was unable to attack him. Then she looked up. She wondered if her plan could work. She flew up, the fairy watching her as she flew above the ray of light, to find an opening!

"Ha! I win!" Kagome yelled. Then she decided to use her ultimate attack. She spun around, her arms moving freely as her eyes closed and she began singing strange words that sounded like a spell. A dark purple aura surrounded her as she concentrated her energy on her target, the fairy. "Now, go!" Kagome yelled as a beam of light was sent straight at the fairy.

He screamed, but that didn't help him, for her was hit with a direct shot from Kagome. There was a bright light, and then the shield the fairy had created dissappeared, only leaving a huge black mark on the ground.

Kagome started to fall to the ground unconcious. The attack had used the last of her energy and she had blacked out after attacking the fairy. Inuyasha quickly jumped over and caught her in the air before landing on the ground with her in his arms. He looked around to see the whole village staring at him. Then he heard clapping noises from the back of the crowd.

"Good job." Mikati said as she walked to Inuyasha. She placed a hand on Kagome's forehead and she slowly opened her eyes.

"Hm?" Kagomed asked as she looked up to see the faces of Inuyasha and Mikati. "What happened?" She asked.

"You won girl." Mikati told her with a smile. "It's over."

Kagome got down from Inuyasha's arms and stood up, staggering from Inuyasha until she could balance herself. "No, it's not over yet." She said. Then she went in front of the fairies of the village. "People of this village!" She yelled. "I have wont his battle, and now I must leave. I do not belong here."

"But who will rule?" Someone in the crowd yelled.

Kagome smiled. Then she walked over to Mikati and grabbed her wrist before holding up her hand. "Mikati, will you accept the role of ruler of this village?" Kagome asked.

Mikati looked shocked. "I umm... I don't know what to say."

"Just say yes." Kagome whispered.

"Umm... Sure. Yes, I'll rule this village." Mikati said with a smile.

"Then it's settled. Your new ruler! Queen Mikati!" Kagome yelled to the villagers.

Mikati smiled and looked at Kagome. "Thank you." She said.

"No problem... Mom." Kagome said with a smile.

"Huh?" Mikati asked. "How did you...?"

"Please Mom. Don't you think I could recognize you even with the change in the color of your wings and you attitude?" Kagome asked. "You're not really a wondering fairy, and real name isn't Mikati... Mitila." Kagome winked.

Mitila smiled as she looked at Kagome. "My sweet daughter." She said as she hugged Kagome. "You know I was only doing this so they wouldn't find me. I would have told you, but I didn't want to get you in trouble."

"It's okay Mom." Kagome said. "EEEEKKK!" She creamed as Inuyasha came up behind and picked her up. "Inuyasha! Put me down!" Kagome laughed before Inuyasha kissed her lips passionately. But Kagome pulled away, confusing Inuyasha. "Inuyasha! Not in front of my mother!"

"Your WHAT?" Inuyasha asked. Then he looked at Mitila with red cheeks. "You're Kagome's mother?" He asked, sounding a bit scared.

"Well, yes, I am." Mitila replied.

"But I thought you died?" Inuyasha asked.

"No. I still have a long time to go." Mitila replied. "No I believe you two are supposed to be getting home." Mitila said with a wink to Kagome.

"Mom!" Kagome exclaimed with a shocked smiled and wide eyes.

"Oh go you two. But be sure to come back and visit!" Mitila told them.

"We will!" Inuyasha and Kagome said at once. "Bye Mom! I'll come back soon!"

"Yeah sure! Geez! Go!" Mitila yelled at them, but when she looked back, they were already heading off, to their life together. Mitila sighed. "He better take care of her." She said before she walked back into the crowd to greet them.


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