Explosive Love

Author: Moggie

Pairing: GCR & GSR Will be GSR

Rating: Pg13

Category: Drama/Romance

Spoilers: Mentions of Hank & Eddie. Maybe some from Season 4

Summary: GCR & GSR Character Death. A big bang and chaos. Will be GSR

Disclaimer: I do not own CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, nor do I do character bashing. This is for the enjoyment of others and for my restless mind.

WARNING: There might be Grissom and Catherine scenes that may discourage you. I cringe writing it, so I apologise for what I'm about to do, but it's all in the name of Grissom and Sara's Love.

Thank you: to Stumpycat for her impatience. She's the one that made me press on with this story. Thanks Best Buddy! I also want to thank those who were kind enough to help me with this fic. I apologise for the previous version, it was not a good time to write such a deep feeling fic and I forgot the feelings and correct characterization, so, I've gone back and changed it. I hope it's to everyone's liking now. This is my story and I write in my own style, so only constructive criticism is welcome. Enough of the hard talk. ;-) Read on!

Chapter 1

… …

"He's in a bad mood, so I wouldn't bother him." Sara warned as the others walked towards her and Grissom's office, which was behind her.

Catherine nodded and handed off her evidence to Nick and Warrick. "I'll be there in a minute guys."

Sara turned as Catherine past her. She watched in horror as Catherine entered Grissom's office without knocking and closed the door after her.

Shortly after entering the break room, Sara sat down at the table and waited for the others to arrive.

"Ok." Grissom paused as he approached the table. He eyed the room. "Where is everyone?"

"Right here boss." Nick and Warrick walked into the room. "Just dropping evidence off with Greg." Nick sat down while Warrick helped himself to some coffee.

Sara looked up, waiting.

Catherine entered the room and planted a hand on Grissom's back as she past by him.

Sara watched as they shared a longing look. She had to tear her eyes from the display when Grissom actually blushed.

… …

Sara walked through the door with her field kit in her left hand. She reached up and removed her sunglasses to better see her surroundings. Placing her kit at her feet, she pocketed her glasses as she scanned the room.

"Where's the body?" She asked the officer standing in the hallway.

"Down there to the left. It's in the kitchen." He informed her, pointing to his left and moving aside to let her pass. "You alone?" He inquired.

Sara shook her head as she walked past. "The other's will be here shortly. Thanks." She smiled at him and made her way towards the body.

After doing a walkthrough and wrote in her note book, Sara retrieved her kit from the front door and proceeded to process the body and scene.

Collecting hairs from the body and blood swabs, she finished photographing and turned to the kitchen. Walking over to the back door, Sara heard voices and footsteps behind her. She didn't need to turn, but she did.

"Hey guys." She greeted as Catherine and Grissom entered the room with kits in hand.

"How'd you get here before us?" Catherine asked as Grissom got down on his knees to look over the body.

Sara shrugged and turned back to the door. "I was only down the street investigating a B&E." Returning to her kit beside the body, she glanced at Grissom. "David should be here any minute to take the body."

Grissom nodded and stood up. "Good. Looks like you've got everything under control. I'm going to head back to the lab."

Catherine reached out and grabbed his hand before he could leave.

Sara caught this and immediately looked away, turning to print the door.

After collecting several prints from the door and a footprint from the floor, Sara packed the evidence into her case and lifted it up as she stood. "Ready to go?" She asked Catherine, who was standing by the cooker.

"Sure." She smiled. "Didn't do a thing, but hey, you got a solve, right?"

Sara grinned. "You never know." As she was about to leave the room, she notice something in the air. "Hey Cath, can you smell that?"

Catherine wrinkled up her nose. "Yeah. Smells like petrol, or-"

"Gas!" Sara cried out as Catherine turned to the cooker, knocking a switch that sparked.